[I Played More Of An Advisory Role With Public Enemy. I Really Trusted Them To Make The Music That They Wanted To Make, And The Way The Bomb Squad Worked With The... They Created Their Whole Own World Of Music.]

Author: Rick Rubin Quotes

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Luis Marques Quotes

"It is safer to face a strong enemy in the field of battle, than to fight a war by the side of a weak friend."

Jessie Elliot Quotes

"Good female friendships are the strongest relationships in the world."

Rick Steves Quotes

"Be militantly optimistic"

Nin Quotes

"Enriched vocabularies someone had (and used) are produced by a boundless wondrous mind. Sometime with a non mediocre experience also."

Perry Como Quotes

"I had 13 weeks off and I would pack up the family and drive to some mountain retreat where we could be together and fish all day. I loved it. I needed it."

Dave Annable Quotes

"Michael J. Fox was my idol. I always wanted to be Michael J. Fox."

Zach Braff Quotes

"I love Scrubs. Its the best day job in the world."

Willa Ford Quotes

"I mean a song thats specifically for the girls. Its saying you know we talk about them night and day, were constantly pondering on men and what theyve done good and what theyve done bad and all these things in our lives."

Malcolm McDowell Quotes

"There are no great scripts - just great films."

Ted Mosby Quotes

"There is a word for that: its love. Im in love with her, okay?If you are looking for a word that means caring about someone beyond all rationality and wanting them to have everything they want no matter how much it destroys you: its love!And when you love someone, you just dont stop. Ever. Even when people rol their eyes or call you crazy... even then. Specially then! You just dont give up. Because if I could give up, if I could just take the whole worlds advice and move on and find someone else... that wouldnt be love! that would be some other dispensable thing that is not worth fighting for. But thats not what this is."

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"I was traveling on our tour bus through Europe and I was thinking I want to have long blonde hair." - Author: Nina Hagen

Quotes About Breathtaking Love

"We do not have to spend money and go hungry and struggle and study to become sensual; we always were. We need not believe we must somehow earn good erotic care; we always deserved it. Femaleness and its sexuality are beautiful. Women have long secretly suspected as much. In that sexuality, women are physically beautiful already; superb; breathtaking.Many, many men see this way too. A man who wants to define himself as a real lover of women admires what shows of her past on a womans face, before she ever saw him, and the adventures and stresses that her body has undergone, the scars of trauma, the changes of childbirth, her distinguishing characteristics, the light is her expression. The number of men who already see in this way is far greater than the arbiters of mass culture would lead us to believe, since the story they need to tell ends with the opposite moral." - Author: Naomi Wolf

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"I had come to a place where I was meant to be. I dont mean anything so prosaic as a sense of coming home. This was different, very different. It was like arriving at a place much safer than home." - Author: Pat Conroy

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"When you do drugs, you count like a chemist: The numbers are wild, the formulas are easy. Then, when you try to get clean, you start to count like a pharmacist: How many hours between doses? How much or how little do you need to maintain? Then, when you finally give it up completely, you count like Noah in his dinky, seafaring ark full of pairs of every animal in Gods creation: You count days. You wait for the rain to stop, for the sky to clear, for life to ever seem normal again. And then eventually it does. Then you start to count how many cups of black coffee you need just to get through every day, how many cigarettes you smoke. You know the address of every Starbucks in a mile radius, which is easy because there so many, and you know the names of every restaurant where they allow you to smoke, which is easy because they are so few." - Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel

Quotes About Accidentally

"Here the first of the things that happened, happened. The first of the things important enough to notice and to remember afterward, among a great many trifling but kindred ones that were not. Some so slight they were not more than gloating, zestful glints of eye or curt hurtful gestures. (Once he accidentally poured a spurt of scalding tea on the back of a waitress wrist, by not waiting long enough for the waitress to withdraw her hand in setting the cup down, and by turning his head momentarily the other way. The waitress yelped, and he apologized, but he showed his teeth as he did so, and you dont show your teeth in remorse)." - Author: Cornell Woolrich

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"There is no Senate rule governing the proper uses of the filibuster." - Author: Tony Snow

Quotes About Bandit Way

"I felt bad because Little Big Tom came in while we were making the tape and was like over the moon because he thought we were interested in his music. We had to humor him and listen to him deliver around six hundred speeches about fusion and the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Chicano and Latino influences on pretentious jazzy pseudorock. I think it was probably the happiest Id ever seen him. And I also felt bad about the fact that after he left we kind of made fun of the funny way he said Latino, like he was the Frito Bandito or something. I felt bad, but I did it anyway, because Im only human. I was ashamed of myself and depressed afterward, though, which is human, too, I guess. Being human is an excuse for just about everything, but it also kind of sucks in a way." - Author: Frank Portman

Quotes About Previews

"I love test screenings. Some directors dont, I know. But I love it. I think its because I come from the theatre and in the theatre, previews are where you really have to listen to the audience and really feel how theyre responding. I found our test screenings incredibly useful." - Author: Stephen Daldry

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"La primera cosa que recuerdo es estar debajo de algo. Era una mesa, veía la pata de una mesa, veía las piernas de la gente, y una parte del mantel colgando. Estaba oscuro allí debajo, me gustaba estar ahí. Debió de haber sido en Alemania, yo debía de tener entre uno y dos años de edad. Era en 1922. Me sentía bien bajo la mesa. Nadie parecía darse cuenta de que yo estaba allí. La luz del sol se reflejaba en la alfombra y en las piernas de la gente. Me gustaba la luz del sol. Las piernas de la gente no eran interesantes, no eran como el trozo de mantel que colgaba, ni como la pata de la mesa, ni como la luz del sol." - Author: Charles Bukowski

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"STROOM Legyen buta, csak jó polgár legyen. Ki mondja azt, hogy a lángész szükséges? Az államban eszünk nekünk elég van S gondoskodunk eléggé a tömegről. Annak nem is kell a fej, csak azért, Hogy sógorom, a kalapos megéljen. Aztán ne hidd, hogy úgy lesz csak buta, Ha a színházban készül. Gondoskodtunk Már oly rendszerről és oly eszközökről, Hogy készüljön bár a Sion hegyén, Butává nemesül. Hidd el nekem. -" - Author: Imre Madách