[I Read 'The Good Soldier' By Ford Madox Ford Again Every So Often.]

Author: Ned Beauman Quotes

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Pontius Joseph Quotes

"What will always be better than a man, is a Gentleman."

Patrick Califia Rice Quotes

"If a young person is surviving by trading sex for the thing they need, what useful purpose is served by criminalizing that activity? Doesnt everybody have the right to try and survive? it might cost more to create shelters or group homes, drug treatment programs, schools for emancipated minors, counseling services, medical care and job training. But such programs can salvage human lives that are otherwise going to be cut short or wasted. If we can afford massive kiddy porn stings, why cant we afford to do this? Is it because, as a society,we obtain more pleasure out of trying to control young people, and punishing the minors who escape our control, than we would out of taking good care of kids who are in trouble?"

Thomas Ligotti Quotes

"Look at your body— A painted puppet, a poor toy Of jointed parts ready to collapse, A diseased and suffering thing With a head full of false imaginings. —The Dhammapada"

Sarah Gadon Quotes

"Im a part-time student, and I plan to finish my degree. I think there are a lot of part-time students with jobs on the side or stressful careers. Im certainly not the first person to be working while Im in university."

Marie Rutkoski Quotes

"Fairy tales are rife with transformation — from beast to handsome prince, from dirty scullery maid to well-dressed princess. It is perhaps no coincidence that nature in the Cinderella stories facilitates transformation, for nature itself is a changeable thing, from season to season, from a sunny day to rain, from an egg to a flying bird in a matter of weeks.(Source: "The Nature of Cinderella".)"

Kathleen Huggins Quotes

"Independance grows out of a childs faith that her source of security will always be there when she needs it."

Terence Paul Winter Quotes

"This is not one of your fictions where people bleed ink."

Melville Davisson Post Quotes

"It is a law of the story-tellers art that he does not tell a story. It is the listener who tells it. The story-teller does but provide him with the stimuli."

Ron Reagan Quotes

"When you hear somebody justifying a war by citing the Almighty, I get a little worried, frankly."

Coheed And Cambria Quotes

"The fiction will seek the real."

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Quotes About Promiscuous

"If you spend any amount of time doing media analysis, its clear that the most frenzied moral panic surrounding young womens sexuality comes from the mainstream media, which loves to report about how promiscuous girls are, whether theyre acting up on spring break, getting caught topless on camera, or catching all kinds of STIs. Unsurprisingly, these types of articles and stories generally fail to mention that women are attending college at the highest rates in history, and that were the majority of undergraduate and masters students. Well-educated and socially engaged women just dont make for good headlines, it seems." - Author: Jessica Valenti

Quotes About Us Presidency

"By the seventh year of the Bush-Cheney presidency, Bush had attached signing statements to about 150 bills enacted since he took office, challenging the constitutionality of well over 1,100 separate sections in the legislation. By contrast, all previous presidents in American history combined had used signing statements to challenge the constitutionality of about 600 sections of bills, according to historical data compiled by Christopher Kelley, a Miami University of Ohio political science professor who was one of the first to study signing statements." - Author: Charlie Savage

Quotes About Your Past And Moving On

"i am not my past. I am my present. I am my future. The past can chase you if you let it.You can spend your life trying to outrun it or you can stop running, turn around and look it inthe face. ive stared down my past, and now im moving on.I am more than my past.I am my future and it belings to me." - Author: Lauren Blakely

Quotes About Pursuing Passions

"Embrace fanaticism. Harness joie de vivre by pursuing insane interests, consuming passions, and constant sources of gratification that do not depend on the approval of others" - Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel

Quotes About Hookups

"I mean, how sad is it that I needed a freaking Facebook profile to tell me my boyfriend was no longer my boyfriend? As if Facebook is the official record keeper of relationships and you have to confirm all breakups and hookups with this sacred online registrar before you can consider them certified and approved." - Author: Jessica Brody

Quotes About Gordon

"And when the man Rook had dubbed the unholy spawn off Rahm Emanuel and Gordon Gekko wanted something, "no" came at your own risk." - Author: Richard Castle

Quotes About Observing Life

"I wish I were a poet. Ive never confessed that to anyone, and Im confessing it to you, because youve given me reason to feel that I can trust you. Ive spent my life observing the universe, mostly in my minds eye. Its been a tremendously rewarding life, a wonderful life. Ive been able to explore the origins of time and space with some of the great living thinkers. But I wish I were a poet.Albert Einstein, a hero of mine, once wrote, Our situation is the following. We are standing in front of a closed box which we cannot open.Im sure I dont have to tell you that the vast majority of the universe is composed of dark matter. The fragile balance depends on things well never be able to see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. Life itself depends on them. Whats real? What isnt real? Maybe those arent the right questions to be asking. What does life depend on?I wish I had made things for life to depend on." - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Quotes About Counter Strike

"We may test the hypothesis that the State is largely interested in protecting itself rather than its subjects by asking: which category of crimes does the State pursue and punish most intensely—those against private citizens or those against itself?The gravest crimes in the States lexicon are almost invariably not invasions of private person or property, but dangers to its own contentment, for example, treason, desertion of a soldier to the enemy, failure to register for the draft, subversion and subversive conspiracy, assassination of rulers and such economic crimes against the State as counterfeiting its money or evasion of its income tax.Or compare the degree of zeal devoted to pursuing the man who assaults a policeman, with the attention that the State pays to the assault of an ordinary citizen. Yet, curiously, the States openly assigned priority to its own defense against the public strikes few people as inconsistent with its presumed raison detre." - Author: Murray N. Rothbard

Quotes About Survival Life Of Pi

"Survival was more than the preservation of life. It was tenacity in the face of ruin, an unbroken resolve in the midst of defeat, a glimmer of hope in the maelstrom, and peace despite the wreckage." - Author: Jocelyn Murray

Quotes About Deserve Someone Better

"You deserve someone better than me. Someone young and idealistic…someone who can experience things for the first time along with you. Im not always kind, and I have more faults than Id care to name. All I can promise is that Ill want you until my last breath." - Author: Lisa Kleypas