[I Really Like Action-dramas Like 'The Professional' Or 'La Femme Nikita.' I'd Really Like To Be In A Movie Like That.]

Author: Cassie Steele Quotes

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John Boyne Quotes

"Însă, în timp ce reflectă astfel, picioarele îl duseră pas cu pas din ce în ce mai aproape de punctul din depărtare, care între timp devenise o pată, apoi se transformă într-un strop. Și în curând după aceea, stropul deveni o siluetă. După care, când Bruno se apropie și mai mult, văzu că nu era nici punct, nici pată, nici strop, nici siluetă, ci o făptură. De fapt, era un băiat."

William Hone Quotes

"A good lather is half the shave."

Felix J Palma Quotes

"Man has a thousand plans, Heaven but one.."

Lindsay Paige Quotes

"What I do think is that we have to take what happens and learn from it and make ourselves a better person because of it."

Nicholas Mosley Quotes

"To say a poem is absolute is saying nothing, because an ink blot can be absolute. Yet you put into it what you like. So it becomes totally relative."

MPadua Quotes

"Let us feel love, in the sight of our foes.Let our hearts melt, of the sight of hungry ones.Let us sing the music of forgiveness,the melody of love."

Olivia Laing Quotes

"Physically, Echo Spring is nothing more than a nickname for a liquor cabinet, drawn from the brand of bourbon it contains."

Mari Mancusi Quotes

"What, are you like Buffy or something? A vampire slayer?"I wish. "No, but my sister is. And my boyfriends a vampire so I know a lot about their kind."Jayden shrinks back from me, wide-eyed."No, no. Hes one of the good ones. Not all vampires are evil," I assure him."So…youre dating…Edward Cullen.""Sure, if you have to relate it all to a Stephenie Meyer book," I grudgingly agree. "But dont say that to Magnuss face. Hes a card-carrying member of Team Jacob. Even has the T-shirt."

Paul Kyriazi Quotes

"Your on the planet too. Why should James Bond have all the action, fun, money, and resort hotel living."

Margaret Cho Quotes

"To start telling people that youre beautiful, or just feel beautiful, just start acting like you are the most beautiful woman in the world. And it really improves everything! Because your sort of psyche responds to it - like this is truthful!"

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Quotes About John Legend

"Derek Lowe and Curt Schilling were veterans when Boston won the 2004 World Series, but they were quick to recognize Johnny Pesky by name—and for good reason. Pesky last played for Boston in 1952, but his close ties to the organization since his career ended in 1954 are legendary. His presence was so great, among rookies and veterans alike, that Lowe and Schilling understood that the championship belonged to Pesky just as much as it did to the guys on the playoff roster." - Author: Tucker Elliot

Quotes About Dancing On The Beach

"Just like that. Gone forever. They will not grow old together. They will never live on a beach by the sea, their hair turned white, dancing in a living room to Billie Holiday or Nat Cole. They will not enter a New York club at midnight and show the poor hip-hop fools how to dance. They will not chuckle together over the endless folly of the world, its vanities and stupid ambitions. They will not hug each other in any chilly New York dawn. Oh, Mary Lou. My baby. My love." - Author: Pete Hamill

Quotes About Silencing The Truth

"The peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error." - Author: John Stuart Mill

Quotes About Ending War

"The appreciation that Source feels for you, never-endingly, will wrap you in a warm blanket of worthiness if you will allow it." - Author: Esther Hicks

Quotes About Pleinsworth

"She was in love. Lady Sarah Pleinsworth was in love.And it was grand." - Author: Julia Quinn

Quotes About Died Friend

"I didnt choose to be the Angel of Death, blast it!" He practically spat the words. When she blinked, taken aback by his vehemence, he added, "That was some fools idea of a joke"She kept staring at him, speechless. A joke? Her brothers death was a joke to someone?Seeing her reaction, he went on in a low, tortured voice, "After Rogers accident, I wore black to mourn him. Since Roger wasnt my family, Chetwin commented on it, saying that I dressed in black because Death was my constant companion. He pointed out that everyone I touched died--my parents, my best friend...everyone."He began to pace the clearing, pain etched in his features. "Chetwin was right, of course. Death was my constant companion. So it was no great surprise when other people started calling me the Angel of Death." His voice grew choked. "I fit the part, after all."-Gabriel to Virginia" - Author: Sabrina Jeffries

Quotes About Limited Rights

"Our Press and our schools cultivate Chauvinism, militarism, dogmatism, conformism and ignorance. The arbitrary power of the Government is unlimited, and unexampled in history; freedom of the Press, of opinion and of movement are as thoroughly exterminated as though the proclamation of the Rights of Man had never been. We have built up the most gigantic police apparatus, with informers made a national institution, and the most refined scientific system of political and mental torture. We whip the groaning masses of the country towards a theoretical future happiness, which only we can." - Author: Arthur Koestler

Quotes About Reunion In Heaven

"Rest in peace. Thats not the way these accounts are kept. We dont rest in peace. The life of a good man who has died belongs to the people who cared about him, and ought to, and maybe itself is as much comfort as ought to be asked or offered. And surely the talk of a reunion in Heaven is thin comfort to people who need each other here as much as we do. I aint saying I dont believe theres a Heaven. I surely hope there is. That surely would pay off a lot of mortgages. But I do say it aint easy to believe. And even while I hope for it, Ive got to admit Id rather go to Port William." - Author: Wendell Berry

Quotes About The Devil

"You know the proverb, Mr. Hale, set a beggar on horseback, and hell ride to the devil - well, some of these early manufacturers did ride to the devil in a magnificent style - crushing human bone and flesh beneath their horses hoofs without remorse." - Author: Elizabeth Gaskell

Quotes About Sibling Love

"I remember how I would eye with envy all the kids in our neighborhood, in my school, who had a little brother or sister. How bewildered I was by the way some of them treated each other, oblivious to their own good luck. They acted like wild dogs. Pinching, hitting, pushing, betraying one another any way they could think of. Laughing about it too. They wouldnt speak to one another. I didnt understand. Me, I spent most of my early years craving a sibling. What I really wished I had was a twin, someone whod cried next to me in the crib, slept beside me, fed from Mothers breast with me. Someone to love helplessly and totally, and in whose face I could always find myself." - Author: Khaled Hosseini