[I Regret Exceedingly That The Disputes Between The Protestants And Roman Catholics Should Be Carried To The Serious Alarming Height Mentioned In Your Letters. Religious Controversies Are Always Productive Of More Acrimony And Irreconcilable Hatreds Than Those Which Spring From Any Other Cause; And I Was Not Without Hopes That The Enlightened And Liberal Policy Of The Present Age Would Have Put An Effectual Stop To Contentions Of This Kind.[Letter To Sir Edward Newenham, 22 June 1792]]

Author: George Washington Quotes

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"The aristocrats had to force them to do their jobs. After all, human beings are not badgers. We arent molded to stoop."

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"Half the time your kids end up hating you for at least 5 of their teenage years[.] And dont ever expect anything so mundane as a thank you"

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"You were right. Im going to make you want things you never knew you wanted."

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"You see de white gown she wears, richly embroidered, showing de familys wealth and influence," said Daphne authoritatively. "De red rose in her hair symbolizes her Spanish ancestry. De prayer book in her left hand to display de Catholic allegiance.""What does the dog symbolize?" Sarah asked. Daphne blinked at her for a moment."De dog is just a dog," she said, finally."

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"Its called an inner voice for a reason. Its the gnawing feeling inside your stomach telling you yes or no. Its the one voice in your life that isnt tampered by others biased opinions, scars, feelings or thoughts. Go with it, you know yourself better than anyone ever does."

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"Groups like The Mountain Brothers just have to keep on doing what theyre doing - just make it dope and just make it different. And not try to compete with other people of color."

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"I think my mum has the foulest mouth of anyone Ive ever met."

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"Ten episodes goes by really quickly, especially when youve got a really tough shooting schedule of seven-day episodes."

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"You and I are part of the colony of heaven. Right now, we may reside here on earth, but our passport indicates that our citizenship is in heaven. We are on the earth, but not of the earth."

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"quote from Chase the Moon- Some people are just downright wicked, and sometimes evil wins - but not always."

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