[I Remained Associated With The Technische Universitat Munchen, Where I Became Professor In 1976.]

Author: Robert Huber Quotes

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Galt Niederhoffer Quotes

"Assigning degrees of blame to betrayal is a difficult project, much like deciding which of two murderers has the more wicked heart. With murder, there are tangible distinctions. First degree is intentional; second degree, irresponsible; third degree, accidental. But with crimes of the heart, the distinctions are more subtle. Who is it to say when a secret turns into a sin? With a daydream, a kiss, a confession? Who is to say which transgression is worse: sexual or emotional, coveting or caressing?"

Gilbert Sinoue Quotes

"Jan, mon ami, si tu crois que pour faire ceque lon aime il faut avoir du génie, la majorité des êtres qui peuplent la terre ferait rien. Aimer ce que lon a décidé de faire suffit."

Daveigh Chase Quotes

"I pay for what I call eccentricity and my will to evolve."

Mara Liasson Quotes

"Until he announced his immigration policy last week, Obama had the support of most Hispanic voters - but not the enthusiasm they had shown for him in 2008. That may be changing in part because of the decision not to deport young immigrants whose undocumented parents brought them here as children."

Gore Verbinski Quotes

"Reading in a sound booth seems very strange. Everyone has a process they are comfortable with; this was uncomfortable for me."

Hugh Hopper Quotes

"Always think that in any area of the arts, you get maybe ten percent of people who are creative, original... and the rest are generally following on, copying."

Odeyale Opeyemi Quotes

"dont expect too much from me, cos i might not meet up to your expectations, dont underestimate me, cos i just might do the unexpected, dont expect the truth from me always cos am human, and dont even try to judge me, cos you have not gone trough half of what av been trough"

Martin Luther King Quotes

"If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isnt fit to live"

Marlen Haushofer Quotes

"Und doch sitzt in mir noch immer eine wahnsinnige Hoffnung. Ich kann nur nachsichtig darüber lächeln. Mit diesem verstockten Eigensinn habe ich als Kind gehofft, nie sterben zu müssen. Ich stelle mir diese Hoffnung als einen blinden Maulwurf vor, der in mir hockt und über seinem Wahn brütet. Da ich ihn nicht aus mir vertreiben kann, muss ich ihn gewähren lassen."

William Sansom Quotes

"Trees are green gold"

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Quotes About Radner

"I think Saturday Night Live, starting in the 1970s, really gave women an outlet to be funny. A lot of those women went on to have film careers, from Kristen Wiig now to Tina Fey and Gilda Radner." - Author: Emma Stone

Quotes About Fostering Animals

"I was so sad from losing two of my dogs and my mother. I had this vision of all these animals sitting behind bars. They had no control and were scared. Thats why I got into fostering and adopting animals out." - Author: Linda Blair

Quotes About Nixon

"The Nixon administration really put a lot of pressure on CBS not to run the second broadcast." - Author: Ben Bradlee

Quotes About Really Love

"The clock in his car hadnt adjusted to daylight saving time yet and said it was four-fifteen when it was really five-fifteen. Peter probably didnt have time to fiddle with it, or it was tricky, as car clocks are. I didnt mind. You cant mind these things, you just cant, for to dislike what makes a person human is to dislike all humans, or at least other people who cant work clocks. You have to love the whole person, if you are truly in love. If you are going to take a lifelong journey with somebody, you cant mind if the other person believes they are leaving for that journey an hour earlier than you, as long as truly, in the real world, you are both leaving at exactly the same time." - Author: Daniel Handler

Quotes About Exploitation

"Right now we have a closure rate between discovery and exploitation of four to six months. We need to be more in the realm of seven to 10 days. That is an enormous challenge." - Author: John W. Thompson

Quotes About Promises Being Broken

"Into the silence rips a sound that makes me let go of Maxs hand and cover my ears. It is like the strafe of a bullet, nails on a chalkboard, promises being broken. Its a note I have never heard - this chord of pure pain - and it takes a moment to realize it is coming from me." - Author: Jodi Picoult

Quotes About Grantaire

"Long live the Republic! Im one of them."Grantaire had risen. The immense gleam of the whole combat which he had missed, and in which he had had no part, appeared in the brilliant glance of the transfigured drunken man.He repeated: "Long live the Republic!" crossed the room with a firm stride and placed himself in front of the guns beside Enjolras."Finish both of us at one blow," said he.And turning gently to Enjolras, he said to him:"Do you permit it?"Enjolras pressed his hand with a smile.This smile was not ended when the report resounded." - Author: Victor Hugo

Quotes About Legitimation

"Neoliberalization has not been very effective in revitalizing global capital accumulation, but it has succeeded remarkably well in restoring, or in some instances (as in Russia and China) creating, the power of an economic elite. The theoretical utopianism of neoliberal argument has, I conclude, primarily worked as a system of justification and legitimation for whatever needed to be done to achieve this goal." - Author: David Harvey

Quotes About First Born Daughter

"As it happens, the first souvenir I bought was a dried llama fetus. Revolting as it may sound, my poor stillborn llama is actually rather cute. Frozen in the fetal position and dried stiff like beef jerky, it has the gentle, smiling face of a camel and plenty of soft, if slightly formaldehyde-scented, fur. I bought the llama fetus partly because it horrified me, but also for educational purposes, so that my eight-year-old daughter Sophia could show it to her class. (She refused.)Bolivians buy llama fetuses to ward off evil in its many guises. Bolivian miners—who, with a life expectancy of forty-five years, basically live their entire adult lives dying—look to llama fetuses for protection against dynamite explosions and the lung-destroying silicon particulates they inhale all day. Downing high-proof alcohol also helps. "The purer the alcohol, the purer the minerals I find," one miner told me wryly." - Author: Amy Chua

Quotes About Incy

"Reading was not an escape for her, any more than it is for me. It was an aspect of direct experience. She distinguished, of course, between the fictional world and the real one, in which she had to prepare dinners and so on. Still, for us, the fictional world was an extension of the real, and in no way a substitute for it, or refuge from it. Any more than sleeping is a substitute for waking." (Jincy Willett)" - Author: Jincy Willett