[I Remember Coming To This College In The 1960s As A New Legislator When A Road Divided The Campus - And It Was Not Fully Paved At That - And No Wall Defined The Campus From The Highway.]

Author: Michael N. Castle Quotes

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Mohammed Suleman Khan Quotes

"I am Muslim, Islam is Perfect but I am not, If I make a mistake blame it on me, not on my religion."

Fawad Quotes

"Life is nothing short of goodness, it just need to be presented accordingly...."

Mark Bittman Quotes

"Ill never stop eating animals, Im sure, but I do think that for the benefit of everyone, the time has come to stop raising them industrially and stop eating them thoughtlessly."

Mary Jo Putney Quotes

"Entretanto, mesmo o fogo mais ardente deixa apenas as brasas mais amenas. Bodas verdadeiras são construídas sobre valores e interesses comuns."

Robert Bolt Quotes

"The nobility of England would have snored through the Sermon on the Mount. But youll labor like scholars over a bulldogs pedigree."

Bernard Hinault Quotes

"I race to win, not to please people."

Bryan Charles Quotes

"The world is a far greater place than I ever imagined. And it is yours."

Michel Legrand Quotes

"My father had left behind an old piano. My sister was already going to school, my mother was out working, and I stayed at home alone with my adorable grandmother who understood nothing I said. It was so boring that I stayed at the piano all day long, and that saved my life."

Frank Bruno Quotes

"If your brains not right they have good people at the NHS to help you fix it and talk to and counselling to calm you down and to focus you."

Philippa Gregory Quotes

"Margaret...you must know that you could never change your own life. You are a girl: girls have no choice. You could never even choose your own husband: you are of the royal family. A husband would always have been chosen for you. It is forbidden for one of royal blood to marry their own choice. You know this too. And finally, you are of the House of Lancaster. You cannot choose your allegiance. You have to serve your house, your family, and your husband. I have allowed you to dream, and I have allowed you to read, but the time has come to put aside silly stories and silly dreams and do your duty."

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"He unzipped his hooded top and took it off, and wished emotions were like clothes, that he could remove them, fold them, set them somewhere." - Author: Nick Laird

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"Philosophy is an unusually ingenious attempt to think fallaciously." - Author: Bertrand Russell

Quotes About Instincts

"We no longer live on what we have, but on promises, no longer in the present day, but in the darkness of the future, which, we expect, will at last bring the proper sunrise. We refuse to recognize that everything better is purchased at the price of something worse; that, for example, the hope of grater freedom is canceled out by increased enslavement to the state, not to speak of the terrible perils to which the most brilliant discoveries of science expose us. The less we understand of what our [forebears] sought, the less we understand ourselves, and thus we help with all our might to rob the individual of his roots and his guiding instincts, so that he becomes a particle in the mass, ruled only by what Neitzche called the spirit of gravity. (p.236)" - Author: C.G. Jung

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"[T]he infliction of cruelty with a good conscience is a delight to moralists. That is why they invented Hell." - Author: Bertrand Russell

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"the burg of Makers Bell lives on that line between rural and suburban, between farmland and white picket fences" - Author: Chuck Wendig

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"Er hat mich meinem Schicksal überlassen, eines schönen Morgens, als er ging. (Edith Piaf)" - Author: Guillaume Musso

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"The house seemed almost without smells at all, pleasant or foul, leaving me to wonder if the upper class existed on a different sort of air from the rest of the world, a breeze piped into their homes from above the clouds, so clean you had to pay for it." - Author: Ami McKay

Quotes About Nostalgic

"Always. At every moment, asleep and awake, during the most sublime and most abject moments, Amaranta thought of Rebeca, because solitude had made a selection in her memory and had burned the dimming piles of nostalgic waste that life had accumulated in her heart, and had purified, magnified, and eternalized the others, the most bitter ones." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

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"So in 1910 a Danish botanist, Wilhelm Johannsen, self-consciously invented the word gene." - Author: James Gleick

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"People with no experience of life except under communist regimes would tell me that they knew—though they were unsure how—that their life was not ‘natural, just as Winston Smith concludes that life in Airstrip One (the new name for England in 1984) was unnatural. Other ways of life might have their problems, my Albanian and Rumanian friends would say, but theirs was unique in its violation of human nature. Orwells imaginative grasp of what it was like to live under communism seemed to them, as it does to me, to amount to genius." - Author: Theodore Dalrymple