[I Remember The Very Day, Sometime During The First Two Weeks Of My Five-year Amorous Sojourn In Brutland, When I Was Made Privy To One Of The Most Arcane Of Their Utterings. The Time Was Ripe For That Major Epiphany, My Initiation Into The Sacred Knowledge—or Should I Say Gnosis?—of That All-important, Quintessentially Brutish Slang Term, The Word That Endless Hours Of Scholastic Education By Renowned Mentors, Plus Years Of Scrupulous Scrutiny Into Scrofulous Texts, Had Disappointingly Failed To Impart To Me, Leaving Me With That Deep Sense Of Emptiness Begotten By Hemimathy; The Time Was Finally Ripe For Me To Be Transported By The Velvety Feel Of The Unvoiced Palato-alveolar Fricative, The élan Of The Unpronounceable And Masochistically Hedonistic Front Open-rounded Vowel, And, Last But Not Least, The (admittedly Short) Ejaculatory Quality Of The Voiced Velar Stop: All Three Of Them Combined Together To Form That Miraculous Lexical Item, The Word Shag.]

Author: Spiros Doikas Quotes

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