[I Saw Dad's Eyes Widen Just A Fraction When He Heard My Voice Catch. He Glanced At Me But Quickly Turned Away. He Didn't Want Me To See His Reaction, But I Did, And I'll Never Forget It. In That Brief Glimpse, I Could See What He Was Thinking Behind That Fixed Stare. There Would Be No Grandkids, There Would Be No More Creed Family Bloodline, Nothing Else To Look Forward To. From That Point On I'd Become The Last, Most Devastating Disappointment In What He Thought His Life Had Added Up To--one Overwhelming Failure.]

Author: Perry Moore Quotes

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"If you let yourself abandon the I-should-know-this-already attitude and simply accept your ignorance without giving yourself a hard time about it, then you can learn whatever it is you need to learn."

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"Be who you are,nobody likes to be copied!"

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"Green Day was more of the influence than Blink."

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"I had played the Virgin Mary in Jesus of Nazareth, and I had done Juliet at the age of 15. People said, Where do you go from playing Juliet and the Virgin Mary? And I said, Mother Teresa of Calcutta."

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"But life does not consist of words.Life consists of reality."

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"Control is never achieved when sought after directly; it is the surprising result of letting go."

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"Im lucky, I guess. I only really need five or so hours of sleep."

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"To be 49 years old now and still be called The Kid, thats kind of special."

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