[I See Manuscripts And Books That Are Spoiled For The Literary Reader Because They Are One Long Stream Of Top-of-the-head Writing, A Writer Telling A Story Without Concern For Precision Or Freshness In The Use Of Language. Some Of This Storytelling Reads As If It Were Spoken Rather Than Written, Stuffed With Tired Images That Pop Into The Writer's Head Because They Are So Familiar. The Top Of The Head Is Fit For Growing Hair, But Not For Generating Fine Prose.]

Author: Sol Stein Quotes

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"Doing those costume pictures was wonderful."

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"Raise the bar higher than your opinion..."

Fiodor Dostoievsky Quotes

"Am întrebat pe foarte mulţi ce simt.Aş fi vrut să ştiu mai exact cât de mare le este durerea şi cu ce altă suferinţă s-ar putea asemui? N-aş putea spune pentru ce anume vroiam neapărat să aflu acest lucru.Ştiu numai că nu întrebam din simplă curiozitate."

Shane Kuhn Quotes

"Clarity equals victory. Look at successful people. Do you really think they have seven effective habits? Fuck no. Whos got time for that? They have one effective habit: DOING. When you are a ‘doer you lap the rest of the rats in the race."

Ari Berk Quotes

"The hours must be endured and those who cannot do so in life will most surely do so in death. You say you cannot face them? Lifes joys and pains both? You shall find them waiting for you, a world of ignored moments there to be explored. Then shall you know how long an hour can be, shall feel the awful depth and restlessness of even a single day, and all the days you fled from life while you were alive."

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"Hope.It was both the best thing and the worst thing that could happen to a person. It had the ability to consume a person, to become them.I used to believe in the idea of hope before I saw what it had done to Hayden – what I had done to Hayden."

Dan Fouts Quotes

"People ask me who he reminds me of. The way hes playing, Id say he doesnt remind me of anybody. Ive never seen anybody - running back, quarterback, wide receiver - make the plays that Vince Young made today."

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"In for a penny, in for a pound - by Max Pesaro"

Kenneth Blackwell Quotes

"We have a system that allows us to manage a free and fair election, free of fraud, free of intimidation, and thats what we delivered on election day, and were very very proud of it."

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"Charleston is not the center of the universe, but it should be. That is the persistent perception of many locals."

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"An example of such emergent phenomena is the origin of life from non-living chemical compounds in the oldest, lifeless oceans of the earth. Here, aided by the radiation energy received from the sun, countless chemical materials were synthesized and accumulated in such a way that they constituted, as it were, a primeval "soup." In this primeval soup, by infinite variations of lifeless growth and decay of substances during some billions of years, the way of life was ultimately reached, with its metabolism characterized by selective assimilation and dissimilation as end stations of a sluiced and canalized flow of free chemical energy." - Author: R.W. van Bemmelen

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"The glass display cases had shown rock-throwers crafted by the Australian aborigines - like giant wooden shoehorns, theyd looked, but smoothed and carved and ornamented with the most painstaking care. In the 40,000 years since anatomically modern humans had migrated to Australia from Asia, nobody had invented the bow-and-arrow. It really made you appreciate how non-obvious was the idea of Progress. Why would you even think of Invention as something important, if all your historys heroic tales were of great warriors and defenders instead of Thomas Edison? How could anyone possibly have suspected, while carving a rock-thrower with painstaking care, that someday human beings would invent rocket ships and nuclear energy?" - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky

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"Jeremy and Karl and Elizabeth have known each other since the first day of kindergarten. Amy and Talis are a year younger...Now the five are inseparable; invincible. They imagine that life will always be like this--like a television show in eternal syndication--that they will always have each other. They use the same vocabulary. They borrow each others books and music. They share lunches, and they never say anything when Jeremy comes over and takes a shower. They all know Jeremys father is eccentric. Hes supposed to be eccentric. Hes a novelist." - Author: Kelly Link

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"She had walked to the brink, abandoning all belief, and just before the bitter end, she was pulled from the abyss by faith." - Author: Sage Steadman

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"Ally wasnt disappointed in the writers: she hadnt expected anything from them in the first place; it hadnt occurred to her to be interested in writers as individuals beyond their work. To her relief no one whose books shed read ever came to the centre, although sometimes she had to pretend to have read the writers who did. The writers could be fairly crazy, too; you had to be vigilant not to trip over their vanity or anxiety. Luckily, most of her favourites were dead. (Shes the one, 151)" - Author: Tessa Hadley

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"Tate practically raised you from what I hear. You love him, dont you?"Her face closed up. "For all the good it will ever do me, yes," she said softly."He wont have the excuse of pure Lakota blood much longer," he advised."Im not holding out for miracles anymore," she vowed. "Im going to stop wanting what I can never have. From now on, Ill take what I can get from life and be satisfied with it. Tate will have to find his own way.""Thats sour grapes," he observed."You bet it is. What do you want me to do to help?""Its dangerous," he pointed out, hesitating as he considered her youth. "I dont know…""Im a card-carrying archeologist," she reminded him. "Havent you ever watched an Indiana Jones movies? Were all like that," she told him with a wicked grin. "Mild-mannered on the outside and veritable world-tamers inside. I can get a whip and a fedora, too, if you like," she added." - Author: Diana Palmer

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"When scrutiny is lacking, tyranny, corruption and mans baser qualities have a better chance of entering into the public business of any government." - Author: Jacob K. Javits

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"I have never thought about my sexuality being right or wrong. To me it has always been a case of finding the right person." - Author: George Michael

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"In our land of opportunities and distractions, its hard to devote our attention to the quiet pleasures of reading. Its as if we live our lives in a noisy restaurant and cant have the intimate conversation we most yearn for." - Author: Steve Leveen

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"[On Female Attraction to Men in Uniform] That male military persona feeds a subconscious, passive-aggressive female desire to dominate the warrior as he is perceived an iconic example of masculinity (particularly amongst traditionally warlike cultures). The damsel in distress theme always struck me as embodying this: the hapless, innocently beautiful woman unwittingly enraptures the heroic male so completely that he would risk all to submit to her at his own peril, and quite in spite of it." - Author: Tiffany Madison