[I See The Last Two Millennia As Laid Out In Columns, Like A Reverse Ledger Sheet. It's As If I'm Standing At The Top Of The Twenty-first Century Looking Downwards To 2000. Future Centuries Float As A Gauzy Sheet Stretching Over To The Left. I Also See People, Architecture And Events Laid Out Chronologically In The Columns. When I Think Of The Year 1805, I See Trafalgar, Women In The Clothes Of That Era, Famous People Who Lived Then, The Building, Etc. The Sixth To Tenth Centuries Are Very Green, The Middle Ages Are Dark With Vibrant Splashes Of Red And Blue And The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries Are Brown With Rich, Lush Colours In The Furniture And Clothing.]

Author: Claudia Hammond Quotes

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"I aint saying you cant do it, Moe. Papa say you can do jus bout anything you set your mind to do, you work hard enough."

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"I ended up performing on a full time basis and I never got to Julliard at all."

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"Inside the opponents 45-yard line, facing anything less than fourth and eight, teams are better off going for it than punting. Inside the opponents 33-yard line, they are better off going for it on anything less than fourth and 11.* Regardless of field position, on anything less than fourth and five, teams are always better off going for it."

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"Penser, cest aller derreur en erreur."

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"Much that is terrible we do not know. Much that is beautiful we shall still discover. Lets sail till we come to the edge."

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"Partisanship is our great curse. We too readily assume that everything has two sides and that it is our duty to be on one or the other."

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"Thats the worst thing about having chakaare like us around. We just wander off, find someplace you dont know about, and hole up in it and get into all sorts of mischief that you know nothing about. And then we bill you for it. Dreadful.""Dreadful. Is this the kind of thing that CSF might notice?""Were we to get out of hand, I imagine very senior officers in CSF might need to be reassured, but not by you.""Dreadful. Hypothetically, anyway."

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"Remember, you can always find East by staring directly at the sun."

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"Paleoclimatic records show clearly that the past 10,000 years, the Holocene, is a remarkably stable period in which we went from being a few hunters and gatherers to become more sedentary agriculture-based civilizations, which then moved us to the current populated modern era."

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"I think of hip hop as a mass media, radio, MTV thing. Its been extremely relevant over the last 10 years and rock music is just not anymore—-a tear rolls down my cheek as I say that."

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