[I Spoke, I Listened, And My Heart Broke, Which Is To Say That It Didn't Break At All But Became Suddenly Aware Of Its Own Wholeness In Such A Way It Hurt Like Hell.]

Author: Marisa De Los Santos Quotes

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William Jennings Bryan Quotes

"Eloquent speech is not from lip to ear, but rather from heart to heart."

Queen Mary Quotes

"Her old Grannie and subject must be the first to kiss her hand."

John Wooden Quotes

"Happiness begins where selfishness ends."

Bob Considine Quotes

"Call it vanity, call it arrogant presumption, call it what you wish, but I would grope for the nearest open grave if I had no newspaper to work for, no need to search for and sometimes find the winged word that just fits, no keen wonder over what each unfolding day may bring."

Michael Clarke Duncan Quotes

"I try to avoid typecasting by doing different roles."

Douglas Trumbull Quotes

"But as far as the concept of HAL, who HAL was, his character - I had no role in creating him."

Kenneth C Davis Quotes

"The following twenty years would be the nadir of American Indian history, as the total Indian population between 1890 and 1910 fell to fewer than 250,000. (It was not until 1917 that Indian births exceeded deaths for the first time in fifty years.)"

Twiggy Quotes

"I like to get on with people. I dont go around being nasty, but if someone crosses me, I can be horrible back."

Kevin Eubanks Quotes

"My love life doesnt stink; its nonexistent."

Stanley Crouch Quotes

"But the myth of violent solutions as the ultimate solutions maintains itself in much of popular media."

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"When the waiter brought the cheese-board, there was a large carrot carved in the shape of a mermaid sitting between the Dolcelatte and the Pecorino. Teo could have sworn that the carrot-mermaid flexed her tail and plunged her little hand inside a smelly Gorgonzola. Tyromancy, ye know, remarked the mermaid. The Ancient Art of Divination by Cheese. Then she pulled her tiny hand out and inspected the green cheese-mold on her tiny fingers. Lackaday! she moaned. Stinking! It goes poorly for Venice and Teodora, it do!" - Author: Michelle Lovric

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"I dislike math, yet I respect and appreciate the fact that math is the language of the universe." - Author: Lucas Grabeel

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"Its a lot of crooked cops out there. They manipulate the system." - Author: Ludacris

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") "Do you hear his voice as you hear me? Is it a voice outside your head?""Its difficult to explain. It isnt a voice like anything Ive ever heard before. It isnt a man or a woman, its God.""How do you know?""Because the voice says so. And I believe it.""Does it talk to you or does it talk about you or others?""It talks to me.""Does it call your name?""Yes…It says something like: "Cain, listen. Theres something I want you to tell the others. Tell them they must love themselves. Tell them they are beautiful."""Who are the others?""Black people.""You mean God is talking to the black people through you.""I mean God is black." - Author: Olga Núñez Miret

Quotes About Burdens Friendship

"The evening I went for a walk. To walk for the sake of walking is something I seldom do.Inside my apartment Id felt inexplicably anxious. I needed to talk to someone, to be reassured. Or perhaps I needed to confess my sin: I was once again having impure thoughts about saving the world. Or it was neither of these--I was afraid I was dreaming. Indeed, considering the events of the day, it was likely that I was dreaming. I sometimes fly in my dreams, and each time I say to myself, "At last--its happening in reality and not in a dream!"In any case, I needed to talk to someone, and I was alone. This is my habitual condition, by choice--or so I tell myself. Mere acquaintanceship leaves me unsatisfied, and few people are willing to accept the burdens and risks of friendship as I conceive of it." - Author: Daniel Quinn

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"Finale" - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Quotes About Maria Magdalena

"When I hear girls I know longing to be what they call liberated, and when I hear others rejoicing in what they think of as liberation, I feel a fool, because I simply do not know where I stand. (Maria Magdalena Theotoky)" - Author: Robertson Davies

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"So I was damaged. It said so, in so many words – that it was difficult, if not impossible, for me to establish stable emotional relationships – in other words, to have any deep feelings." - Author: Peter Høeg

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"Yes, I am scared of prison. Its the last thing if you are after building up a business over 38 years and you are approaching your 66th birthday and you never owed a man a penny and you feel hard done by and you try to protect yourself and your family and go to prison - if that is the society we are living in, I am happy to accept that." - Author: Sean Quinn

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"Toute grande oeuvre est soit une Iliade soit une Odysée, les odysées étant beaucoup plus nombreuse que les iliades: le Satiricon, La Divine Comédie, Pantagruel, Don Quichotte, et naturellement Ulysse (où lon reconnaît dailleurs linfluence directe de Bouvard et Pécuchet) sont des odysées, cest-à-dire des récits de temps pleins. Les iliades sont au contraire des recherches du temps perdu: devant Troie, sur une île déserte ou chez les Guermantes." - Author: Raymond Queneau