[I Started Improvisation At Age Nine, And I Loved It So Much I Stuck With It. As A By-product, Acting Was Just Something I Was Lucky Enough To Fall Into.]

Author: Cassie Steele Quotes

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Ray S Jones Quotes

"One play down and 497 to Go!"

Sarah Kate Lynch Quotes

"This is the thing no one prepares you for where disaster are concerned. There is no ominous black cloud, no spooky chill, no neon sign that flashes: Stop! Please! Go back to bed! Theres something really really dreadful waiting to happen around the corner! I beg of you, do not continue!"

Victoria Pendleton Quotes

"Steve [sports psychiatrist] had already taught me to try and stop worrying so much about pleasing everyone. We knew that this was one of my most draining flaws and he again used three groups to clarify my thinking. There would always be some people, Steve said, who would care about me and love me. In contrast there would also be a select group of people who would never warm to me - no matter what I did. And in the middle came the overwhelming mass who were largely indifferent to any of my failures or triumphs. I needed to understand that most people didnt really care what I did or said. All my anguish about how they might perceive me was redundant. Steve helped me realize that I spent too much time trying to please those oblivious people in the middle or, more problematically, the small group who would never change their critical opinion of me. I should concentrate on the people who really did show concern for me."

Eli Khamarov Quotes

"One failure is worth seven and a half successes."

Willem Alexander Quotes

"One has to divide attention between having kids and a full workload."

Amnat Ruenroeng Quotes

"Maybe with boxing and good focus, I can fix myself and make my mother proud."

Jerry Yang Quotes

"Certainly Yahoo! wouldnt exist without the sort of environment that Stanford gave us to allow us to create it."

Mario Stinger Quotes

"Dying on your own terms, this is the greatest gift anyone can bestow upon a mortal man."

Britt Ekland Quotes

"I used to collect vintage clothing - exquisite lace dresses, embroidered shawls and ornate jewelry - but thats just not me any more."

Solomon Ibn Gabirol Quotes

"Kings may be judges of the earth, but wise men are the judges of kings."

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"At our age, surely there are better things to sustain us, to sustain a marriage, than the brief flame of passion?" ..."You are mistaken, Ernest," she said at last. "There is only the passionate spark. Without it, two people living together may be lonelier than if they lived quite alone." - Author: Helen Simonson

Quotes About Alec

"Was there a language of loss? Did everyone who suffered speak a different dialect?" - Author: Jodi Picoult

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"In experiments at Baylor University where people were given Coke and Pepsi in unmarked cups and then hooked up to a brain scanner, the device clearly showed a certain number of them preferred Pepsi while tasting it. When those people were told they were drinking Pepsi, a fraction of them, the ones who had enjoyed Coke all their lives, did something unexpected. The scanner showed their brains scrambling the pleasure signals, dampening them. They then told the experimenter afterward they had preferred Coke in the taste tests." - Author: David McRaney

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"but I want to tell themthat all of this shitis just debrisleftover when we finally decide to smash all the things we thoughtwe used to beand if you cant see anything beautiful about yourselfget a better mirrorlook a little closerstare a little longerbecause theres something inside youthat made you keep tryingdespite everyone who told you to quityou built a cast around your broken heartand signed it yourselfyou signed it"they were wrong"because maybe you didnt belong to a group or a clickmaybe they decided to pick you last for basketball or everythingmaybe you used to bring bruises and broken teethto show and tell but never toldbecause how can you hold your groundif everyone around you wants to bury you beneath ityou have to believe that they were wrongthey have to be wrong" - Author: Shane Koyczan

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"The music at a wedding procession always reminds me of the music of soldiers going into battle." - Author: Heinrich Heine

Quotes About Being Passionate About Work

"Be the kind of person that others admire, can count on, trust and enjoy spending time with. After you have developed that reputation, people will start to ask you what you do, and will want to work with you on the things that matter. When you focus on leading a passionate, meaningful and faithful life, you are also inadvertently creating a spectacular ripple effect of inspiration in the lives around you. When one person is making a difference and being a positive role model, everyone nearby feels their passionate energy. Before too long, they too, are leading by example and simultaneously inspiring others." - Author: The Angel Affect

Quotes About Government Control In 1984

"But I still think having Nina standing by as ground control couldnt possibly be a bad idea. Not as an executioner—just as armed back-up, in case things get ugly." - Author: Christa Faust

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"I think there is a way to be formal and elegant and classy, but more modern. Brad Pitt has been changing it, and Will Smith has been doing it in his own way." - Author: Steven Cojocaru

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"How do we "abide" in the love of God? We dwell no further from His side than the place we are most keenly aware of His great affection. Was it not the disciple who reclined against Christ Jesus who saw himself as the "beloved disciple"? Place your ear against the chest of the Savior so that, when troubled times come, you may not know what will befall you, but you can hear the steady pulse of the boundless love of Him who holds you." - Author: Beth Moore

Quotes About Heartless Parents

"A thousand times today Ive started to open my mouth, started to squeak out, "Can you tell me...? But then Id look into the front seat, at my mothers silent shaking, my fathers grim profile, the mournful bags under his eyes, and all the questions I might ask seemed abusive. Assault and battery, a question mark used like a club. My parents are old and fragile. Id have to heartless to want to hurt them." - Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix