[I Started Improvisation At Age Nine, And I Loved It So Much I Stuck With It. As A By-product, Acting Was Just Something I Was Lucky Enough To Fall Into.]

Author: Cassie Steele Quotes

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Max Ernst Quotes

"Before he goes into the water, a diver cannot know what he will bring back."

Beth Riesgraf Quotes

"Its so weird, not knowing what your life is going to be. Im being optimistic. And when Leverage comes to an end, I have lots of ideas for other things. You cant really sit and wait for things to come to you."

Joyce DiDonato Quotes

"I know that every time I step on the stage its a real gift ,so I try not to take it for granted, and I try to make it an experience that the public can really participate in."

H Beam Piper Quotes

"I had a lot of other ideas, now and then, but every time I took a second look at one, it got sick and died."

Ibnul Qoyyim Al Jauziyyah Quotes

"Hendaknya kita mengukur ilmu bukan dari tumpukan buku yang kita habiskan. Bukan dari tumpukan naskah yang kita hasilkan. Bukan juga dari penatnya mulut dalam diskusi tak putus yang kita jalani. Tapi…dari amal (action) yang keluar dari setiap desah nafas kita"

Shaukat Aziz Quotes

"We need prefab housing, we need to repair what can be repaired. We have appealed to the whole world to ship tents and blankets to Pakistan."

Thomas Holcroft Quotes

"Be patient, my soul: thou hath suffered worse than this."

Nathaniel Parker Willis Quotes

"He who binds his soul to knowledge, steals the key of heaven."

Gus ODonnell Quotes

"Civil servants are fully aware of the challenges the British economy faces. They are, after all, working tirelessly and professionally to support the coalition government through the current challenges, every day, and in every part of Britain."

Don Shula Quotes

"The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others."

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Quotes About Gatsby And Daisy In The Great Gatsby

"The great macrocosmic universe circulates the bliss and joy of the energy that has created it through the microcosmic circuits of two bodies that have become as one soul." - Author: John Maxwell Taylor

Quotes About Masterpiece

"He was conscious—and the thought brought a gleam of pleasure into his brown agate eyes—that it was through certain words of his, musical words said with musical utterance, that Dorian Grays soul had turned to this white girl and bowed in worship before her. To a large extent the lad was his own creation. He had made him premature. That was something. Ordinary people waited till life disclosed to them its secrets, but to the few, to the elect, the mysteries of life were revealed before the veil was drawn away. Sometimes this was the effect of art, and chiefly of the art of literature, which dealt immediately with the passions and the intellect. But now and then a complex personality took the place and assumed the office of art, was indeed, in its way, a real work of art, life having its elaborate masterpieces, just as poetry has, or sculpture, or painting." - Author: Oscar Wilde

Quotes About Giverny

"She quickly realized she had an affinity for the older books and their muted scents of past dinners and foreign countries, the tea and chocolate stains coloring the phrases. You could never be certain what you would find in a book that has spent time with someone else. As she has rifled through the pages looking for defects, she had discovered an entrance ticket to Giverny, a receipt for thirteen bottles of champagne, a to-do list that included, along with groceries and dry cleaning, the simple reminder, buy a gun. Bits of life tucked like stowaways in between the chapters. Sometimes she couldnt decide which story she was most drawn to." - Author: Erica Bauermeister

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"I have this vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle jacket. When I put it on, it has this supercool feeling to it." - Author: Alicia Keys

Quotes About Difficulty Of Writing

"I have great difficulty sitting in the middle of the night and writing. Everything I do comes spontaneous. Sometimes it takes a long time; sometimes it comes just like that." - Author: Ravi Shankar

Quotes About Capricorn Man

"I was born the 26th of December. . . Arrive by dint of perseverance, but step by step. . . Tenancy to exaggerate the importance of earthly life. Avaricious of self. Constant in their affections and their hatreds. . . Yes, the Capricorn is a beast of solitude. Slow, steady, and persevering. Lives on several levels at once. Thinks in circles. Fascinated by death. Ever climbing, climbing. In search of the edelweiss, presumably. Or could it be immortelle? Knows no mother. Only "the mothers". Laughs little and usually on the wrong side of the face. . . Speaks truthfully instead of kindly. Metaphysics, abstractions, electromagnetic displays. Dives to the depths. Sees stars, comets, and asteroids where others see only moles, warts, and pimples. Feeds on himself when tired of playing the man-eating shark. A paranoiac. An ambulatory paranoiac. But constant in his affections - and his hatreds. Ouais!" - Author: Henry Miller

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"While Mary brushed my pistachio silk carriage dress, Mama tugged the laces of my corset as tight as they would go. She grunted and I groaned, and we sounded like the giant hogs Id seen at the zoo-except that, rather than play in the mud and eat to my hearts content, I was forced to sit daintily in the parlor without lunch. For two hours. With my mother for company." - Author: Susan Dennard

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"A tablet replacing an exercise book is not innovation, its just a different way to make notes." - Author: Geoff Mulgan

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"What are American dry-goods? asked the duchess, raising her large hands in wonder and accentuating the verb.American novels, answered Lord Henry." - Author: Oscar Wilde

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"Every time you hold me in your arms .. Im comfortable enough to feel your heart and warmth.I love you forever if just possible." - Author: Redzel Romulo