[I Suppose I Ought To Describe My Father, But It Isn't Easy. Sometimes Over The Years He Seemed One Thing And Sometimes Another. He Was A Good-looking Man, Strong And Ruddy. When I Was Little He Seemed Tall To Me, But By The Time I Was Thirteen He Had Become Medium.]

Author: Edith Konecky Quotes

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Christine Fonseca Quotes

"Dreams are funny things"..."Things seem so real when they are happening, only to fade instantly when the brain realizes they are mere images, shadows of the truth, but not part of it."

Frank Borman Quotes

"Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without hell."

Elbert Guillory Quotes

"We have to convince people that the handouts – just taking a few little handouts, where you have a subsistent living, where you never grow, just get a little check and a few food stamps, it will keep you on the plantation for the rest of your life, thats not a life. Thats not living. It is not good enough. It is not acceptable. We have to educate our people that that is no longer good. You have to get off the plantation, off the government plantation,"

David W Stevens Quotes

"True sacrifice is merely self-control."

Claudia Johnson Quotes

"The first lady is, and always has been, an unpaid public servant elected by one person, her husband."

David Lean Quotes

"I rather like mysteries. But I do dislike muddles."

Walter Raleigh Quotes

"A professional man of letters, especially if he is much at war with unscrupulous enenemies, is naturally jealous of his privacy... so it was, I think, with Dryden."

Ashanti Quotes

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for military families. To have to worry about your loved ones and still try and live a normal life is extremely hard."

Charlie Cox Quotes

"I really fell into drama school - I had a lot of lot of luck. I didnt take criticism very well while I was there; in fact, I took it personally. With every note I got, I felt like they were telling me I was a bad person."

Greg Louganis Quotes

"Ive learned at the book signings that everyone has obstacles."

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Quotes About Word Problems

"This is connected with the conception of naming as a process that is, so to speak, occult. Naming seems to be a _strange_ connection of a word with an object. -- And such a strange connection really obtains, particularly when a philosopher tries to fathom _the_ relation between name and what is named by staring at an object in front of him and repeating a name, or even the word "this", innumerable time. For philosophical problems arise when language goes on holiday. And _then_ we may indeed imagine naming to be some remarkable mental act, as it were the baptism of an object. And we can also say the word "this" _to_ the object, as it were _address_ the object as "this" -- a strange use of this word, which perhaps occurs only when philosophizing." - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein

Quotes About Love Bites

"Dear Mr. Argeneau," she began. " I havent read Love Bites, One, but I will, I guarantee it. I just finished Love Bites, Two, and thought it was wonderful. Etienne was so sweet and funny and sexy that I fell in love with him even as Rachel did. Hes my dream man." Kate paused and glanced up expectantly. "What would you say to those letters?"That was easy enough. "Etienne is taken."-Kate and Lucern" - Author: Lynsay Sands

Quotes About Not Giving Up On Love

"He [God] was saying that no worship is better than apathetic worship. I wonder how many church doors God wants to shut today.But He has overcome the world. So take heart, keep on, fight the good fight, pray continuously, and do not grow weary. There is nothing better than giving up everything and stepping into a passionate love relationship with God, the God of the universe who made galaxies, laughter, and me and you." - Author: Francis Chan

Quotes About Facing The Truth

"Upset by two nostalgias facing each other like two mirrors, he lost his marvelous sense of unreality and he ended up recommending to all of them that they leave Macondo, that they forget everything he had taught them about the world and the human heart, that they shit on Horace, and that wherever they might be they always remember that the past was a lie, that memory has no return, that every spring gone by could never be recovered, and that the wildest and most tenacious love was an ephemeral truth in the end. A" - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Quotes About Numair

"When in doubt," the mage Numair Salmalin had taught the pages, "Shoot the wizard." - Author: Tamora Pierce

Quotes About Naples Italy

"A fair questioin. Youve been to Naples. Imagine it five hundred years ago. Would it have made a difference?""Ive never been to Naples, Mr. Stone. But yeah, anywhere would have been totally different. Its not about Italy. Its about isolation and freedom and wanting more than you have.""True.True. But...I was so sure.Didnt you talk about Vesuvius when we read The Last Days of Pompeii?""I think you might be confusing me with someone else.""No,no.Im quite sure it was you. Wasnt it?""No.It wasnt.""Oh,now,Ella. I distinctly remember something about the cleansing aspects of fire...Oh.""Wrong aspects, Mr. Stone.""Right,right. Of course. My mistake. Okay. No harm done. So,about islands..." - Author: Melissa Jensen

Quotes About Ping Pong From Forrest Gump

"Witch Baby wanted to ask Ping how to find her Jah-Love angel. She knew Raphael was not him, even though Raphael had the right eyes and smile and name. She knew how he looked--the angel in her dream--but she didnt know how to find him. Should she roller-skate through the streets in the evenings when the streetlights flicker on? Should she stow away to Jamaica on a cruise ship and search for him in the rain forests and along the beaches? Would he come to her? Was he waiting, dreaming of her in the same way she waited and dreamed?" - Author: Francesca Lia Block

Quotes About Not Pleasing Anybody

"This was the move that was supposed to sweep me away. She seemed a little out of practice. I guess life with Charley Royce hadnt exactly been the third reel of The English Patient. It had to be bad if Mickey Dolan was your back-up. Not to put Mickey down but he didnt strike me as the lover-boy type. Especially when he took out his teeth. The last time Mickey thought about pleasing anybody but himself was just before he discovered how to sniff glue." - Author: Dan Ahearn

Quotes About Energy And The Universe

"For me, surfing is as close a connection I can have with Mother Nature. To surf, youre riding a pulse of energy from Mother Nature. And its strong. Its real. Its there. And youre dancing with that. Youre connecting with that. Youre might be the only person in the history of the universe that connects with that particular pulse of energy." - Author: Xavier Rudd

Quotes About Sunny Disposition

"A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition." - Author: William Arthur Ward