[I Tend To Play More True-to-life Characters In Real Situations.]

Author: Mekhi Phifer Quotes

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Taryn Simon Quotes

"In my work, I construct texts and images. Between those two points the blur occurs. Each is altered by the other again and again, back and forth."

Dona Wording Quotes

"One always has a choice."

Lex Allen Quotes

"One thing I have to give Christians; were it not for Sunday, every day of the week would be a workday."

Emily M Danforth Quotes

"But I couldnt ever make that dream happen. It just came on its own, the way dreams do."

Bil Keane Quotes

"I didnt always spell my name Bil. My parents named me Bill, but when I started drawing cartoons on the wall, they knocked the L out of me."

Vince Clarke Quotes

"Im a lover of songs."

Richard Drew Quotes

"The one image thats been causing a lot of discussion is one image that I shot of a man falling head-first from the building, before the buildings fell down. He was trapped in the fire, and decided to jump and take his own life, rather than being burned."

Leander Paes Quotes

"I know, in India, specially in Bollywood and the sports fraternity, there is a lot of negative media attention on prominent public figures."

Lourd Ernest H De Veyra Quotes

"Show me a filthy public restroom and Ill show you a society where discipline and order have broken down."

Sarah Parish Quotes

"I think insecurity does drive people. I know its what drove me to push for the work Ive got."

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"He pries me from his chest and drops his hand from the back of my head, tracing my ear, along my jawline. He snatches his fingers a moment before they press into my lip." - Author: Rebecca Berto

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"Science is part of culture. Culture isnt only art and music and literature, its also understanding what the world is made of and how it functions. People should know something about stars, matter and chemistry. People often say that they dont like chemistry but we deal with chemistry all the time. People dont know what heat is, they hardly know what water is. Im always surprised how little people know about anything. Im puzzled by it." - Author: Max F. Perutz

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"We find in them an ignorant and barbarous people, who have long united the most sordid avarice with the most detestable superstition and the most invincible hatred for every people by whom they are tolerated and enriched. Still, we ought not to burn them." - Author: Voltaire

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"I think you´re beautiful. And I´m no stranger to fucked-up families."And then he was kissing her again. The addictive pull of his mouth almost had her crawling into his lap. Her hands bunched in his shirt, pulling him closer. [...]Layne always rolled her eyes in health class when they talked about hormones getting out of control. But right now, she could barely remember her name. She totally got how someone could forget something like a silly little condom.Suddenly Gabriel was laughing. "How someone could forget what?"She almost fell off the bench. "I said that out loud?""Yeah." He leaned closer, his breath against her jaw. "Just what were you thinking about?" - Author: Brigid Kemmerer

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"Well, I happen to have a love of vocal reproduction devices." - Author: Billy West

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"...The end is so immense, it is its own poetry. It requires little rhetoric. Just state it plainly." - Author: Philip Roth

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"I cant stop wanting to help, and by help, I really mean guide, and by guide, I really mean protect. That has nothing to do with you and whether you can take care of yourself. Its about me and what I want, which is to make life easier for you, because I know it isnt easy and its only getting harder, and Im scrambling madly to smooth those rough edges before you get hurt." - Author: Kelley Armstrong

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"Of course, I have given my engineers some headaches over the years, but they go with me. I have always wanted my buildings to be as light as possible, to touch the ground gently, to swoop and soar, and to surprise." - Author: Oscar Niemeyer

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"The Beatles did whatever they wanted. They were a collection of influences adapted to songs they wanted to write. George Harrison was instrumental in bringing in Indian music. Paul McCartney was a huge Little Richard fan. John Lennon was into minimalist aggressive rock." - Author: Chris Cornell

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"If Christians around the world were to suddenly renounce their personal agendas, their life goals and their aspirations, and begin responding in radical obedience to everything God showed them. the world would be turned upside down. How do we know? Because thats what first century Christians did, and the world is still talking about it." - Author: Henry T. Blackaby