[I Think E-mail Is Representative Of Our Fast Food Mentality In The United States, Where Everything Has Gotten Faster And Faster, And We're Required To Respond To Inputs More Quickly With Less Time For Thought And Reflection. I Believe That We Need To Slow Down.]

Author: Alan Lightman Quotes

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Noah Wyle Quotes

"Im a guy who never wanted to hold a steady job, because I was worried about the monotony."

Joseph E Morris Quotes

"I love you and its getting worse."

Tehmina Durrani Quotes

"...my mind was consumed with the idea of purdah. From behind it no call for help could be heard. An abandoned species was trapped in a forbidden world. Everything corrupt happened under the shroud, when it was off a faceless and nameless woman appeared."

Xavier Rudd Quotes

"For me, surfing is as close a connection I can have with Mother Nature. To surf, youre riding a pulse of energy from Mother Nature. And its strong. Its real. Its there. And youre dancing with that. Youre connecting with that. Youre might be the only person in the history of the universe that connects with that particular pulse of energy."

Jeffrey Skoll Quotes

"When I was 14, my dad came home one day and told us he had cancer. It was looking pretty bad. And I remember him saying how afraid he was that he hadnt gotten to do the things he wanted to do during his life. He had surgery and survived. And hes still alive today, thank God. But it made a big impact on me."

Q Tip Quotes

"Predating the Internet and predating videos, you had an active imagination. You would hear sounds and then get mental pictures of what these sounds felt like to you. It engaged you and made you more invested in it. It made you want to get tickets to the show, buy the album, put the poster on the wall. Now its sensory overload."

Dana Frank Quotes

"We tell our stories, especially as young people, in part because we want them to be true. We want life to be full of adventure and creativity and daring that might, just might, be real."

Philip Matyszak Quotes

"Provided the gods of Rome are given their due, it doesnt really matter to them whether their worshippers believe in them or not. Having taken part in the official rituals, a citizen is free to worship whatever other deities he pleases. Romes gods are there to be obeyed and respected, not loved, and they no more mind sacrifices to other deities than the taxman minds people paying other dues elsewhere. Dealing with the gods is an exchange of duties and mutual respect. Confessing a deep love for a particular god is superstitio and the person concerned is probably emotionally concerned."

Michela Wrong Quotes

"Spirituality can go hand-in-hand with ruthless single-mindedness when the individual is convinced his cause is just"

Dan Quisenberry Quotes

"I dont mean to diminish the job, its a good job and a real pressure job. But I dont think a relief pitcher should ever be the most valuable player of a league. We only play in maybe half of the games. Being a relief pitcher means part-time employment. Were bench players, and bench players shouldnt be M.V.P."

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Quotes About Unhappy Relationships

"Among these temperamentally unhappy campers are "reactant" personalities, who focus on what they often wrongly perceive as others attempts to control them. In one experiment, some of these touchy individuals were asked to think of two people they knew: a bossy sort who advocated hard work and a mellow type who preached la dolce vita. Then, one of the names was flashed before the subjects too briefly to register in their conscious awareness. Next, the subjects were given a task to perform. Those who had been exposed to the hard-driving name performed markedly worse than those exposed to the easygoing name. Even this weak, subliminal attention to an emotional cue that suggested control was enough to get their reactant backs up and cause them to act to their own disadvantage. All relationships involve give-and-take and cooperation, so a person who habitually attends to ordinary requests or suggestions like a bull to a red flag is in for big trouble in both home and workplace." - Author: Winifred Gallagher

Quotes About Lousie

"Maturity is a needed component of faithful, loving relationships. And if not directed into the healthy channel of permitted adult behaviour, romantic and sexual jealousies can literally tear families and communities apart.A permanent solution like marriage makes this much less a problem and also ensures that when couples have children, those children have a mother and father to care for them." - Author: Linda Harvey

Quotes About Constantine

"The unveiled Algerian woman, who assumed an increasingly important place in revolutionary action, developed her personality, discovered the exalting realm of responsibility. The freedom of the Algerian people from then on became identified with womans liberation, with her entry into history. This woman who, in the avenues of Algier or of Constantine, would carry the grenades or the submachine-gun chargers, this woman who tomorrow would be outraged, violated, tortured, could not put herself back into her former state of mind and relive her behaviour of the past; this woman who was writing the heroic pages of Algerian history was, in so doing, bursting the bounds of the narrow in which she had lived without responsibility, and was at the same time participating in the destruction of colonialism and in the birth of a new woman." - Author: Frantz Fanon

Quotes About Miranda

"I liked it.I liked her.And every time I saw her, she seemed more beautiful. She just seemed to glow. Im not talking like a hundred-watt bulb; she just had this warmth to her. Maybe it came from climbing that tree. Maybe it came from singing to chickens. Maybe it came from whacking at two-by-fours and dreaming about perpetual motion. I dont know. All I know is that compared to her, Shelly and Miranda seemed so...ordinary." - Author: Wendelin Van Draanen

Quotes About Lone Survivor

"Theres a book that I read, really a great book - its called Lone Survivor and I think theyre trying to make it into a movie. I would love to play Marcus Luttrell, who was the author and the lone survivor. Hes a national hero; hes very courageous and heroic in insurmountable danger, so its something Id love to explore." - Author: Jared Padalecki

Quotes About Disguises

"Look at yourself right now. Youre half dead from blood loss, and youre out shopping. These disguises look great, but thats all they are: thin sheets of maybe standing between you and trouble." - Author: Kim Harrison

Quotes About Being Emotional

"I try to play my game and thats being emotional because Im that kind of guy." - Author: Dan Marino

Quotes About Backdrop

"The Meadow... Only one of them succeeded in making a life here... He weathered. Before a backdrop of natural beauty, he lived a life from which everything was taken but a place. He lived so close to the real world it almost let him in." - Author: James Galvin

Quotes About Carrie And Big

"The Times carried detailed descriptions of Saras ivory gown and the five-carat blue diamond on her finger, the Cravens reported opinions of the play, and speculation on whether Derek was truly a "reformed rake." "Theres not a word of truth in any of it," Derek said. "Except the part where they said you were resplendent." "Thank you, kind sir." Sara set down the paper and reached over to toy with one of the large soapy feet propped on the porcelain rim of the tub. She wriggled his big toe playfully. "What about the part that says youre reformed?" "Im not. I still do everything I used to do…except now only with you." "And quite impressively," she replied, her tone demure." - Author: Lisa Kleypas

Quotes About How To Live Life Happy

"Watching the way he treats you made me realize that maybe I had set my sights too low. After chasing someone who didnt give me the time of day… I just see how Vincent anticipates your every desire and tries to make it come true for you. How, when he sees you walk into a room, its like hes transformed into this person who is bigger and better than the one he was just minutes before. I want to be that for someone. I think I deserve it. And Im not going to pine away for a guy who feels that for someone else. So until my own chivalrous knight shows up, Ive decided to live a full life and be happy with my lot." - Author: Amy Plum