[I Think... I Think Sometimes That's How It Is. Sometimes People Have To Go Before You Get Stuff. Before You Can Really Get It.]

Author: Elizabeth Scott Quotes

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PW Creighton Quotes

"Events That Haunt The Mind And Scar It With Nightmares Are Never What They Seem..."

Bahja Abdurahman Quotes

"the smile of little child can give hope and dream"

Morley Quotes

"The word hope for me is always infused with action."

Amy Neftzger Quotes

"Death is only as strong as you believe it to be."

Kathleen Battle Quotes

"I cant imagine life without singing."

Lori Lansens Quotes

"The final picture in the album was of Aunt Lovey and Uncle Stash, their black-and-white wedding photo. I hated that their picture came last, because it felt like they were saying goodbye."

Mahima Martel Quotes

"No one can escape slavery; we are all slaves in some regards. We are slaves to our parents expectations. We are slaves to the pressures of our peers. We are slaves to our own ideologies and faiths."

Dan Poynter Quotes

"Each step you take reveals a new horizon. You have taken the first step today. Now, I challenge you to take another."

Pawan Mehra Quotes

"It really seems magical when someone loves you back equally you love"

Manna Francis Quotes

"I was dreaming about this—except it feels even better than I thought it would. Fucking fantastic. Clean sheets. You"Warrick moved across and kissed him gently, exactly as hed imagined. Soft cotton and warm skin against him, soothing and luxurious. Hand on his back, touching carefully. He had a moment of fear that this was the dream, that soon he would wake up in the cell. Then a noise distracted him: distant firing in the city. He tensed, and Warricks hand stroked a circle over his shoulder-blade. More firing, but it was nothing to do with him. Nothing to worry about, even if he could manage it. Safe, here.He recaptured the tail end of a thought, before it disappeared into sleep. "Just you. ‘S enough."If Warrick said anything in reply, Toreth didnt hear it."

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Quotes About Not Being Able To Date

"Nanny Ogg was an attractive lady, which is not the same as being beautiful. She fascinated Casanunda. She was an incredibly comfortable person to be around, partly because she had a mind so broad it could accommodate three football fields and a bowling alley." - Author: Terry Pratchett

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Quotes About Oral History

"If an epileptic seizure is focused in a particular sweet spot in the temporal lobe, a person won´t have motor seizures, but instead something more subtle. The effect is something like a cognitive seizure, marked by changes of personality, hyperreligiosity (an obsession with religion and feelings of religious certainity), hypergraphia (extensive writing on a subject, usually about religion), the false sense of an external presence, and, often, the hearing voices that are attributed to a god. Some fraction of history´s prophets, martyrs, and leaders appear to have had temporal lobe epilepsy.When the brain activity is kindled in the right spot, people hear voices. If a physician prescribes an anti-epileptic medication, the seizures go away and the voices disappear. Our reality depends on what our biology is up to." - Author: David Eagleman

Quotes About Misappropriation

"Ive been charged with misappropriation of funds or misuse of two types of funds." - Author: Chen Shui bian

Quotes About Nepenthe

"The message, which one fall or another of the coin would eventually give him, was how to get himself out of his chamber and into Nepenthes, so that he could tell her why he had not come to tell her why he had not come." - Author: Patricia A. McKillip

Quotes About Bequest

"All those who are left legacies in my will…will obtain my bequests only on one condition, that they cut my body in pieces and eat it before the eyes of the citizens…You must merely shield your eyes, and imagine that what you have swallowed is not human entrails but ten million sesterces." - Author: Petronius

Quotes About Discontinuity

"Certainly, it may bring to light such a deeper knowledge of the structure of matter as to constitute a veritable discontinuity in the progress of science." - Author: Ernest Lawrence

Quotes About Avow

"But I never did escape from this plot-driven world into a more congenial, subtly probable, innerly propelled narrative of my own devising--didnt make it to the airport,...--and that was because in the taxi I remembered a political cartoon Id seen in the British papers when I was living in London during the Lebanon war, a detestable cartoon of a big-nosed Jew, his hands meekly opened out in front of him and his shoulders raised in a shrug as though to disavow responsibility, standing atop a pyramid of dead Arab bodies. Purportedly a caricature of Menachem Begin, then prime minister of Israel, the drawing was, in fact, a perfectly realistic, unequivocal depiction of a kike as classically represented in the Nazi press. The cartoon was what turned me around. Barely ten minutes out of Jerusalem, I told the driver to take me back to the King David Hotel." - Author: Philip Roth

Quotes About Attended

"I am not a religious man. I have not attended a service for many years. But I do believe in God. My own practice of religion, you could say, it a nonpractice. I personally feel that its just as worthy on a weekend to rake the lawns of an elderly neighbor or to climb a mountain and marvel at the beauty of this land we live in as it is to sing hosannas or go to Mass. In other words, I think every many finds his own church- and not all of them have four walls - Judge Haig (Page 399)" - Author: Jodi Picoult

Quotes About Demands

"Believing that the power to destroy belongs to the Creator alone I affirm... that any theory which, when carried out, demands the annihilation of force, is necessarily erroneous." - Author: James Prescott Joule