[I Think... I Think Sometimes That's How It Is. Sometimes People Have To Go Before You Get Stuff. Before You Can Really Get It.]

Author: Elizabeth Scott Quotes

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Marion Zimmer Bradley Quotes

"...gave so much time and thought to units - the Nation, the Race, Humanity-as-a-Whole - that it laid terrific burdens on humanity as individuals. To benefit the monster of Humanity-as-a-Whole, they even fought wars - which killed off humanity, individually, at a fearful rate."

Gino Norris Quotes

"Raise the bar higher than your opinion..."

Steven Rose Quotes

"If knowledge is not democratized, power can never be."

David Hornsby Quotes

"I think youre always trying to challenge yourself to do new things and not repeat yourself."

Dan Hancox Quotes

"Our aim was not to create profit, but jobs, Sanchez Gordillo explained to me. This philosophy runs directly counter to the late-capitalist emphasis on efficiency - a word which as been elevated to almost holy status in the neoliberal lexicon, but in reality has become a shameful euphemism for the sacrifice of human dignity at the altar of share prices."

August Clearwing Quotes

"When a party in a relationship becomes satisfied with what they have, knowing they can have it whenever they desire, then they take the whole for granted. They fail to desire any more from their partner and the relationship stagnates. Adventure becomes meaningless. Resentment takes the place of excitment. The mystery they fell in love with has been unraveled and holds no more excitment because they is nothing left to discover"

Vannetta Chapman Quotes

"God has a reason for everything, dear one, even our rumschpringe."

Michael Dell Quotes

"If you want to sustain excellence over a long time, youd better come up with a system that works well. Anyone can sprint for a little while, but you cant sprint for forty years."

Keith OBrien Quotes

"Redefining marriage will have huge implications for what is taught in our schools, and for wider society. It will redefine society since the institution of marriage is one of the fundamental building blocks of society. The repercussions of enacting same-sex marriage into law will be immense."

Timothy West Quotes

"I got very cross with the term, kitchen sink. It just meant that you invaded different kinds of houses, where it was very difficult to avoid kitchen sink."

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Quotes About Amaya

"Elena, Raphaelin sözlerinde geleceğini görebiliyordu. "Benim anılarımı almazsın," diye hatırlattı ona. "O aşamaya geldiğimizde bana istediğini yapabilirsin ama anılarımı almaya kalkma.""Ölmeyi mi tercih edersin?""Evet.""Öyle olsun"sf 364" - Author: Nalini Singh

Quotes About Employee Training

"Social-enterprise employees earn wages and pay taxes, reducing their recidivism rates and dependence on government assistance. They also receive crucial on-the-job training, job-readiness skills, literacy instruction and, if necessary, the counseling and mental-health services they need to move into the mainstream workforce." - Author: George R. Roberts

Quotes About Evocative

"Story, as I understood it by reading Faulkner, Hardy, Cather, and Hemingway, was a powerful and clarifying human invention. The language alone, as I discovered it in Gerard Manley Hopkins and Faulkner, was exquisitely beautiful, also weirdly and mysteriously evocative." - Author: Barry Lopez

Quotes About Ending Things On A Good Note

"The Man who works for others, without any selfish motive, really does good to himself." - Author: Ramakrishna

Quotes About Resources And Opportunities

"Pauls face grew serious. I think whenever a people has enormous resources, it is easy for them to call themselves democratic. I think of myself more as a physician than an American. We belong to the nation of those who care for the sick. Americans are lazy democrats, and it is my belief, as someone who shares the same nationality as [a Russian doctor], I think the rich can always call themselves democratic, but the sick people are not among the rich [...] Im very proud to be an American. I have many opportunities because Im American. I can travel freely through the world, I can start projects, but thats called privilege, not democracy." - Author: Tracy Kidder

Quotes About Cattle Industry

"My point is this, the Government made this decision to ban totally beef exports into Indonesia, even to compliant abattoirs and this will have enormous consequences for the beef cattle industry across Australia." - Author: Julie Bishop

Quotes About Boone Nc

"I sat at a table in my shadowy kitchen, staring down a bottle of Boones FarmHard Lemonade, when a magic fluctuation hit. My wards shivered and died, leaving my home stripped of its defenses. The TV flared into life, unnaturally loud in the empty house.I raised my eyebrow at the bottle and bet it that another urgent bulletin was on.The bottle lost."Urgent bulletin!" Margaret Chang announced. "The Attorney General advises all citizens that any attempt at summoning or other activities resulting in the appearance of a supernaturally powerful being can be hazardous to yourself and to other citizens.""No shit," I told the bottle." - Author: Ilona Andrews

Quotes About Priorities

"The poverty of our century is unlike that of any other. It is not, as poverty was before, the result of natural scarcity, but of a set of priorities imposed upon the rest of the world by the rich." - Author: John Berger

Quotes About Freethinkers

"at one time, a freethinker was a man who had been brought up in the conceptions of religion, law and morality, who reached freethought only after conflict and difficulty. But now a new type of born freethinkers has appeared, who grow up without so much as hearing that there used to be laws of morality, or religion, that authorities existed... In the old days, you see, if a man - a Frenchman, for instance- wished to get an education, he would have set to work to study the classics, the theologians, the tragedians, historians and philosophers- and you can realize all the intellectual labour involved. But nowadays he goes straight for the literature of negation, rapidly assimilates the essence of the science of negation, and thinks hes finished." - Author: Leo Tolstoy

Quotes About Amparo

"En la posada del fracaso,donde no hay consuelo ni ascensor,el desamparo y la humedadcomparten colchóny cuando, por la calle,pasa la vida, como un huracán,el hombre del traje grissaca un sucio calendario delbolsillo y grita¿Quién me ha robado el mes de abril?" - Author: Joaquín Sabina