[I Think I'm Smart, And I Know I Was A Good Mom. But There Wasn't A Lot I Could Point To And Say, That's Why I'm Special.]

Author: Charles Duhigg Quotes

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Jason Seiden Quotes

"Chances are if you find yourself caught up in a political foofaraw at work, or in some family squabble at home, its because someone else is succeeding in convincing you that his problem is your problem. The non-self-destructor recognizes this and as soon as possible, gives the sleepless night back to the person to whom it belongs."

Mike The Situation Sorrentino Quotes

"Fashion Fact: Most people make the assumption that I wear trendy shades the majority of the time (often indoors) to protect my eyes from the elements. But in fact its the reverse. Im protecting the elements from the brilliance of my eyes."

Eric F Saucier Quotes

"Life and all that is in it is a gift from the infinite mind / God;And the only way that life can go wrong is by the limited finite mind / Man."

Diane Grifith Quotes

"A shaft of sunlight pierced the dark cluds and she looked up to see a silver lining. It was a sign, she thought."

Stacey T Hunt Quotes

"Never give up. Dare to Dream. Dare to believe."

LaMar Boschman Quotes

"I would rather my heart be without words than my words be without heart."

Nancy Wait Quotes

"Betrayal is sacred when the heart can encompass the whole."

Scott F Gandert Quotes

"Saw your happiness stare, your country hatand your home-cooked cheeks."

Madison Sevier Quotes

"How can a world full of evil, corrupt people also contain such beauty?"

TL McCallan Quotes

"Ive been deflecting Calypsos blushes all day. I dont have the energy to deflect yours," he said through clenched teeth. "So either block or strip." -- The Twelfth House ~ The Elementals Book I"

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Quotes About Hippie

"All hippies around now just represent complete apathy." - Author: Joe Strummer

Quotes About Sheri

"Mr. Buckley, let me explain it this way. And Ill do so very carefully & slowly so that even you will understand it. If I was the sheriff, I would not have arrested him. If I was on the grand jury, I would not have indicted him. If I was the judge, I would not try him. If I was the D.A., I would not prosecute him. If I was on the trial jury, I would vote to give him a key to the city, a plaque to hang on his wall, & I would send him home to his family. And, Mr. Buckley, if my daughter is ever raped, I hope I have the guts to do what he did." - Author: John Grisham

Quotes About Moeder

"Uit hoeveel verdriet is ons leven opgebouwd?Uit hoeveel verdriet dat te vermijden is?Soms denk ik wel eens dat we wanneer we doodgaan niet, zoals je altijd hoort, ons hele leven weer voorbij zien komen, maar slechts een klein deel: de uitgebleven blijken van liefde, de niet-gegeven knuffels, het medeleven dat we een ander hebben onthouden, de te lang volgehouden, nutteloze boosheid, de alleen door zichzelf gevoede boosheid. In de laatste momenten van haar leven had mijn moeder, dat weet ik zeker, mijn vader wel een complete kennel willen schenken. Maar toen was het te laat. Te laat. Pas als we ouder worden realiseren we ons de ernst van sommige dingen die we hebben gezegd, en alles waarin we tekortgeschoten zijn - uit oppervlakkigheid, egoïsme, haast - begint dan op ons hart te drukken. Maar onze tijd is al vervlogen en we kunnen niet meer terug." - Author: Susanna Tamaro

Quotes About Freer

"As you grow in true spiritual power and understanding you will actually find that many outer rules and regulations will become unnecessary; but this will be because you have really risen above them; never, never, because you have fallen below them. This point in your development, where your understanding of Truth enables you to dispense with certain outer props and regulations, is the Spiritual Coming of Age. When you really are no longer spiritually a minor, you will cease to need some of the outer observances that formerly seemed indispensable; but your resulting life will be purer, truer, freer, and less selfish than it was before; and that is the test." - Author: Emmet Fox

Quotes About Avenues

"Consummation Of GriefI even hear the mountainsthe way they laughup and down their blue sidesand down in the waterthe fish cryand the water is their tears.I listen to the wateron nights I drink awayand the sadness becomes so greatI hear it in my clockit becomes knobs upon my dresserit becomes paper on the floorit becomes a shoehorna laundry ticketit becomescigarette smokeclimbing a chapel of dark vines. . .it matters littlevery little love is not so bador very little lifewhat countsis waiting on wallsI was born for thisI was born to hustle roses down the avenues of the dead." - Author: Charles Bukowski

Quotes About Famous Bones

"There are more guys than girls in jazz.Next-to-no lady trumpeters (oh, there are a few)but it doesnt matter because, for me, jazz trumpet is all about one guyMiles Davis.He made this famous album in 1959called Kind of Bluewhich is kind of, always,how I feel.That album gets into your bonesgoes and goesstarts, hesitates, reaches out, feelsfor the music, the sound, the thing you want to change.Always grasping for the unattainable makes youkind of excited,kind of sorry." - Author: Stasia Ward Kehoe

Quotes About Autumn In New York

"On the day of the race, as I run those very streets, will I be able to fully enjoy this autumn in New York? Or will I be too preoccupied? I wont know until I actually start running. If theres one hard and fast rule about marathons, its that." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Willows

"One does not argue about The Wind in the Willows. The young man gives it to the girl with whom he is in love, and, if she does not like it, asks her to return his letters. The older man tries it on his nephew, and alters his will accordingly. The book is a test of character. We cant criticize it, because it is criticizing us. But I must give you one word of warning. When you sit down to it, dont be so ridiculous as to suppose that you are sitting in judgment on my taste, or on the art of Kenneth Grahame. You are merely sitting in judgment on yourself. You may be worthy: I dont know, But it is you who are on trial." - Author: A.A. Milne

Quotes About Self Praise

"According to my principles, every master has his true and certain value. Praise and criticism cannot change any of that. Only the work itself praises and criticizes the master, and therefore I leave to everyone his own value." - Author: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Quotes About Harvest Festival

"Autumn. Its crispness, its anticipation, its melancholia, its cool breezes replacing summers heat. Its long days in the field, a harvest festival when works done, a cheering crowd in a football stadium, chrysanthemums punctuating a somber landscape. Its Halloween highjinx, pumpkins grinning toothy smiles, the crack of pecan pressed against pecan. Its the first curls of woodsmoke, fresh blisters from pushing a rake. Its crisp and fresh and mellow and snug, solemn and melancholy. And its very, very welcome." - Author: Good Housekeeping Magazine