[I Think Most Serious And Omnivorous Readers Are Alike- Intense In Their Dedication To The Word, Quiet-minded, But Relieved And Eagerly Talkative When They Meet Other Readers And Kindred Spirits.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Michael Peshkam Quotes

"What makes you wise is not what you learn, but what you practice. What makes you wealthy is not what you earn, but what you invest. So, invest in what to practice, and practice what to invest."

Barbara W Tuchman Quotes

"Disaster is rarely as pervasive as it seems from recorded accounts. The fact of being on the record makes it appear continuous and ubiquitous whereas it is more likely to have been sporadic both in time and place. Besides, persistence of the normal is usually greater than the effect of the disturbance, as we know from our own times. After absorbing the news of today, one expects to face a world consisting entirely of strikes, crimes, power failures, broken water mains, stalled trains, school shutdowns, muggers, drug addicts, neo-Nazis, and rapists. The fact is that one can come home in the evening--on a lucky day--without having encountered more than one or two of these phenomena. This has led me to formulate Tuchmans Law, as follows: "The fact of being reported multiplies the apparent extent of any deplorable development by five- to tenfold" (or any figure the reader would care to supply)."

Ian T Ker Quotes

"After one of the lectures in Philadelphia, a woman asked Chesterton what made women talk so much, to which he replied, briefly, God, Madam."

Sherryl Woods Quotes

"No, indeed. Im an optimist. Or is it called crazy when a person keeps doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome?"

Vanessa Ferlito Quotes

"The first thing I went out for was The Sopranos and I got it, so thats how it happened. I hate to say it like that because I wait for calls now."

Robert Bloch Quotes

"I like to tell people I have the heart of a small boy, then I tell them its in a jar on my desk"

Justin Guarini Quotes

"There is a fine line between assertiveness and being relaxed."

DE Navarro Quotes

"Some topics seem to be nothing but philosophical circles designed to lure the unsuspecting ant to its death."

Warren Cuccurullo Quotes

"Once you are over 30, 35 years old, I think everyone should get down to the gym and start moving again."

ML Rhodes Quotes

"But what slayed Robert was that for all these years, all his adult life, hed never believed in relationships and commitment. They were highly overrated as far as he was concerned. Some peoples entire lives revolved around love...finding it, keeping it. People had written poetry about it, had sacrificed for it, had even died for it. And hed never been able to understand why. Why would anyone want to invest themselves in such a fickle emotion that sounded too good to be true because it was too good to be true. When the going got tough, even when someone claimed to love and be committed to the people in their lives, they really only honored that commitment when things were good."

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Quotes About Ladyship

"Upon my word," said her ladyship, "you give your opinion very decidedly for so young a person. Pray, what is your age?" - Author: Jane Austen

Quotes About Bad Punctuation

"Part of ones despair, of course, is that the world cares nothing for the little shocks endured by the sensitive stickler. While we look in horror at a badly punctuated sign, the world carries on around us, blind to our plight. We are like the little boy in The Sixth Sense who can see dead people, except that we can see dead punctuation. Whisper it in petrified little-boy tones: dead punctuation is invisible to everyone else -- yet we see it all the time. No one understands us seventh-sense people. They regard us as freaks. When we point out illiterate mistakes we are often aggressively instructed to "get a life" by people who, interestingly, display no evidence of having lives themselves. Naturally we become timid about making our insights known, in such inhospitable conditions. Being burned as a witch is not safely enough off the agenda." - Author: Lynne Truss

Quotes About Why You Should Smile

"So Mr.Bass why do you think you should become an Usher?" asked the interviewer.Chuck smiled.Because Im Chuck Bass." - Author: Cecily von Ziegesar

Quotes About Reeds

"Our government... teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy." - Author: Louis D. Brandeis

Quotes About Short Grit

"Damen bridged the nine chilly inches at the first opportunity. What are you doing? You were the one who warned me about Nicaise. He spoke in a low voice.Laurent went very still; then he deliberately shifted in his seat and leaned in, bringing his lips right to Damens ear. I think Im out of stabbing range, hes got short arms. Or perhaps hell try to throw a sugar plum? That is difficult. If I duck hell hit Torveld.Damen gritted his teeth. You know what I meant. He heard you. Hes going to act. Cant you do something about it?Im occupied.Then let me do something.Bleed on him? said Laurent." - Author: C.S. Pacat

Quotes About I Miss You Dad

"My parents died a long time ago. And you know the sad thing? I still miss them every day. I spent my entire youth fighting with my dad over every little thing and damned if I wouldnt sell my soul to see him one more time and tell him I was sorry for the last words I said to him. Words I can never take back that should have never been said. So call your mom. No matter what kind of relationship you have with your parents, I swear to you, youll miss them when theyre gone. (Kyrian)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Village Life

"This is stupid.""Look. You think how stupid people are most of the time. Old men drink. Women at a village fair. Boys throwing stones at birds. Life. The foolishness and the vanity, the selfishness and the waste. The pettiness, the silliness. You think in war it must be different. Must be better. With death around the corner, men united against hardship, the cunning of the enemy, people must think harder, faster, be...better. Be heroic.Only its just the same. In fact do you know, because of all that pressure, and worry, and fear, its worse. There arent many men who think clearest when the stakes are highest. So people are even stupider in war than the rest of the time. Thinking about how theyll dodge the blame, or grab the glory, or save their skins, rather than about what will actually work. Theres no job that forgives stupidity more than soldiering. No job that encourages it more." - Author: Joe Abercrombie

Quotes About Education Importance

"The reformers define the purpose of education as preparation for global competitiveness, higher education, or the workforce. They view students as "human capital" or "assets." One seldom sees any reference in their literature or public declarations to the importance of developing full persons to assume the responsibilities of citizenship." - Author: Diane Ravitch

Quotes About Confession

"CONFESSION NO. 18 Girls just want to have fun…and live to tell about it the next day." - Author: Ronda Thompson

Quotes About Online Classes

"In marriage we have a duty to God, our spuses, the world, and future generations. But we are sinners. A husband and wife need to acknowledge that when the Bible speaks of fools, it is not just speaking about other people, but about them as well. Even the wisest among us has moments of folly. So God gives us spouses to serve as wise friends by praying with and for us, attending church with us, speaking truth, and providing Scripture along with good books and online classes, lectures, and sermons to nourish fruitfulness in our lives." - Author: Mark Driscoll