[I Think That They Had Afforded Me Many Opportunities To Do Good Work There, And I Think I Did. It Was A Wonderful Four Years. I Really Worked With Some Great People, Terrific Producers, Terrific Editors.]

Author: Connie Chung Quotes

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"Im a Christian but only me and the Lord know that for sure."

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"Without growth, organizations struggle to add talented people. Without talented people, organizations struggle to grow."

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"Some people say home is where you come from. But I think its a place you need to find, like its scattered and you pick pieces of it up along the way."

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"Being a one of a kind means we are automatically the best in the world at what we do."

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"Tada sam shvatio dvije stvari: prvo, da ne moraš znati jezik da bi razumio prijatelja, i drugo, da je Ervin Hladnik Milharčić ozbiljan genij."

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"Pray for peace, hope for love, work towards a better community."

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"Robert Scotellaro is quoted in The Funny Side of Parenthood as saying, "Reasoning with a two-year-old is about as productive as changing seats on the Titanic."

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"What should have died along with communism is the belief that modern societies can be run on a single principle, whether that of planning under the general will or that of free-market allocations."

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"Well, if I hadnt have been an actor I would have gone on to play college sports."

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"Well, what happened is that I had been the subject of vicious attacks by Bill OReilly and Rush Limbaugh."

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"It is hope--with regard to our careers, our love lives, our children, our politicians, and our planet--that is primarily to blame for angering and embittering us. The incompatibility between the grandeur of our aspirations and the mean reality of our condition generates the violent disappointments which rack our days and etch themselves in lines of acrimony across our faces." - Author: Alain de Botton

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"A close, daily intimacy between two people has to be paid for: it requires a great deal of experience of life, logic, and warmth of heart on both sides to enjoy each others good qualities without being irritated by each others shortcomings and blaming each other for them." - Author: Ivan Goncharov

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"For what is the point of having something lovely if you never share it?" - Author: Ally Condie

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"Self criticism must be my guide to action, and the first rule for its employment is that in itself it is not a virtue, only a procedure." - Author: Kingsley Amis

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"Let no man despise the secret hints and notices of danger, which sometimes are given him, when he may think there is no possibility of its being real. That such hints and notices are given us, I believe few that have made any observations of things can deny; that they are certain discoveries of an invisible world, and a converse of spirits, we cannot doubt; and if the tendency of them seems to be to warn us of danger, why should we not suppose they are from some friendly agent, whether supreme, or inferior, or subordinate, is not the question; and that they are given for our good?" - Author: Daniel Defoe

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"My dad is an art director for BBC TV shows, and my mum does screen printing workshops. Both of my parents played instruments, too, and my mum used to have crazy house parties when me and my brother were young - dub and garage would be banging through my house." - Author: King Krule

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"His subtle obsession with uniqueness troubled all his dreams." - Author: Cormac McCarthy

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"I was just thoughts, just air. There was nothingness all around me. Was this what it was like to be dead? When you died, did you still sense everything going on around you, only it was happening so far away that you didnt care about it? You were floating through space and time, and nothing that happened to you mattered because nothing really could happen to you because you didnt exist?" - Author: Melissa Kantor

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"She was quiet for a moment or two. Then she said: Cruel words are a terrible thing, Quash. Sometimes you regret them. But whats been said cannot be unsaid." - Author: Edward Rutherfurd

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