[I Think The Very Simplest Way To Show Superman's Power Is To Have Him Punch Someone That's Powerful.]

Author: Jim Lee Quotes

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Lynn Margulis Quotes

"Life on earth is such a good story you cannot afford to miss the beginning... Beneath our superficial differences we are all of us walking communities of bacteria. The world shimmers, a pointillist landscape made of tiny living beings."

Nathanie Randall Quotes

"Human beings feel an obligation to have a definate opinion on issues they can never truly know. They need to learn to be satisfied with "I dont know"."

Laura A Lord Quotes

"Hes a steamroller in my life and I like to be laid out flat. I like his hands on my chest, pushing me down whenever my back turns to the span of a bridge. His hands on my thighs, forcing me flat, flat, flat. Yes. Yes, I like that."

Tunk Quotes

"I am a religious man! The only thing is, that in my religion, I am the God!"

Agnes Martin Quotes

"To progress in life you must give up the things you do not like. Give up doing the things that you do not like to do. You must find the things that you do like. The things that are acceptable to your mind."

Keith Barry Quotes

"Magic is all about directing attention. If I didnt want you to look at my right hand then I dont look at it."

George Mercer Dawson Quotes

"Selenite occurs in abundance in well formed clear crystals of several inches in length."

Cher Quotes

"Yes, its a mans world, but thats all right because theyre making a total mess of it. Were chipping away at their control, taking the parts we want. Some women think its a difficult task, but its not."

Leonard Orr Quotes

"The more riches you have, the more you can share. So I like to share everything that I have thats of value."

Herbert Butterfield Quotes

"History is not the study of origins; rather it is the analysis of all the mediations by which the past was turned into our present."

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Quotes About Yvette

"Yvette had never talked about her marriage - she was a smart girl, and she knew you had no right to complain about someone you got all the way to the altar with. You made that choice, even if you were a child when you did it, and the marriage vow was sacred." - Author: Maile Meloy

Quotes About Doubt And Uncertainty

"With our limited senses and consciousness, we only glimpse a small portion of reality. Furthermore, everything in the universe is in a state of constant flux. Simple words and thoughts cannot capture this flux or complexity. The only solution for an enlightened person is to let the mind absorb itself in what it experiences, without having to form a judgment on what it all means. The mind must be able to feel doubt and uncertainty for as long as possible. As it remains in this state and probes deeply into the mysteries of the universe, ideas will come that are more dimensional and real than if we had jumped to conclusions and formed judgments early on." - Author: Robert Greene

Quotes About Active Citizenship

"Industrial capitalism brought representative democracy, but with a weak public mandate and inert citizenry. The digital age offers a new democracy based on public deliberation and active citizenship." - Author: Don Tapscott

Quotes About Opportunity And Risk

"The faithful man perceives nothing less than opportunity in difficulties. Flowing through his spine, faith and courage work together: Such a man does not fear losing his life, thus he will risk losing it at times in order to empower it. By this he actually values his life more than the man who fears losing his life. It is much like leaping from a window in order to avoid a fire yet in that most crucial moment knowing that God will appear to catch you." - Author: Criss Jami

Quotes About Autumn Evenings

"Draw your chair up, and hand me my violin, for the only problem which we have still to solve is how to while away these bleak autumnal evenings." - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

Quotes About Rudiments

"When the sappy boughs Attire themselves with blooms, sweet rudiments Of future harvest." - Author: John Philips

Quotes About Stitches And Love

"If only [there] really was a door and [you] could walk through it into another life, where threads didnt snarl and stitches didnt go all tight and tiny. Where people loved you and didnt leave you for someone else." - Author: Karen Hancock

Quotes About Faster

"Instead of things Im good at, it might be faster to list the things I cant do. I cant cook or clean the house. My rooms a mess, and Im always losing things. I love music, but I cant sing a note. Im clumsy and can barely sew a stitch. My sense of direction is the pits, and I cant tell left from right half the time. When I get angry, I tend to break things. Plates and pencils, alarm clocks. Later on I regret it, but at the time I cant help myself. I have no money in the bank. Im bashful for no reason, and I have hardly any friends to speak of." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Santa

"Unwisely, Santa offered a teddy bear to James, unawarehe had been mauled by a grizzly earlier this year." - Author: Tim Burton

Quotes About Ottanta

"I know writers have to be crazy. But more than that that, they have to get made and stay mad. If things dont make a writer mad, hell end up writing Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottantail." - Author: Leon Uris