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Author: Gary Allan Quotes

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Kev Heritage Quotes

"BLUE, THE colour of the sky, of the ocean, of certain stars and planets and the hue of the bluest eyes you have ever seen."

Patricia Goodwin Quotes

"In my dream I drank fully of water, but when I woke, I was thirsty." Ned Low"

James Gandolfini Quotes

"I want nothing to do with privilege."

Newton Gatambia Quotes

"A rat in its stealing behavior may manage to steal gold jewelry and to make a nest with it but that does not in anyway qualify the rat to be a millionaire though its gold pieces be worth that much."

Bam Margera Quotes

"I like geography. I could tell you the capital of any country you want."

Kenzie Kovacs Szabo Quotes

"War was so many things, and not the least of which confusion. What was wrong? What was right, for that matter?Was killing right or wrong? Brave or cowardly? Human nature or unnatural behavior of creatures too smart for their own good?Loyalty, betrayal, hate, love, fear, friendship, teamwork, violence. War was connected to all of these. Hard work, sadness, suffering, discipline, chaos, questions, few answers, strategy, bravery, foolishness, death, life.And both winning and losing were only two small aspects of the word war."

Gyula Illyes Quotes

"There is a folk-tale about a shoemaker and his wife who were so poor that they had to send their many children out into the world to make a living. The lads went through many a perilous adventure but came home in the end, unscathed, to help their mother. They had always remembered their mothers advice and wise words; they often quoted them when they were in trouble, and in fact they recognized one another by them in foreign lands.The countless peoples of the world may be looked upon as so many children sent out into the world. They have gone through many adventures and hardships. They have drifted apart and fallen out with one another, on many occasions. They have failed to realize soon enough that they are brothers.But now it seems that they are beginning to realize this -- at least to the extent that they are able to get acquainted with each others fundamental natures -- through their stories and songs."

Mark Gevisser Quotes

"Even if Zuma was to develop the authoritarian impulses of a Mugabe, he would be checked—not least by his own party, which set a continental precedent by ousting Thabo Mbeki in 2007, after it felt he had outstayed his welcome by seeking a third term as party president. The ANC appears to have set itself against that deathtrap of African democracy: the ruler for life."

Jonathan Hale Quotes

"When the old way of seeing was displaced, a hollowness came into architecture. Our buildings show a constant effort to fill that void, to recapture that sense of life which was once to be found in any house or shed. Yet the sense of place is not to be recovered through any attitude, device, or style, but through the principles of pattern, spirit, and context." - Jonathan Hale, The Old Way of Seeing, 1994"

Harold Acton Quotes

"So often is the virgin sheet of paper more real than what one has to say, and so often one regrets having marred it."

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Quotes About Julius Caesar

"We need a Napoleon. An Alexander. Except that Napoleon lost in the end, and Alexander flamed out and died young. We need a Julius Caesar, except that he made himself a dictator, and died for it." - Author: Orson Scott Card

Quotes About Collective Memory

"As I like to say, the entire collective memory of the species - that means all known and recorded information - is going to be just a few keystrokes away in a matter of years." - Author: Dee Hock

Quotes About Horrible Daughter In Laws

"An occupying power has no right to make significant alterations in the character of the occupied society, to change the laws all around, without a strong security reason and so forth." - Author: Juan Cole

Quotes About Japanese Temples

"I like the relaxed way in which the Japanese approach religion. I think of myself as basically a moral person, but Im definitely not religious, and Im very tired of the preachiness and obsession with other peoples behavior characteristic of many religious people in the United States. As far as I could tell, theres nothing preachy about Buddhism. I was in a lot of temples, and I still dont know what Buddhists believe, except that at one point Kunio said If you do bad things, you will be reborn as an ox.This makes as much sense to me as anything I ever heard from, for example, the Reverend Pat Robertson." - Author: Dave Barry

Quotes About Using Nuclear Weapons

"Iran will now be able to build nuclear weapons very soon with the expressed purpose of using them against Israel." - Author: Tim LaHaye

Quotes About Nasionalisme

"Nasionalis yang sedjati, jang nasionalismenya itu bukan timbul semata-mata suatu copie atau tiruan dari nasionalisme barat akan tetapi timbul dari rasa tjinta akan manusia dan kemanusiaan" - Author: Sukarno

Quotes About Limitlessness

"The human heart needs only the bare elements to survive, the human brain wants to the limitlessness of tolerance. Finding yourself is a matter of pitching your tent in the middle." - Author: Zephyr McIntyre

Quotes About Promised

"America is the promised land, because each generation bequeathed to its children a promise, a promise that they might not come to enjoy but which they fully expected their offspring to fulfill. So the words all men are created equal took a life of its own, ultimately destined to end slavery and enfranchise women. And the words equal protection and due process inevitably led to the end of the words separate but equal, ensuring that the walls of segregation would crumble, whether at the lunch counter or at the voting booth." - Author: Joe Biden

Quotes About Pain And Love

"I would very much like to make Westerns. I love Westerns. Ive worked on many Westerns in my youth, in Spain and here, and I love working on them." - Author: John Landis

Quotes About Derian

"That was the coolest thing ever." Eena smiled at the fact that shed been lucky enough to touch the wings of a real crioness. "That was highly unusual. I cant believe they came right up to us—to you." "They were hungry, Im sure." "Still, crioness are cautious. They always avoid people. To let you touch him like it did….." She grinned with pure satisfaction. "Wild huh? Derians not going to believe me when I tell him." Eena cocked her head when Ian laughed out loud. "What?" she asked, a note of offense in her voice. "Of course Derian will believe you. When does anything ever happen to you that isnt unreal?" Knowing he was right, she shoved him off the log anyway." - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich