[I Took Acting Lessons When I Was 19, 20, And I Had My Writing.]

Author: Michael Ironside Quotes

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Pauline Frederick Quotes

"Because when I have been busy at the United Nations during crises, it has meant working day and night."

Kirsten Vangsness Quotes

"I am always sort of delightedly surprised when someone recognizes me because as far as Im concerned, Im just going to work and getting paid to act, and that alone is fantastic; I forget people watch it, too."

Andres Segovia Quotes

"Among Gods creatures two, the dog and the guitar, have taken all the sizes and all the shapes, in order not to be separated from the man."

Jonathan Friesen Quotes

"We are often reminded how peaceful our world has become, a world without a police force or prison, where crimes and uprisings have nearly disappeared. But weve paid a price. The emotional root of all conflict — fear, anger, love, especially love — is prohibited. The goal of our schooling is to master a life of total self-control. A life without wrinkles, without feeling, without soul."

Scott Caan Quotes

"And at the end of the day, if the movies no good, Ill live to fight another day."

Michael Robotham Quotes

"She is more memory than reality. She belongs to a time of teenage crushes, first kisses, crowded lecture halls and smoky pubs. Even if she had lived, we might have had nothing in common except the past."

Uma Thurman Quotes

"Even, today, when people tell me Im beautiful, I do not believe a word of it."

Megan McCafferty Quotes

"It just makes me wonder what subject you blame for talking to me every night.Im still settling on an answer for that one. Probably Chemistry.Jesus Christ. I cant believe I just wrote that."

Jeff Leake Quotes

"For years, I believed that God had been in motion on rare occasions and during biblical times, but I didnt understand that God never stops working on my behalf."

Monica Madison Quotes

"Work smart, not hard"

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"Thank you, Rukia... Because of you, the rain has stopped falling." - Author: Tite Kubo

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"Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind.Because your lover threw wild hands toward the sky And the affrighted steed ran on alone, Do not weep.War is kind.Hoarse, booming drums of the regiment, Little souls who thirst for fight, These men were born to drill and die.The unexplained glory flies above them, Great is the battle-god, great, and his kingdom -A field where a thousand corpses lie.Do not weep, babe, for war is kind." - Author: Stephen Crane

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"He read the veinings of a leaf, the pattern on a mushroom cap, and divined mysteries, relations, futures, possibilities: the magic of symbols, the foreshadowing of numbers and writing, the reduction of infinitudes and multiplicities to simplicity, to system, to concept. For all these ways of comprehending the world through the mind no doubt lay within him, nameless, unnamed, but not inconceivable, not beyond the bounds of presentiment, still in the germ, but essential to his nature, part of him, growing organically within him. And if we were to go still further back beyond this Rainmaker and his time which to us seems so early and primitive, if we were to go several thousand years further back into the past, wherever we found man we would still find - this is our firm belief - the mind of man, that mind which has no beginning and always has contained everything that it later produces." - Author: Hermann Hesse

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"A kite only flies if its tethered." - Author: Victor Robert Lee

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"It may sound lame, but Ive been journaling since I was in third grade. I love it! It makes me feel calm and happy." - Author: Brittany Snow

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"I am the number one Ninja and I have killed all the Shoguns in front of me." - Author: Shaquille ONeal

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"This was nostalgia in the literal Greek sense: the pain of not being able to return to ones home and family." - Author: John Thorn

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