[I Took Acting Lessons When I Was 19, 20, And I Had My Writing.]

Author: Michael Ironside Quotes

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Roger Ebert Quotes

"Because we are human, because we are bound by gravity and the limitations of our bodies, because we live in a world where the news is often bad and the prospects disturbing, there is a need for another world somewhere, a world where Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers live."

JP Mac Quotes

"No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a homunculus."

Andrea Bocelli Quotes

"All that counts in life is intention."

Walter Payton Quotes

"When youre good at something, youll tell everyone. When youre great at something, theyll tell you."

Marian Anderson Quotes

"A singer starts by having his instrument as a gift from God... When you have been given something in a moment of grace, it is sacrilegious to be greedy."

Russell Delman Quotes

"Gary Sherman has written a truly insightful and helpful book that will positively change the lives of its readers. Although many books have wise teachings, few have accessible, reliable and transformative practices like this one. I highly recommend this book."

Charles Hazlewood Quotes

"For too long, musicians have been the greatest enemy of music. Their lack of desire to proselytize is a kind of betrayal."

Mk Quotes

"Do what you have to do when you have to do it, so that you can do what you want to do when you want to do it."

DonRichie Quotes

"Its APPOINTED to live once, you wanna live twice?....uve been DISSAPPOINTED"

The Counselling Paradigm Quotes

"Do not worry over things you can not control. Theres always a way. Theres always a choice."

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Quotes About Two Years Together

"What else she doesnt know: that the man next to her would end up being her husband and the father of her two children, that after two years together he would leave her, her third and final heartbreak, and she would never love again." - Author: Junot Díaz

Quotes About Bounce

"Whatever anyone does,/ anyone says, in the/ past, now, everything, let/ it bounce off the rock/ of yr gladness (yr mirror)" - Author: Jack Kerouac

Quotes About Peter Jackson

"When we arrived we were met by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, both producers of the film. Lorri and I hadnt seen them in over a month and had missed them a great deal. As soon as I heard those New Zealand accents, the feel of "home" washed over me again. They have been with me every step of the way since my release, helping me. Thinking of them now makes my heart feel like its about to burst with love." - Author: Damien Echols

Quotes About Spinoza

"These werent comforting nights, much less pleasant ones, but Espinoza discovered two things that helped him mightily in the early days: he would never be a fiction writer, and, in his own way, he was brave." - Author: Roberto Bolaño

Quotes About Keeping It Classy Not Trashy

"Before our vacation, the idea of keeping a diary and scribbling my thoughts on paper seemed silly and stuck-up. And besides it was usually something I thought only unhappy girls did." - Author: Henry H. Roth

Quotes About Natural Talent

"One of the best predictors of ultimate success in either sales or non-sales selling isnt natural talent or even industry expertise, but how you explain your failures and rejections." - Author: Daniel H. Pink

Quotes About Manifest

"To find and understand your true power, you must start by looking beyond the push and pull of physical manifestations. You must keep in mind you are of an eternal and infinite magnitude. There are no limits, there is only how you choose to restrict yourself." - Author: Liz Berezny

Quotes About Samsara

"It is the rub that polishes the jewel," Enso Roshi says. "Nobody ever gets to nirvana without going through samsara. Nobody ever gets to heaven, without going through hell. The center of all things, the truth, is surrounded by demons." - Author: T. Scott McLeod

Quotes About Missing Items

"Database Management System [Origin: Data + Latin basus "low, mean, vile, menial, degrading, ounterfeit."] A complex set of interrelational data structures allowing data to be lost in many convenient sequences while retaining a complete record of the logical relations between the missing items. -- From The Devils DP Dictionary" - Author: Stan Kelly Bootle

Quotes About South Central

"I grew up half in South Central and half in the San Fernando valley." - Author: Cheech Marin