[I Took The First James Kelman Novel, 'The Bus Conductor Hines', Home To My Dad. I Thought, 'My Dad Will Like This; It's Written In Scots.' But My Dad Said: 'I Can't Read That.' He Was Reading James Bond And John Le Carre. That Was Part Of What Attracted Me To Crime - The Idea Of Getting A Wide Audience.]

Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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John Didcott Quotes

"The bad parts of the statute are not judicially severable, I consider, from the rest of its provisions that deal with imprisonment. Their roots are entangled too tenaciously in the surrounding soil for a clean extraction to be feasible. The conclusion to which I accordingly come is that we are left with no option but to declare those provisions as a whole to be constitutionally invalid on account of their objectionable overbreadth."

Bob Holden Quotes

"Missouri remains a low tax, efficiently run state, according to all prominent national rankings."

Shaunti Feldhahn Quotes

"Its so tempting to try to do it all, so as not to miss out. But to do all of those good things means youll do none of them well."

Kathleen Winsor Quotes

"The only genius thats worth anything is the genius for hard work."

Kelly Reilly Quotes

"Id prefer to go under the radar and just do the acting without being famous for it."

Tony Curtis Quotes

"I like Vegas for its spontaneity."

Eunice Baumann Nelson PhD PENOBSCOT Quotes

"If a child hasnt been given spiritual values within the family setting, they have no familiarity with the values that are necessary for the just and peaceful functioning in society."

John Green The Fault In Our Stars Quotes

"Maybe okay will be our always.""Okay.""Okay."

Jakaya Kikwete Quotes

"If people want to get into leadership through corrupt practices, through corrupt means, I think thats detestable; we have to take action."

Tony Collins Quotes

"Between the pages of a book is a divine place to be."

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"Fish in another mans pond and you will catch crabs." - Author: Habeeb Akande

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"The three theater peeps I would love to dine with are Mel Brooks, because he is so funny; Stephen Sondheim, because he is a god-like genius; and Ethel Merman, to compare notes on fabulous belting." - Author: Nancy Allen

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"If I was drunk, I wouldnt be here at all. And really, this is pretty good for four White Russians.""White what?" I almost sat down but was afraid the chair might dematerialize beneath me."Its a drink," he said. "Youd think I wouldnt be into something named that—you know, considering my own personal experience with Russians. But theyre surprisingly delicious. The drinks, not real Russians." - Author: Richelle Mead

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"Im horrible at quoting movies! Even my very favorites are not easily recalled or programmed to memory. When people start movie quoting around me, Im that person who just smiles and then looks up the reference later." - Author: Ashley Rickards

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"Those who rise to greatness, have endured enormous struggles in their lifetime. It is through their challenges that they forge their will to survive and to keep rising to the top no matter what adversity is thrown against them." - Author: Timothy Pina

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"These golf people seem unnaturally obsessed. They dress kind of funny too, and its become a running joke for Gretchen and I to e-mail the most ridiculous golfing pictures back and forth to each other. Sometimes she adds hysterical captions. She never puts them on PitchBitch, though. We cant threaten the gravy train." - Author: Shawn Klomparens

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"I forgot to mention," Father Christopher said, smiling seraphically at Sir Martin, "that I am also a priest. So let me offer you a blessing." He pulled out a golden crucifix that had been hidden beneath his shirt and held it toward Lord Slaytons men. "May the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ," he said, "comfort and sustain you while you take your farting mouths and your turd-reeking presence out of our sight." He waved a sketchy cross toward the horsemen. "And thus farewell." - Author: Bernard Cornwell

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"I could meet dreadful people and end up seeing the world through their eyes, seeing their frailties, their needs." - Author: V. S. Naipaul

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"Dont judge me. Ethics and morality no longer exist in our world. Its a luxury of the past, afforded only to those who had a future." - Author: T.M. Williams