[I Try Never To Focus On The Radio, Just Find Great Songs, Find Emotion And Just Write The Best Songs You Can. I Think When You Get Fixated On Trying To Do Something Too Accurate, It Becomes More Washed Out And Less What You Intended It To Be. So I Think Each Time The Challenge For Me Is To Try And Reinvent A Little Bit.]

Author: Gary Allan Quotes

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Jacquelynn Gagne Quotes

"Death doesnt always want your eternal sleep. Sometimes Death just wants your eternity."

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"the odds are good, but the goods are odd"

Treat Williams Quotes

"But I like to be thought of as a good father and a good husband."

Joel Barlow Quotes

"It is because the people are citizens that they are with safety armed."

T Berry Brazelton Quotes

"Grandparents who want to be truly helpful will do well to keep their mouths shut and their opinions to themselves until these are requested."

Christopher Meloni Quotes

"Id have to say Balis my favorite place that Ive visited."

Jonathan Kieran Quotes

"Im a kindhearted but highly competitive pragmatist. When I seek to win something, I always make certain its never at the expense of anything more serious than the inadequate efforts of others."

Cheryl Cory Quotes

"They [high school students] all seemed quite excited to be there [a formal dance], like they were finally getting a glimpse of this magical new world they assumed was adulthood. As if adults regularly got together at large dances, all dressed up in fancy new clothes."

William Horwood Quotes

"It is said that to this day that educational establishment still bears the scars of their activities."

Luis Sepulveda Quotes

"Un amico si prende sempre cura della libertà dellaltro."

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"Birth control was frowned upon by the people in Envy and elsewhere. After so much of the human race had been destroyed, it was thought that attention should be given to repopulating the earth. Well, that was fine, Fence thought, but he wasnt just going to play Johnny fucking Appleseed planting babies with his junk." - Author: Joss Ware

Quotes About Ross Dinosaurs

"Niels remembered all too well the telex machine that had received updates and warnings from Interpols headquarters in Lyon. The telex machine had run nonstop. The monotonous sound of the mechanical printer reminded them that the world was a fucked-up place. If anyone wanted a brief, concentrated look into the worlds misery, all he had to do was spend 20 minutes in front of the humming machine: serial killers, drug smuggling, women kidnapped for prostitution, cross-border traffic with stolen children, illegal immigration, enriched uranium.... You could get a headache simply from standing in front of the fax machine. It made you want to scream and run away; to jump into the sea and wish that life had never crawled up out of the water, that the dinosaurs still dominated the earth." - Author: A.J. Kazinski

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"Its about time we all faced up to the truth. If we accept the radical homosexual agenda, be it in the military or in marriage or in other areas of our lives, we are utterly destroying the concept of family." - Author: Alan Keyes

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"But it was pointless, it was stupid; he thought about thoughtless things. If I were a seabird . . . but how could you be a seabird? If you were a seabird your brain would be tiny and stupid and you would love half-rotted fish guts and tweaking the eyes out of little grazing animals; you would know no poetry and you could never appreciate flying as fully as the human on the ground yearning to be you.If you wanted to be a seabird you deserved to be one." - Author: Iain M. Banks

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"Empathy and social skills are social intelligence, the interpersonal part of emotional intelligence. Thats why they look alike." - Author: Daniel Goleman

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"Traditional Botswana men like ladies who are more traditionally shaped. You and I, Mma. We remind men of how things used to be in Botswana before these modern-shaped ladies started to get men all confused." - Author: Alexander McCall Smith

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"When you love poor people THAT MUCH, when you love working people THAT MUCH, that makes you the freest man/woman in the country."- Cornel West in explaining that Obama is A fulfillment of MLKs dream not THE fulfillment of MLKs dream" - Author: Cornel West

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"And so it was that Gwaihir saw them with his keen far-seeing eyes, as down the wild wind he came, and daring the great peril of the skies he circled in the air: two small dark figures, forlorn, hand in hand upon a little hill, while the world shook under them, and gasped, and rivers of fire drew near. And even as he espied tham and came swooping down, he saw them fall, worn out, or choked with fumes and heat, or stricken down by despair at last, hiding their eyes from death.Side by side they lay; and down swept Gwaihir, and down came Landroval and Meneldor the swift; and in a dream, not knowing what fate had befallen them, the wanderers were lifted up and borne far away out of the darkness and the fire." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

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"The planet Mars, I scarcely need remind the reader, revolves about the sun at a mean distance of 140,000,000 miles, and the light and heat it receives from the sun is barely half of that received by this world. It must be, if the nebular hypothesis has any truth, older than our world; and long before this earth ceased to be molten, life upon its surface must have begun its course. The fact that it is scarcely one seventh of the volume of the earth must have accelerated its cooling to the temperature at which life could begin. It has air and water and all that is necessary for the support of animated existence." - Author: H.G. Wells

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"I remember one time I heard this English professor asking the class what the worlds scariest noise is. Is it a man crying out in pain? A womans scream of terror? A gunshot? A baby crying? And the professor shakes his head and says, No, the scariest noise is, youre all alone in your dark house, you know youre all alone, you know that there is no chance anyone else is home or within miles—and then, suddenly, from upstairs, you hear the toilet flush." - Author: Harlan Coben