[I Use The Words You Taught Me. If They Don't Mean Anything Any More, Teach Me Others. Or Let Me Be Silent.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Saker Sunna Quotes

"To the one I always believed in.I always thought true friends are never apart,I always thought that you will always be my bestfriend. But, you changed…I never lied to you, I never meant to hurt you even when you meant to hurt me, you always had a special place in my heart.those nights we spent talking, those hours we laughed at, I thought that you were a gift sent by god to me.when I asked you, what am I to you ?? you always answer with a short amazing beautiful answer, you always put a smile on my face even when I wanna cry.what changed, why am I not the same person you used to think of ? why arent you the same person I used to love and care for ? what happened to us ?is it just me with my head ? or its truly you ?are we heading down ? could this be the end ?I hope not… you used to move like an angle around me, now youre just a girl walking… I used to smile when I hear your name, now I know its nothing but troubles... I used to love you, now its even rough to think about."

Henry H Roth Quotes

"Once upon a time, out of nowhere a car appeared and headed straight for Mal Bennett. Long time, no see, the engine roared, and the clanging muffler agreed. The car embraced Mal, really soul-kissed him, then said Farewell, tossing him back onto his beloved, sacred lawn."

Ratnammunshi Quotes

"you are living with the person-talking, sharing , also love and care for each other trust build there by itself. if one is absent from these activities ,then doubt comes in relationship ."

Kim Sowol Quotes

"When you leave,weary of me,without a word I shall gently let you go."

Bill Gross Quotes

"Obama/Romney, Romney/Obama - the most important election of our lifetime? Fact is theyre all the same - bought and paid for with the same money. Ours is a country of the SuperPAC, by the SuperPAC, and for the SuperPAC."

Gordon Banks Quotes

"That save from Peles header was the best I ever made. I didnt have any idea how famous it would become - to start with, I didnt even realise Id made it at all."

Mary Baker Eddy Quotes

"There should be painless progression, attended by life and peace....Mortals will some day assert their freedom in the name of Almighty God....Dropping their present beliefs, they will recognize harmony and as the spiritual reality and discord as the material unreality. Chapter VII pp. 224 and 228 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"

Millie Huang Quotes

"By chance we met, by choice we become friend"

Nancy Greene Quotes

"I am thrilled yet overwhelmed. There are so many great women athletes, some incredible performances."

AandE Kirk Quotes

"Stop her!" Matthias bellowed as he thundered downstairs.Blakes mouth twisted sideways, hand tightened on the knob. What little breath Id regained, caught. Heart sputtered to a standstill. Then he swung the door open with a sweep of his arm."After you, milday."My legs didnt hesitate. I vaulted off the porch and hit the driveway running."What the bloody hell did you do that for?!""Im her knight in shining armor. Seriously, dude, your chivalry needs some work. Ow!"

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Quotes About Competition In Love

"Ploutons eyes narrowed coldly, and he grinned because he counted the result of this conversation as a tremendous and absolute victory over his older brother. Abbadon never saw his younger brother as competition or even as an enemy, but Plouton hated his brother from the bottom of his heart. He was controlled and possessed by his own negative thoughts, that his father, King Apollyon, loved and trusted Abbadon more and that he disliked and rejected him. Plouton was jealous… very jealous.He raised his eyebrows and opened his silvery eyes as wide as they could go. Diabolic sparkles appeared in his eyes. He grinned again when he thought about the Titans, the cave, the iron chains, the vultures, and the unforgiving ocean at the Rock of Mukane. (Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir)" - Author: Gloria Tesch

Quotes About Knocking Me Down

"When I shoot, the ball bounces hard against the backboard, and flies wildly through the air, knocking the coach in the head. I slap a hand over my mouth. The coach barely catches herself from falling. Several students laugh. She glares at me and readjusts her cap. With a small wave of apology, I head back to the end of the line. Wills there fighting laughter. "Nice," he says. "Glad Im downcourt of you." I cross my arms and resist smiling, resist letting myself feel good around him. But he makes it hard. I want to smile. I want to like him, to be around him, to know him. "Happy to amuse you." - Author: Sophie Jordan

Quotes About Jackets

"Why do firemen wear jackets? I wouldnt think theyd get cold running around in burning buildings." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Cheesy Guys

"Its like what those cheesy action-movie heros always say before they finish taking out the bad guys: I started this, and Im going to finish it. Except even in the movie of my own life, Ive never been the heroine. Ive never been Action Girl. Ive only ever been Kristens supporting character." - Author: Hannah Harrington

Quotes About Efforts In Love

"Levin had often noticed in arguments between even the most intelligent people that after enormous efforts, an enormous number of logical subtleties and words, the arguers would finally come to the awareness that what they had spent so long struggling to prove to each other had been known to them long, long before, from the beginning of the argument, but that they loved different things and therefore did not want to name what they loved, so as not to be challenged. He had often felt that sometimes during an argument you would understand what your opponent loves, and suddenly come to love the same thing yourself, and agree all at once, and then all reasonings would fall away as superfluous; and sometimes it was the other way round: you would finally say what you yourself love, for the sake of which you are inventing your reasonings, and if you happened to say it well and sincerely, the opponent would suddenly agree and stop arguing. That was the very thing he wanted to say." - Author: Leo Tolstoy

Quotes About Your Mummy

"Get your hands off me, sister! Youve been touching that mummy! Go hang out with your dead mummified wife!" he took a couple of steps away from me as I chased after him step by step. "Mummy lover!" - Author: Khalia Hades

Quotes About Getting To Know Me Before You Judge Me

"You inspire me to want to forget all the shit from my fucked up life. I dont want to stand still anymore. I mean, I am not sure how to move forward exactly, but Im willing to try. With you." - Author: Annie Brewer

Quotes About Loathing

"It no longer matters who the father of the inevitable child may be, since theres no more property to inherit, no father-son loyalty required for war. Sex is no longer a mysterious rite, viewed with ambivalence or downright loathing, conducted in the dark and inspiring suicides and murders. Now its more like an athletic demonstration, a free-spirited romp. Maybe Crake was right, thinks Snowman. Under the old dispensation, sexual competition had been relentless and cruel: for every pair of happy lovers there was a dejected onlooker, the one excluded. Love was its own transparent bubble-dome: you could see the two inside it, but you couldnt get in there yourself." - Author: Margaret Atwood

Quotes About Precious Things

"Even if they try to kill you, you develop the inner conviction that thereare some things so precious, some things so eternally true that they areworth dying for. And if a person has not found something to die for, thatperson isnt fit to live!" - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.

Quotes About Sudden Death

"If a cricketer, for instance, suddenly decided to go into a school and batter a lot of people to death with a cricket bat, which he could do very easily, I mean, are you going to ban cricket bats?" - Author: H.R.H. Prince Philip