[I Used To Come Home At Night Full Of Inspiration, And Sit Up With A Bottle Of Scotch. As I Wrote, The Words Seemed Wonderful, Just Too Wonderful To Be Coming From Me. Next Morning I Always Found They Were Terrible And I Could Never Use Anything I Wrote.]

Author: Gypsy Rose Lee Quotes

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Chuck Grassley Quotes

"You ought to serve on the platform you run on."

John Heath Stubbs Quotes

"I dont write like this in order to show how clever and well read I am--though I am rather clever and well read as a matter of fact."

Sartre Jean Paul Quotes

"Tal vez sea imposible comprender el propio rostro. ¿O acaso es porque soy un hombre solo? Los que viven en sociedad han aprendido a mirarse en los espejos, tal como los ven sus amigos. Yo no tengo amigos; ¿por eso es mi carne tan desnuda? Sí, es como la naturaleza sin los hombres."

Giuseppe Verdi Quotes

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy"

Otfried Preuler Quotes

"Ich habe die Überzeugung gewonnen, dass Kinder das beste und klügste Publikum sind, das man sich als Geschichtenerzähler nur wünschen kann. Kinder sind strenge, unbestechliche Kritiker."[As quoted on Preußlers official website.]"

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"Make it your habit not to be critical about small things."

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"When I wake up in a bad mood, I try not to stay in one. Learn to make the best of what you have."

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"She was tempted to take the elevator instead of the stairs just this once. But that was how it started. Take the elevator tonight because she was tired and her feet hurt from having been trapped in three-inch stilettos all day, and then tomorrow shed want to take it because she was running late. Then, the next thing she knew shed be taking elevators all over the place because she got winded climbing stairs."

Kelley Eskridge Quotes

"Unbelievable," I said when it was done. And Brilliant and Audio crack and That one will be everyones breakup song, and so on, because great is never good enough for the artists; they always want to know exactly what you mean and which nanosecond of the song you mean it about."

Mar Mai Quotes

"Ah, I do so love this charmingly rustic, elvin kingdom!-Baozhai"

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"When someone that you love dies..its like fireworks suddenly burning out in the sky and everything going black." - Author: Muriel Barbery

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"When I was a teen, I liked to hang out around popular girls, I thought they had some magic, secrets that only they knew and I wanted to learn it... Though pretty soon I realized... popular girls were just like spam... they promised a lot, but only thing they had and could use were their well-built bodies and ability to apply make-up here and there. Mostly they were deceptive and had no senses... they had no idea about friendship, kindness and beauty as it is. Friendship for them was not something more than poor relations, sort of like in "God Father". Love for them was not something bigger than sex. Kindness for them was to have a kitty or a dog (which was already very rare case)... And beauty for them was... well, you can imagine. Gentrified selfishness." - Author: Galina Nelson

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"If beauty is pain — let me get lost in it. If youre my salvation — I want to earn it. If love is all I have to give — then let me give it. You. Its all for you." Gabes eyes opened and locked in on mine. "How can I prove that what I feel is real? You ask for truth I give you lies. You ask for joy I make you cry. But I dont want to lose you. Not like this. Not when Ive left your heart in such a mess. Give me one chance — Im letting go of the past — but I need you here to know." "If beauty is pain — let me get lost in it. If youre my salvation — I want to earn it. If love is all I have to give — then let me give it. You, its all for you." He paused, hitting the last few notes, and the song ended. Gabes smile lit up the room. But I was frozen in place. Me. Hed sung that to me." - Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Quotes About Rain Puddles

"Quietly, continually, the rain fell and the inconsolable wind that died then was forever resurrected ruffled the still surfaces of puddles so lightly it failed to disturb the delicate dead skin that had covered them during the night so that instead of recovering the previous days tired glitter they increasingly and remorselessly absorbed the light that swam slowly out of the east." - Author: László Krasznahorkai

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"Life was about to take her away from here. Fro the place where shed become herself. This sold little village that never changed but helped its inhabitants to change. Shes arrived straight from art college full of avant-garde ideas, wearing shades of gray and seeing the world in black and white. So sure of herself. But here, in the middle of nowhere, shed discovered color. And nuance. Shed learned this from the villagers, whod been generous enough to lend her their souls to paint. Not as perfect human beings, but as flawed, struggling men and women. Filled with fear and uncertainty and, in at least one case, martinis." - Author: Louise Penny

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"I was a fat girl growing up and had to change schools because kids were so mean." - Author: Sara Bareilles

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"I found it mildly depressing that the height of color in Washokey came from the seasonal produce shipped from other states." - Author: Kirsten Hubbard