[I Want To Know The Age. The Sex. Most Of All, The Fingerprints. I'd Like To Identify Who It Is. After He Had Agreed, And I Had Left The Office, Walking To Calm Myself, I Thought: And Who Am I? Please Tell Me Who I Am And What I'm Doing.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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John Fitch Quotes

"The day will come when some more powerful man will get fame and riches from my invention, but nobody will believe that poor John Fitch can do anything worthy of attention."

Robert Conrad Quotes

"Im satisfied its very black, meaning in the black."

DT Niles Quotes

"Hurry means that we gather impressions but have no experiences, that we collect acquaintances but make no friends, that we attend meetings but experience no encounter. We must recover eternity if we are to find time, and eternity is what Jesus came to restore. For without it, there can be no charity."

Susie Clevenger Quotes

"If there is passion, let me feel its heat.I want my heart to beat fast,my breath raspy, my skin to burn."

Fyodor Sologub Quotes

"I wanted to burn her, the wicked witch."

Elizabeth Sharp Quotes

"Well, more or less, you just got struck by lightning.""Wait, what?" My brain stopped processing for a prolonged moment unable to wrap around that one. How the hell had that happened? "So basically I was filled with 1.21 jiggawatts?Can I travel through time now?"

John Bruton Quotes

"It is not viable for one country to demand a right to increase and upgrade its nuclear weapons capabilities while asking others to eliminate theirs."

Sergei Lukyanenko Quotes

"Because love stands above Darkness and Light.Because love is not sex or a shared faith, or "the joint maintenance of a household and the upbringing of children."Because love is also Power.And Light and Darkness, people and Others, morality and law, the Ten Commandments and the Great Treaty have damn all to do with it."

Jeanine Henning Quotes

"Sometimes, reality is the illusion, and the truth only visible where our eyes cant see."- Lady Lalaigne"

Elisha Cuthbert Quotes

"Ive always been against trying to make a movie like another movie. Thats lame. Its already been done, so why do it again?"

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Quotes About Who We Are In Christ

"Satan intends to deceive us by getting us to take our eyes off of who we are in Christ and focus on our flaws—and then spend our days figuring out how we can hide them." - Author: Renee Swope

Quotes About Swordsmanship

"The way the Rider flourished his sword afterward- spinning it in a quick circle by his side- suddenly seemed familiar to Eragon, as did all his preceding swordsmanship. He stared with growing horror at his enemys hand-and-a-half sword, then back up at the eye slits of his mirrored helm, and shouted, "I know you! He threw himself at the Rider, trapping both swords between their bodies, hooked his fingers underneath the helm, and ripped it off. And there in the center of the plateau, on the edge of the Burning Plains of Allagaesia, stood Murtagh." - Author: Christopher Paolini

Quotes About Unsafe Driving

"No, youre not getting exhausted yet, Garraty." [Stebbins] jerked a thumb at Olsons silhouette. "Thats exhausted. Hes almost through now."Garraty watched Olson, fascinated, almost expecting him to drop at Stebbinss word. "What are you driving at?""Ask your cracker friend, Art Baker. A mule doesnt like to plow. But he likes carrots. So you hang a carrot in front of his eyes. A mule without a carrot gets exhausted. A mule with a carrot spends a long time being tired. You get it?""No."Stebbins smiled again. "You will. Watch Olson. He lost his appetite for the carrot. He doesnt quite know it yet, but he has. Watch Olson, Garraty. You can learn from Olson."Garraty looked at Stebbins closely, not sure how seriously to take him. Stebbins laughed aloud. His laugh was rich and full-a startling sound that made other Walkers turn their heads. "Go on. Go talk to him, Garraty. And if he wont talk, just get up close and have a good look. Its never too late to learn." - Author: Stephen King

Quotes About Rabia

"I lived in Saudi Arabia in the late 1970s. It was, for a Westerner, pretty idyllic. There were the religious police; there were the rules; there were the prayer times. But it was as if we were existing in two separate universes. The Westerners were just allowed to get on with their way of life." - Author: Robert Lacey

Quotes About Salander

"Dont ever fight with Lisbeth Salander. Her attitude towards the rest of the world is that if someone threatens her with a gun, shell get a bigger gun." - Author: Stieg Larsson

Quotes About Missed Phone Calls

"Id thought about this for a long time. "That bank loses that much money in bad loans every month. They make that much money in interest every day. Theyre a big bank. The money I took was small change to them. No depositor was hurt."She shook her head. "I still cant approve of it. I dont think its right."I felt my face go remote, still. I crossed my arms and felt cold.She spread her hands. "It doesnt change the fact that I still love you. Ive missed you terribly. Ive missed your phone calls, and Ive missed your body in bed next to me. I dont know what to do about this. My loving you goes way beyond my disapproval of your theft."I uncrossed my arms and reached across the table for her. She leaned forward and we kissed until the candle burned a hole in my shirt. Then we laughed and I held an ice cube to the burn and the food came and everything was all right." - Author: Steven Gould

Quotes About Brayden

"I was astonished to see Adrian watching me, a look of contentment on his face. His eyes seemed to study my every feature. Seeing me notice him, he immediately looked away. His usual smirky expression replaced by a dreamy one. "The mechanic will wait," he said. "Yeah, but Im supposed to meet Brayden soon, Ill be-" Thats when I got a good look at Adrian. "What have you done? Look at you! You shouldnt be out here." "Its not that bad." He was lying, and we both knew it."Come on, we have to get you out of here before you get worse. What were you thinking?" His expression was astonishingly nonchalant for someone who looked like he would pass out. "It was worth it. You looked…happy" - Author: Richelle Mead

Quotes About Trendy

"Were all whirling merrily through the void on a dying planet, and gay people are just doing their usual number, being shamelessly trendy as always. Right out in front on the cutting edge of death." - Author: Lawrence Block

Quotes About Bad Pastors

"And we spend the rest of the evening getting very pissed and eating ice cream, as we always do when something good or bad happens to either one of us." - Author: Sophie Kinsella

Quotes About Co Ops

"Without warning, Packard reaches out--I think hes going to touch my cheek, but he slides his hand around the nape of my neck and pulls me to him, kissing me warm and strong, lips soft, breath like coffee. The kiss takes me by surprise. My whole body wants to follow deeper into him, but he pulls away, and were looking into each others eyes, and the moment stops. And everything seems to fall out beneath me."Good luck," he whispers."Packard--"He opens the door. "Its okay."I stare at the open door. It feels like a closed door. And I leave." - Author: Carolyn Crane