[I Was Near Sighted. I Was Born Myopic, And I Got Glasses, Right After That.]

Author: Kitty Carlisle Quotes

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Charles F Glassman Quotes

"Staring at the light of another blinds the view of our own."

John Bercow Quotes

"One consistent thing in an otherwise inconsistent career is that Ive always been passionate about parliament."

Arlaina Tibensky Quotes

"Reading makes me feel like Ive lived a thousand lives in addition to my own."

Louise Gluck Quotes

"Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer."

AM Homes Quotes

"Im nothing you can catch now. I am black powder, I am singe, I am the bomb that bursts the night."

Penelope Williamson Quotes

"Shay," she said. "Shay McKenna," as if trying out his name, saying it for the first time. "Did you ever love me, even a little?"Love you?" He turned his head and brushed his lips across her fingers. "Im loving you now, mo chridh. After Im dead, a thousand years from now, whatevers left of me, be it a soul or just a handful of dust, that will be loving you."

Bette Midler Quotes

"I sometimes think I should go back to school to learn French and music, but who would have me?"

Patrick Roy Quotes

"A big part of my decision is not made about whether Im able to coach in the NHL or if Im ready to step up and take that challenge. Basically, its about my family, its about my children, and this is where my decision is going to have to be made."

Whitley Strieber Quotes

"Ive got lots of books sitting here that have never been published because nobody could make any marketing sense of them."

Irving Singer Quotes

"In living this way, we discover new opportunities for comfort and enjoyment. Where the younger person may have tossed and turned throughout a sleepless night, the older man or woman can possibly feel the pleasure that comes from lying on a good mattress, resting ones weary bones and overcharged intellect, whether or not one sleeps throughout the hours of darkness."

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Quotes About Mommy To Be

"My mothers outh drops. Emmy...dont say those things Emmy. Remember, we dont talk about those things.Yes Mom. I remember. Thats why Im here, looking like this.An orderly knocks on the door and announces that visiting time is over.My mother and I look at each other awkwardly, and hug.I love you, she says.I love you too, Mom.You arent telling them too much are you? she asks, afraid.I sign. No Mommy, Im not.Shes visibly relieved. She leaves the room.The orderley comes back and escorts me back into the main room.I just sit and laugh to myself." (after Emmys suicide attempt) ~ The Finer Points of Becoming Machine" - Author: Emily Andrews

Quotes About Citat

"In two weeks, despite these notes, I shall no longer believe in what I am experiencing now. One must leave behind a trace of this journey which memory forgets. One must, when this is impossible, write or draw without responding to the romantic solicitations of pain, without enjoying suffering like music, tieing a pen to ones foot if need be, helping the doctors who can learn nothing from laziness." - Author: Jean Cocteau

Quotes About Love Cute Funny

"Just like an angel, the lovely one and the cuteAll the beauty together in your funny sulky looks Innocent, like the kids, like the pigeons in my garden Magnetic attraction, awesome, amazing and the super astuteImmortal charming, like the moon and the starsElegant, stylish, you must be very tasty, fruit" - Author: M.F. Moonzajer

Quotes About Upper Class

"For supper Jill cooks a filet of sole, lemony, light, simmered in sunshine, skin flaky brown; Nelson gets a hamburger with wheatgerm sprinkled on it to remind him of a Nutburger. Wheatgerm, zucchini, water chestnuts, celery salt, Familia: these are some of the exotic items Jills shopping brings into the house. Her cooking tastes to him of things he never had: candlelight, saltwater, health fads, wealth, class." - Author: John Updike

Quotes About Terrorism Prevention

"The FBI. is a massive culture. Its been a culture that served America well, and its been focused on prosecution. But what we need in terms of terrorism is prevention." - Author: John Ashcroft

Quotes About Sappy Life

"Remember him, April. Even when you cant picture his face anymore, you owe each other prayers. And Im not talking about sappy, sentimental stuff. Or fantasy, either. You pray for the hardest moments in his life, years down the line, when hes in a foxhole, or his child is sick, or he finds he has cancer. No one escapes calamity, but a kiss like that can last you your whole life. She looks up at April. Im not saying that you think about it all the time. It just leaves you different than it found you." - Author: Tess Callahan

Quotes About Cote

"Thus the dream house must possess every virtue. How­ ever spacious, it must also be a cottage, a dove-cote, a nest, a chrysalis. Intimacy needs the heart of a nest. Erasmus, his biographer tells us, was long "in finding a nook in his fine house in which he could put his little body with safety. He ended by confining himself to one room until he could breathe the parched air that was necessary to him." - Author: Gaston Bachelard

Quotes About Talking Too Much

"Every time I flicked channels, there I was, talking. I was talking too much and writing too little. So Naomi and I went to Hawaii. The phone was cut off and we lost touch. This gave me the chance to have a good think about my life." - Author: Joe Eszterhas

Quotes About Insane Courage

"Accepting that life is insane, that bad things happen to good people and that you can find the courage to be grateful for the good in every situation and still move forward is hard (even terrifying), but heroic." - Author: Richie Norton

Quotes About Ripple

"To experience thinking outside the brain is to enter a world of instantaneous connections that make ordinary thinking (i.e those aspects limited by the physical brain and the speed of light_ seem like some hopelessly sleepy and plodding event. Our truest, deepest self is completely free. It is not crippled or compromised by past actions or concerned with identity or status. It comprehends that it has no need to fear the earthly world, and therefore, it has no need to build itself up through fame or wealth or conquest." - Author: Eben Alexander