[I Was Out Of Sorts. They Are Deep, My Sorts, A Deep Ditch, And I Am Not Often Out Of Them.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Helen Zenna Smith Quotes

"Her soul died that night under a radiant silver moon in the spring of 1918 on the side of a blood-spattered trench. Around her lay the mangled dead and the dying. Her body was untouched, her heart beat calmly, the blood coursed as ever through her veins. But looking deep into those emotionless eyes one wondered if they had suffered much before the soul had left them. Her face held an expression of resignation, as though she had ceased to hope that the end might come."

Brian Weiss Quotes

"Understanding dissolves fear. When we understand the true nature of our being, fears dissipate. We are spiritual beings, not human beings."

Jennifer Flackett Quotes

"See, this is just like I told you. Same thing I knew getting into this whole mess - love ends."

Crystal Rose Quotes

"It would figure the best looking guy on this ward is gay...and he has a sexier than sin boyfriend...I swear to God Im going to turn into a man. Its the only way"."

Truddi Chase Quotes

"I cherished her individuality, that spark of independence no child should lose to lifes restrictions and parameters."

Kelly J Cogswell Quotes

"It inspired a kind of Huck Finn moment when I decided it was better to risk hell than shrivel in the midst of a toxic Southern Baptist morality."

Kenny Scharf Quotes

"Im constantly doing new stuff. Im always excited. Im a one-man tornado."

Barry B Powell Quotes

"The underlying logic of sacrifice was always the same: In order to gain the gods goodwill, destroy what you value most."

Mari Miniatt Quotes

"Vampires are cruel." Steopa said. "we exist to weed out the weak and the unneeded. We feed on humans."

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Quotes

"Setiap masalah ada jalan keluarnya, setiap konflik ada solusinya, setiap krisis mengandung peluang"

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Quotes About Literacy

"She told Everra that he had given her and Sallo the souls hunger for books and thoughts, and must not deprive them now that Sallo was starving among the inanities of the silk rooms and she among the pomposities of merchants and the illiteracy of politicians." - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin

Quotes About Pat Tillman

"McChrystal never should have been hired for this job given the outrageous cover-up he participated in after the friendly fire death of Pat Tillman. He was lucky to keep the job after his Seven Days in May stunt in London last year when he openly lobbied and undercut the president on the surge.But with the latest sassing, and the continued Sisyphean nature of the surge he urged, McChrystal should offer his resignation. He should try subordination for a change." - Author: Maureen Dowd

Quotes About Capulet Paris

"Enter CAPULET, PARIS, and Servant" - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Being Stabbed In The Back At Work

"Missions is the overflow of our delight in God because missions is the overflow of Gods delight in being God." - Author: John Piper

Quotes About Quadrado

"‎Se houvesse um homem que ousase dizer tudo quanto pensa deste mundo, não lhe restaria um palmo quadrado de terra onde ficar." - Author: Henry Miller

Quotes About Laideur

"Les vierges entonnaient le cantique de Zacharie:-- Béni soit le Seigneur, le dieu dIsraël.Brusquement la voix sarrêta dans leur gorge. Elles avaient vu la face du moine et elles fuyaient dépouvante en criant:-- Un vampire! un vampire!Il était devenu si hideux quen passant la main sur son visage, il sentit sa laideur." - Author: Anatole France

Quotes About Dreams And Realities

"I do not mean to say that I viewed those desires of mine that deviated from accepted standards as normal and orthodox; nor do I mean that I labored under the mistaken impression that my friends possessed the same desires. Surprisingly enough, I was so engrossed in tales of romance that I devoted all my elegant dreams to thoughts of love between man and maid, and to marriage, exactly as though I were a young girl who knew nothing of the world. I tossed my love for Omi onto the rubbish heap of neglected riddles, never once searching deeply for its meaning. Now when I write the word love, when I write affection, my meaning is totally different from my understanding of the words at that time. I never even dreamed that such desires as I had felt toward Omi might have a significant connection with the realities of my "life." - Author: Yukio Mishima

Quotes About Trx Training

"India had a very long independence movement. It started in 1886, [with] the first generation of Western-educated Indians. They were all liberals. They followed the Liberal Party in Britain, and they were very proud of their knowledge of parliamentary systems, parliamentary manners. They were big debaters. They [had], as it were, a long apprenticeship in training for being in power. Even when Gandhi made it a mass movement, the idea of elective representatives, elected working committees, elected leadership, all that stayed because basically Indians wanted to impress the British that they were going to be as good as the British were at running a parliamentary democracy. And that helped quite a lot." - Author: Meghnad Desai

Quotes About Storing Things

"I was too surprised to cry. I crept from Jems room and shut the door softly, lest undue noise set him off again. Suddenly tired, I wanted Atticus. He was in the livingroom, and I went to him and tried to get in his lap. Atticus smiled. "Youre getting so big now, Ill just have to hold a part of you." He held me close. "Scout," he said softly, "dont let Jem get you down. Hes having a rough time these days. I heard you back there." Atticus said that Jem was trying hard to forget something, but what he was really doing was storing it away for a while, until enough time passed. Then he would be able to think about it and sort things out. When he was able to think about it, Jem would be himself again." - Author: Harper Lee

Quotes About Parent Involvement

"If you feel your school is failing you, the question is why. Is it a lack of parental involvement, large classes, school violence, poor learning environment? Are there any standards to determine where problems are? Are there tutoring or mentoring programs? If the school is still failing after 3 years then what are your options?" - Author: John Rowland