[I Was Proud To Witness American Jewish Organizations Found The Save Darfur Coalition In June 2004 To Mobilize A Coordinated Interfaith Response To The Ongoing Humanitarian Disaster.]

Author: Jan Schakowsky Quotes

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Niko Stoifberg Quotes

"One day nations will go to war over clouds."

Kyle Bristow Quotes

"The early and relatively sophisticated Egyptians understood that their civilization would be threatened if they bred with the Negroes to their south, so pharaohs went so far as "to prevent the mongrelization of the Egyptian race" by making it a death penalty-eligible offense to bring blacks into Egypt. The ancient Egyptians even constructed a fort on the Nile in central Egypt to prevent blacks from immigrating to their lands. In spite of the efforts by the Egyptian government to defend their civilization, blacks still came to Egypt as soldiers, slaves, and captives from other nations. By 1,500 B.C., half of the population of southern Egypt was of mixed blood, and by 688 B.C., societal progress had ended in Egypt when Taharka became the first mulatto pharaoh. By 332 B.C., Egypt had fallen when Alexander the Great conquered the region."

Kyra Dune Quotes

"I dont want to kill you, but I must. For the good of the country."

Lisa Mischelle Wood Quotes

"Before you go to sleep tonight, let go of your day; everything is alright. Just bow your head, speak your prayer, and trust in Him who will forever care."

Darren Pillsbury Quotes

"But people tend to forget what isnt in front of their faces, and most of them are too stupid to read their history."

Michael Jackson Quotes

"I just wish I could understand my father."

Pink Quotes

"Its my very unsophisticated way of taking the power back. Ive always had an issue with [the idea that]: "OK, weve both decided to do this. Why am I a slut and youre the player? You didnt get anything from me that I didnt get from you."

George C Williams Quotes

"Jobs avoidance of rebellion against God has nothing to do with God being good or wise or anything like that; its strictly because God is so powerful, and you dont fight something when you are so much weaker than that which you would fight."

Nancy Bunge Quotes

"She believes poetry is a way of coming to know the realness of things; fiction is a way of coming to know the world of relationships; nonfiction is a way of coming to know the world of the mind."

Sapardi Djoko Damono Quotes

"Waktu berjalan ke Barat di waktu pagi hari matahari mengikutiku di belakang.Aku berjalan mengikuti bayang-bayangku sendiri yang memanjang di depan.Aku dan matahari tidak bertengkar tentang siapa di antara kami yang telah menciptakan bayang-bayang,aku dan bayang-bayang tidak bertengkar tentang siapa di antara kami yang harus berjalan di depan."

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Quotes About Attitude Towards Others

"Liberal attitudes towards the other are characterized both by respect for otherness, openness to it, and an obsessive fear of harassment. In short, the other is welcomed insofar as its presence is not intrusive, insofar as it is not really the other. Tolerance thus coincides with its opposite. My duty to be tolerant towards the other effectively means that I should not get too close to him or her, not intrude into his space—in short, that I should respect his intolerance towards my over-proximity. This is increasingly emerging as the central human right of advanced capitalist society: the right not to be ‘harassed, that is, to be kept at a safe distance from others." - Author: Slavoj Žižek

Quotes About Moral Ambiguity

"We live in times that are in many ways ambiguous. Maybe thats why kids want precision in what they read - they dont like that moral ambiguity." - Author: Lois Lowry

Quotes About Shortage Of Time

"This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organizing genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time." - Author: Aneurin Bevan

Quotes About Portugal Football Team

"No team works out teamwork." - Author: Dwyane Wade

Quotes About Snap Judgments

"I try not to make snap judgments. I never, ever make conclusions about products Ive never tried." - Author: Walt Mossberg

Quotes About Weirder

"Life is much weirder than fiction; nothings more absurd." - Author: Peter Mullan

Quotes About Veils

"With stars in her eyes and veils in her hair, with cyclamen and wild violets—what nonsense was he thinking? She was fifty at least: she had eight children. Stepping through fields of flowers and taking to her breast buds that had broken and lambs that had fallen: with the stars in her eyes and the wind in her hair—He took her bag." - Author: Virginia Woolf

Quotes About Being In Love With Life

"The worst of it is that I am perpetually being punished for nothing; this governor loves to punish, and he punishes by taking my books away from me. Its perfectly awful to let the mind grind itself away between the upper and nether millstones of regret and remorse without respite; with books my life would be livable -- any life." - Author: Oscar Wilde

Quotes About Water Rides

"A dozen or more boats on the lake swung their rosy and moon–like lanterns low on the water, that reflected as from a fire. In the distance, the steamer twanged and thrummed and washed with her faintly–splashing paddles, trailing her strings of coloured lights, and occasionally lighting up the whole scene luridly with an effusion of fireworks, Roman candles and sheafs of stars and other simple effects, illuminating the surface of the water, and showing the boats creeping round, low down. Then the lovely darkness fell again, the lanterns and the little threaded lights glimmered softly, there was a muffled knocking of oars and a waving of music.Gudrun paddled almost imperceptibly. Gerald could see, not far ahead, the rich blue and the rose globes of Ursulas lanterns swaying softly cheek to cheek as Birkin rowed, and iridescent, evanescent gleams chasing in the wake. He was aware, too, of his own delicately coloured lights casting their softness behind him." - Author: D.H. Lawrence

Quotes About Friends Who Uses You

"No good friends, no bad friends; only people you want,need to be with. People who build their houses in your heart ." - Author: Stephen King