[I Was Smart Enough To Know That I Shouldn't Tell Anyone The Reason I Needed That Icy Air. No Need To Spill The Secret That I Was The Genius Of All Geniuses, The Leonardo Da Vinci Of The 1980s. That Would Just Inspire Envy And Skepticism. So I'd Just Stare At The Closed Window And Stew. If Ten Minutes Went By Without My Lungs Getting Fresh Air, I Panicked. I Needed To Make Sure The Monoxide Hadn't Eaten My Cranium.]

Author: A.J. Jacobs Quotes

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"Your typical Six-year-old is a paradoxical little person, and bipolarity is the name of his game."

Lisa Lawrence Quotes

"But werent done, not by a long shot. his great hands lifted me under my ass and my thighs, urging me to get on the table and lie on my side. His arm hooked under my leg right under the kneecap, and now everyone had a spectacular view of my dripping for him."

Ken Watanabe Quotes

"Im not a big star in Japan. Im an actor. I have a very normal life. Four days a week, I cook at home. A star doesnt do that."

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"You must not under any pretense allow your mind to dwell on any thought that is not positive, constructive, optimistic, kind."

John Of Damascus Quotes

"Had God kept from being made those who through His goodness were to have existence, but who by their own choice were to become evil, then evil would have prevailed over the goodness of God. Thus, all things which God makes He makes good, but each one become good or evil by his own choice. So, even if the Lord did say: It were better for him if that man had not been born, He did not say so in deprecation of His own creature, but in deprecation of that creatures choice and rashness."

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"Im considering getting married again. Ive not lost faith in that institution. Im older; Im smarter. Im no longer searching for something to complete me... and therefore Im now able to find someone to be a partner with."

Miriam Meza Quotes

"En ese momento empezó a sonar If I had a gun de Noel Gallagher y él me tomó en sus brazos, me inclinó para besarme hasta dejarme sin aliento como en esas películas de Hollywood. Una pena que eso también pasó en mi mente"

Roxana Jones Quotes

"Are you ready for the God that dwells in your heart ?"

Albina Fabiani Quotes

"Do you know how fast you are walking? ... To get a close estimate, count the number of steps you take in a minute and divide by 30... :)"

Rosemary Sutcliff Quotes

"I simply--dont know," Flavius said, and then suddenly explosive: "I dont know and I dont care! Go to bed."

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"I had a real revelation. We were all in robes, and they made some Turkish coffee for us. The professor explained how the coffee was made very different from anywhere else, and I realized, So fucking what? Which kids even in Turkey give a shit about Turkish coffee? All day I had looked at young people in Istanbul. They were all drinking what every other kind in the world drinks, and they were wearing clothes that look like they were bought at the Gap, and they are all using cell phones. They were like kids everywhere else. It hit me that, for young people, this whole world is the same now. When were making products, there is no such thing as a Turkish phone, or a music player that young people in Turkey would want thats different from one young people elsewhere would want. Were just one world now." - Author: Walter Isaacson

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"In short, Im not sure that the abortion problem can be solved by legislation. I think it can only be solved through moral persuasion." - Author: Tony Campolo

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"I cant imagine myself doing something like Narnia again. I would love to do something with Ridley Scott, you know, some action/adventure or something like that. But Id also love to do a dramatic piece. Its really just whatever you read and take to." - Author: William Moseley

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"Since a fully mature, rigorous vine will fully use 60 square feet or more spacings closer than 6x10 for wine grapes arent usually recommended in America." - Author: Jeff Cox

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"Reason is nothing less than the guardian of love" - Author: Sam Harris