[I Was The Only Punk Rocker At My High School. And There Were At Least A Handful Of Black Kids Who Liked Hip-hop. Both Were Kind Of The New Music Of The Day, And It Was Lonely Being The Only Punk.]

Author: Rick Rubin Quotes

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"I believe credibility is one of the biggest issues yet to be addressed by Internet advertisers."

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"There is no S in freedom."

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"Id love to thwart the Census form, but I want a constitutional basis for doing it - and heres the tricky thing. I think even constitutional purists would tell you that just because something isnt in the Constitution does not mean the government cannot do it."

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"But in terms of satire and comedy, our biggest and earliest influence was Mad magazine."

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"If you can walk away from a landing, its a good landing. If you use the airplane the next day, its an outstanding landing."

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"He had golden-brown hair, the most vivid baby-blue eyes, and a body that belonged on the cover of Mens Health magazine. Her gaze roamed over his broad shoulders and down his chest."

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"Her voice is raw. She sings from the deepest cracks of her heart and her soul. When she closes her eyes, I know she has lost herself in the music. - Unrequited"

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"Dont call it education if it has not taught you lifes true values."

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"Be Sure To Notice When Youre Happy"

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"I think most actors like to do things that are right outside of their comfort zone."

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"What? I demand to know. "What is it now?""Youre not going to go." he says."Watch me.""Ive been having a vision of this place, too." This stops me from my wild, cowardly (how can he think Im brave?) retreat back to the road ..."Youre having a new vision, too?" I ask. "Its right here." He walks toward me, his strides long and purposeful across the grass. "Right now. Ive been seeing it for weeks, and its happening right now."He stops in front of me. "This is the part where I kiss you," he says." - Author: Cynthia Hand

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"No duties. I dont have to be profound.I dont have to be artistically perfect.Or sublime. Or edifying.I just wander. I say: ‘You were running,Thats fine. It was the thing to do.And now the music of the worlds transforms me.My planet enters a different house.Trees and lawns become more distinct.Philosophies one after another go out.Everything is lighter yet not less odd.Sauces, wine vintages, dishes of meat.We talk a little of district fairs,Of travels in a covered wagon with a cloud of dust behind,Of how rivers once were, what the scent of calamus is.Thats better than examining ones private dreams.And meanwhile it has arrived. Its here, invisible.Who can guess how it got here, everywhere.Let others take care of it. Time for me to play hooky.Buena notte. Ciao. Farewell." - Author: Czesław Miłosz

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"Dr. Luce introduced the concept of "periphescence". The word itself means nothing; Luce made it up to avoid any etymological associations. The state of periphescence, however, is well known. It denotes the first fever of human pair bonding. It causes giddiness, elation, a tickling on the chest wall, the urge to climb a balcony on the rope of the beloveds hair. Periphescence denotes the inital drugged and happy bedtime where you sniff your lover like a scented poppy for hours running. (It lasts, Luce explained, up to two years--tops.)" - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides

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"I fear that we are beginning to design ourselves to suit digital models of us, and I worry about a leaching of emphaty and humanity in that process." - Author: Jaron Lanier

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"My motto? Dont trust someone who is just as cagey as yourself." "What kind of detective are you?" "A lousy one and proud of it. I write, remember?" She looked down at her hand & laughed. "Berretta doesnt make lighters." "Why I was a writer! My life revolved around fiction. I could make something up""She looked down at her hand & laughed. "Berretta doesnt make lighters." "So theyre not Tolstoy, theyre a little shorter...Okay, okay a lot. Go ahead, read my mystery series anyway." "A detective has their boundaries especially me. So mine shifted occasionally...okay a lot" "Beat it, Buster. My temper and this mace have a hair trigger.""Interference could be lethal." I got right up in his face, hissing, "Dont push me, Im hormonal."Im not really a lousy detective, just rough around the edges." - Author: Peggy A. Edelheit

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"...rather than assuming that education is primarily about preparing for jobs and careers, what would it mean to think of education as a process of guiding kids participation in public life more generally, a public life that includes social, recreational, and civic engagement." - Author: Mizuko Ito

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"We had been assured by our elders that intelligence was a family trait. All my kin and forebears were people of substantial or remarkable intellect, thought somehow none of them had prospered in the world. Too bookish, my grandmother said with tart pride, and Lucille and I read constantly to forestall criticism, anticipating failure. If my family were not as intelligent as we were pleased to pretend, this was an innocent deception, for it was a matter of indifference to everybody whether we were intelligent or not. People always interpreted our slightly formal manner and our quiet tastes as a sign that we wished to stay a little apart. This was a matter of indifference, also, and we had our wish." - Author: Marilynne Robinson

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