[I Was The Only Punk Rocker At My High School. And There Were At Least A Handful Of Black Kids Who Liked Hip-hop. Both Were Kind Of The New Music Of The Day, And It Was Lonely Being The Only Punk.]

Author: Rick Rubin Quotes

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Callum Keith Rennie Quotes

"Im so excited about Shattered; its something Ive really enjoyed working in, and its very different from anything Ive done before. Ive always been a character actor and done a lot of support work. Ive never really been the lead actor, so Ill try and use what Ive learned along the way from the other projects."

Lynn Hubbard Quotes

"quote from Chase the Moon- Some people are just downright wicked, and sometimes evil wins - but not always."

Jeff Kinney Quotes

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid is my first book, and its the fulfillment of a life-long dream. I had always wanted to be a cartoonist, but I found that it was very tough to break into the world of newspaper syndication. So I started playing with a style that mixed cartoons and traditional writing, and thats how Diary of a Wimpy Kid was born."

Milton Bradley Quotes

"But I am delighted to be a Dodger, I grew up a Dodger fan and now my dreams have really come true."

Jean Tinguely Quotes

"One has complexes. One has the art complex. One goes to the School of Fine Arts and catches the complexes."

Jack Nance Quotes

"To sum it all up: It was a great picture to do; I just wish it had never been released."

Josephine Baker Quotes

"I have walked into the palaces of kings and queens and into the houses of presidents. And much more. But I could not walk into a hotel in America and get a cup of coffee, and that made me mad."

Shannon Lucid Quotes

"I try to tell the people that are sort of new here when they come in and do their flights and whatever, the things that you remember most after your flights are the interactions youve had with your crew. Those are the most satisfying things you take away from a flight."

Ayumi Hamasaki Quotes

"I understand its my role to realize peoples dreams."

Jack Spicer Quotes


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"Never make negative comments or spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours." - Author: Brian Koslow

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"U ovo vreme razbarušenog turističkog povratka prirodi kada građani vide život na selu onako kako je Ruso video dobrog divljaka, više nego ikada solidaran sam sa a) Maksom Žakobom, koji je odgovarajući na poziv da provede kraj nedelje na selu, zapanjeno i prestravljeno rekao : Selo, ono mesto gde se kokoške šetaju presne?" - Author: Julio Cortázar

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"Although AmeriCorps is making a difference among its participants and the people they serve, we must address homelessness and the need for job training among our veterans." - Author: Cliff Stearns

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"Trust me, Jade. Im very skilled in the water. And its not just limited to swimming." He loosens his grip like hes going to let me go, but then tightens it again. "Oh, and what we did just now? That was nothing. I can get very creative when waters involved." - Author: Allie Everhart

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"I am told, on excellent authority, that her father keeps an American dry-goods store," said Sir Thomas Burdon," - Author: Oscar Wilde

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"It is He who makes the lightning flash upon you, inspiring you with fear and hope, and gathers up the heavy clouds. The thunder sounds His praises, and the angels, too, in awe of him. He hurls his thunderbolts at whom He pleases. Yet the unbelievers wrangle about God." - Author: Anonymous

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"So were getting close to suggesting that camp is both the opposite of cool and a refinement of it. Camp and cool both have an element of not-caring, of disdain for the ordinary. The difference is that cool implies a lack of conscious effort, whereas camp is about putting everything youve got into it. Either you love something too much (much more than its "worth", so the stereotypical anorak-wearing Doctor Who fan and the Barry Manilow cultist are both manifestations of this, at least to the outside world), or youre given to going over the top. Or you do both at once, in many cases. Both phenomena are examples of people fashioning an identity for themselves, and if youre reading this book then you must know people like that. Cool is not caring, camp is actively defiant." - Author: Tat Wood

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"There is one aspect of the change in moral values brought about by the advance of collectivism which at the present time provides special food for thought. It is that the virtues which are held less and less in esteem and which consequently become rarer and precisely those on which the British people justly prided themselves and in which they were generally agreed to excel. The virtues possessed by Anglo-Saxons in a higher degree than most other people, excepting only a few of the smaller nations, like the Swiss and the Dutch, were independence and self-reliance, individual initiative and local responsbility, the successful reliance on voluntary activity, noninterference with ones neighbor and tolerance of the different and queer, respect for custom and tradition, and a healthy suspicion of power and authority." - Author: Friedrich Hayek

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"BRETThe bohemians of So-Ho did pirouettesAs we waltzed through the streets of ManhattanOn rivers of ribbon and sailboats of songs...JEMAINEBret, did any of this actually happen?BRETThe girl I describedShes as real as the windIts true, I saw her todayThe other details are inventionsBecause I prefer her that way" - Author: Flight of the Conchords

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"I actually made an effort to reject acting, to shove it out of my body, because I didnt want my kids to have an actress as a mother-to have, like, a silly person." - Author: Lisa Kudrow