[I Was There To Get A Ph.D. In English Literature. That's Not True. I Was There To Read A Lot Of Books And To Discuss Them With Bright, Insightful, Book-loving People, An Expectation That I Pretty Quickly Learned Was About As Silly As It Could Be.Certainly There Were Other People Who Loved Books, I'm Sure There Were, But Whoever Had Notified Them Ahead Of Time That Loving Books Was Not The Point, Was, In Fact, A Hopelessly Counterproductive And Naive Approach To The Study Of Literature, Neglected To Notify Me. It Turned Out That The Point Was To Dissect A Book Like A Fetal Pig In Biology Class Or To Break Its Back With A Single Sentence Or To Bust It Open Like A Milkweek Pod And Say, "See? All Along It Was Only Fluff," And Then Scatter It Into Oblivion With One Tiny Breath.]

Author: Marisa De Los Santos Quotes

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"Im competitive - thats what defines me - and I love it."

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"A penny saved is worth two pennies earned . . . after taxes."

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"You may say suicide is a loss of control and cowardly. Foolish as it may sound, I am prepared to argue."

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"I cannot approach someone; I lack the confidence when it comes to the guy I desire. Im very good when it comes to matchmaking and hooking others up. But I cant help my own cause."

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"I guess I am just not the marrying type. I have given it a few chances, and it just goes haywire after a month or two. I am on wife number five right now, maybe fives a charm?"

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"To hear the faint sound of oars in the silence as a rowboatcomes slowly out and then goes back is truly worthall the years of sorrow that are to come."

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"Sometimes life situations are a constant battle to maintain serenity."

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"Be proud of being a woman; proud of everything that comes in the package - including the mood swings of pms, the frustration of periods, the labour pains, everything. Along with the pms comes deeper understanding of yourself, your weaknesses and chance to improve upon, along with periods comes on the other side the ability to conceive and labour pains culminate in something lot wonderful.Celebrate womanhood every single day! We are special, a God-made package filled so much with love, caring, understanding and patience that I am sure even He must have felt proud after having created.Spread love. Happy Womens Day."

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"Nobodys life is wrapped up neatly in a bow."

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"Surely it is the one who fears he is wrong who avoids criticism. The one who is sure he is right invites it. It only illuminates the strength of beliefs and makes them more available to others."

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"I recently consulted to a therapist who felt he had accomplished something by getting his dissociative client to remain in her ANP throughout her sessions with him. His view reflects the fundamental mistake that untrained therapists tend to make with DID and DDNOS. Although his client was properly diagnosed, he assumed that the ANP should be encouraged to take charge of the other parts at all times.He also expected her to speak for them—in other words, to do their therapy. This denied the other parts the opportunity to reveal their secrets, heal their pain, or correct their childhood-based beliefs about the world. If you were doing family therapy, would it be a good idea to only meet with the father, especially if he had not talked with his children or his spouse in years? Would the other family members feel as if their experiences and feelings mattered?Would they be able to improve their relationships? You must work with the parts who are inside of the system. Directly." - Author: Alison Miller