[I Watched Question Time On BBC1 Last Night And I've Come To The Conclusion This Country Needs More Unemployed Politicians.]

Author: Kirkland Ciccone Quotes

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Ravi Trivedi Quotes

"Neither apology nor kindness can demolish the wall of hatred when built, by choice, on a base of self-centeredness & from the bricks of ego!"

Bill Viola Quotes

"A doctor once told me that with crying you arent sure what its derivation is. If someone comes at you with a knife, you dont cry: you scream, you try to run. When its over and youre OK, thats when you cry."

Richard Stark Quotes

"Well, it just figures," Younger told him, like a man explaining his religion."

Aubrey McClendon Quotes

"Modern life would not be possible if it were not for chemicals, nor would modern natural gas production."

Shams I Tabrizi Quotes

"A life without love is a waste. "Should I look for spiritual love, or material, or physical love?", dont ask yourself this question. Discrimination leads to discrimination. Love doesnt need any name, category or definition. Love is a world itself. Either you are in, at the center…either you are out, yearning."

Faith No More Quotes

"Droplets of yes and no, in an ocean of maybe."

Ulrich Von Hutten Quotes

"Servitude of any sort is distasteful to all men, but especially objectionable is subjection to others in the case of those who ought to rule."

Deborah Needleman Quotes

"Our home tells a story about us, so we may as well take the opportunity to make it a stylish one."

DMX Quotes

"Im not going to disrespect you, dont disrespect me."

Amy Joy Quotes

"I always knew the teachers were out to get me."

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"Walking around nude in front of humans was not a good way to keep a low profile with the community. It was an excellent way to make new friends, though." - Author: Rachel Vincent

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"I like the ritual, the liturgy of a well-crafted, emotional fashion show. I will never be jaded with this side of fashion. The catwalk is pure anthropology, something like an esoteric encrypted parade. It can totally be replaced but it will be missed." - Author: Hedi Slimane

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"I decided that now is the time to start doing the things that really interest me and I find important. It was in the 10 years of the MacArthur grant that I began working on my first book... and I began putting more work into environmental history." - Author: Jared Diamond

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"Todos estão loucos, neste mundo? Porque a cabeça da gente é uma só, e as coisas que há e que estão para haver são demais de muitas, muito maiores diferentes, e a gente tem de necessitar de aumentar a cabeça, para o total. Todos os sucedidos acontecendo, o sentir forte da gente — o que produz os ventos. Só se pode viver perto de outro, e conhecer outra pessoa, sem perigo de ódio, se a gente tem amor." - Author: João Guimarães Rosa

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"I have been so very, very fortunate in my life. Ive met or been in contact with several of my childhood heroes. Ive interacted with people all over this planet, and even though I couldnt possibly hope to remember all their names, I remember a photograph, a poem, a sound, a joke, kind words of encouragement. All is not lost." - Author: Wayne Gerard Trotman

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"Until you can, remember this. We are always more afraid than we wish to be, but we can always be braver than we expect." - Author: Robert Jordan

Quotes About What You Want

"There Comes the Strangest MomentThere comes the strangest moment in your life,when everything you thought before breaks free--what you relied upon, as ground-rule and as ritelooks upside down from how it used to be.Skins gone pale, your brain is shedding cells;you question every tenet you set down;obedient thoughts have turned to infidelsand every verb desires to be a noun.I want--my want. I love--my love. Ill staywith you. I thought transitions were the best,but I want whats here to never go away.Ill make my peace, my bed, and kiss this breast…Your hearts in retrograde. You simply have no choice.Things people told you turn out to be true.You have to hold that body, hear that voice.Youd have sworn no one knew you more than you.How many people thought youd never change?But here you have. Its beautiful. Its strange." - Author: Kate Light

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"Your Business is to shine; therefore you must by all means prevent the shining of others, for their Brightness may make yours the less distinguished." - Author: Benjamin Franklin

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"When the politicians complain that TV turns the proceedings into a circus, it should be made clear that the circus was already there, and that TV has merely demonstrated that not all the performers are well trained." - Author: Edward R. Murrow

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"I wont compete with anybody. I love to compete with my own body. When God closes a door against me, I should not attempt to bang on it. And if God gives me a key to open a door, I should not misuse that key!" - Author: Israelmore Ayivor