[I Went To Duke University In The Medical Track. And Then I Decided I Wanted To Do Something More Creative, So I Switched To Biochemistry At Nebraska.]

Author: Ken Wilber Quotes

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Nicolas Cage Quotes

"If I could have been a marine biologist I would have, but I didnt have that kind of intelligence. Numbers were never my strong point."

Kitaro Nishida Quotes

"Like any organic entity, a system of consciousness manifests itself through the orderly, differentiated development of a certain unifying reality."

Patti Roberts Quotes

"I spend many hours in conversation with wonderful characters from fantastic books."

Jackson Katz Quotes

"Elite athletes learn entitlement. They believe they are entitled to have women serve their needs. Its part of being a man. Its the cultural construction of masculinity."

Robert Dold Quotes

"The people that I represent in Illinois care passionately about protecting open space and safeguarding our nations natural treasures, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge."

Joey Fatone Quotes

"Its fun to be able to have a fun palate, and the way I say that, you think about it and it sounds funny, but its true."

Eric Allman Quotes

"Personally, one of the down sides of founding a company is that there is always too much work to do, and sadly I find I dont have much time to code any more."

Edward Royle Quotes

"Logically, this kind of atheism did not prove that there was no God.... On the contrary, Southwell was typical in placing the onus probandi on those who affirmed the existence of God and Holyoake regarded himself as an atheist only in his inability to believe what the churches would have him believe. They were content to show that the Christian concept of the supernatural was meaningless, that the arguments in its favor were illogical, and that the mysteries of the universe, insofar as they were explicable, could be accounted for in material terms."

Salmon P Chase Quotes

"Once I should have been, if not satisfied, partially, at least, contented with suffrage for the intelligent and those who have been soldiers; now I am convinced that universal suffrage is demanded by sound policy and impartial justice."

Pee Wee Reese Quotes

"Why did they do it? Beats the hell out of me. I was just a scared kid from Kentucky, and these guys had been up in the majors for a while. I guess it was because I was just such a helluva nice kid - if youll accept that."

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Quotes About Wounds That Never Heal

"We are often told during times of bereavement that time heals all wounds. Thats crap. In truth, you are devastated, you mourn, you cry to the point where you think youll never stop - and then you reach a stage where the survival instinct takes over. You stop. You simply wont or cant let yourself "go there" anymore because the pain was too great. You block. You deny. But you dont really heal." - Author: Harlan Coben

Quotes About Favours

"Fortune favours the bold." - Author: Virgil

Quotes About Pheromones

"Watch out for the pheromones." - Author: Chaz Thompson

Quotes About Sentinel

"Nate and Tammy watched them drive off, the senior sentinel standing with his mate in the circle of arms. I want that, Dorian thought. A family. His mate safe with him. His child sleeping within hearing distance." - Author: Nalini Singh

Quotes About Siblings Being Best Friends

"Can I ask a question, sir?" said Maurice, as Death turned to go.You May Not Get An Answer."I suppose there isnt a Big Cat in the Sky, is there?"Im Surprised At You, Maurice. Of Course There Are No Cat Gods. That Would Be Too Much Like...Work.Maurice nodded. One good thing about being a cat, apart from the extra lives, was that the theology was a lot simpler." - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Destructive Behavior

"Cheaters are cowards that are tempted to chase the fantasy of what could be… instead of courageously addressing their own self-destructive behavior and cultivating what is." - Author: Steve Maraboli

Quotes About Statues

"Maidens stand still, they are lovely statues and all admire them. Witches do not stand still. I was neither, but better that I err on the side of witchery, witchery that unlocks towers and empties ships." - Author: Catherynne M. Valente

Quotes About Censoring Books

"Censoring books that deal with difficult, adolescent issues does not protect anybody. Quite the opposite. It leaves kids in the darkness and makes them vulnerable. Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance. Our children cannot afford to have the truth of the world withheld from them" - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Quotes About Life That Are True

"The Christian message has a moral challenge. If the message is true, the moral challenge has to be accepted. So God is not a fit object for mans detached scrutiny. You cannot fix God at the end of a telescope or a microscope and say "How interesting!" God is not interesting. He is deeply upsetting. The same is true of Jesus Christ … We know that to find God and to accept Jesus Christ would be a very inconvenient experience. It would involve the rethinking of our whole outlook on life and the readjustment of our whole manner of life. And it is a combination of intellectual and moral cowardice which makes us hesitate. We do not find because we do not seek. We do not seek because we do not want to find, and we know that the way to be certain of not finding is not to seek … Christs promise is plain: "Seek and you will find." - Author: John R.W. Stott

Quotes About Smiting

"Is that a nautilus?" he asked. "Close, but no. Its an ammonite." "An ammonite? Whats an ammonite? Sounds like an Old Testament people overdue for smiting." "Ammonites are not a biblical people," she replied in a tone of strained forbearance. "But they have been smited." "Smote" - Author: Tessa Dare