[I Wish I Could've Lived My Life Without Making Any Wrong Turns. But That's Impossible. A Path Like That Doesn't Exist. We Fail. We Trip. We Get Lost. We Make Mistakes. And Little By Little, One Step At A Time, We Push Forward. It's All We Can Do. On Our Own Two Feet.]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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"Doing the stereotypical solo bores me."

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"Education is like a seed, that when watered with knowledge and experience, grows into true wisdom."

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"People claim that love is the deepest feeling, but dont you believe it. Loneliness is the most affecting of human emotions. Nothing makes life more vivid. If you wish to live in the moment, I recommend intense loneliness."

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"You dont walk away if you love someone. You help the person."

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"Architecture should be rooted in the past, and yet be part of our own time and forward looking."

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"Perhaps I was hosting my own personal sexual revolution. You know the kind that will not be televised."

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"I think I believe a little bit in the power of people to really cast a bad energy on you if they want to. If the bad mojo wants to come your way, look out."

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"Society wants to believe it can identify evil people, or bad or harmful people, but its not practical. There are no stereotypes."

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"What mattered was stil there. That was what they all felt, and what surprised them all. What mattered couldnt be shaken."

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"Im a huge Wonder Woman fan - I have about 12 coffee mugs at home!"

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