[I Would Be Copping Out If I Stayed In The Myth Of The '60s.]

Author: Jerry Rubin Quotes

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Shahzaib Ansari Quotes

"A mute mentor & blind noviceI grabbed your hand; made me wise..."-Shahzaib"

Irene M Pepperberg Quotes

"Clearly, animals know more than we think, and think a great deal more than we know."

Elizabeth Craft Quotes

"Whatever her dream was, it rested somewhere in the most vague of directions."

Chris Rose Quotes

"Like so many others of my tenure and temperament—stubborn ancients, I suppose—web reporting is anathema to everything I love about newspapering: getting a tip, developing leads, fleshing-out the details, then telling the story. Now it stops with the tip. Just verify (hopefully!) and post it. I didnt write stories anymore; I produced content."

PD Te Amo Cecelia Ahern Quotes

"Apunta a la Luna y, si fallas, al menos estarás entre las estrellas."

Antonio Guadarrama Quotes

"Para que sirve el conocimiento sino para compartirlo, difundirlo, multiplicarlo? Aquel que goza y se viste con las joyas del saber, y no arriesga su estabilidad para compartirlo, no merece ninguna de las dos."

James Gleick Quotes

"One unlikely Luddite was also one of the first long-term beneficiaries. Plato (channeling the nonwriter Socrates) warned that this technology meant impoverishment: For this invention will produce forgetfulness in the minds of those who learn to use it, because they will not practice their memory. Their trust in writing, produced by external characters which are no part of themselves, will discourage the use of their own memory within them. You have invented an elixir not of memory, but of reminding; and you offer your pupils the appearance of wisdom, not true wisdom."

Bruce Cockburn Quotes

"There was a lot more music than the size of the place would indicate."

Leslie Austin Quotes

"Today like yesterday and the day before that, I will strive to achieve what tomorrow and the next day and the day after that, I have tried!"

Harry Oppenheimer Quotes

"It must not be forgotten in fairness to the National Government that apartheid is not just a policy of oppression but an attempt - in my opinion an attempt doomed to failure - to find an alternative to a policy of racial integration which is fair to both white and black."

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Quotes About Sperm Donors

"America used to live by the motto "Father Knows Best." Now were lucky if "Father Knows He Has Children." Weve become a nation of sperm donors and baby daddies." - Author: Stephen Colbert

Quotes About Faithful Dogs

"Reason excludes faith," Alessandro responded, watching the blood-red mite as it made a dash for the rim. "Its deliberately limited. It wont function with the materials of religion. You can come close to proving the existence of God by reason, but you cant do it absolutely. Thats because you cant do anything absolutely by reason. Thats because reason depends on postulates. Postulates defy proof and yet they are essential to reason. God is a postulate. I dont think God is interested in the verification of His existence, and, therefore, neither am I. Anyway, I have professional reasons to believe. Nature and art pivot faithfully around God. Even dogs know that." - Author: Mark Helprin

Quotes About Sole

"For you?" Her gaze was solemn. "Ive been waiting for years." Levity bled into a fresh wave of hunger so intense that it shoved him across that final line. He shook as the truth tore from him, a promise or an admission or maybe a plea for forgiveness. "Me too. Christ, me too." - Author: Kit Rocha

Quotes About Useless Friendship

"February 13, 1936I ask of people more than they can give me. It is useless to maintain the contrary. But what a mistake and what despair. And myself perhaps...Seek contacts. All contacts. If I want to write about men, should I stop talking about the countryside? If the sky or light attract me, shall I forget the eyes or voices of those I love? Each time I am given the elements of a friendship, the fragments of an emotion, never the emotion or the friendship itself." - Author: Albert Camus

Quotes About Pineapple Upside Down Cake

"It was sort of like Macbeth, thought Fat Charlie, an hour later; in fact, if the witches in Macbeth had been four little old ladies and if, instead of stirring cauldrons and intoning dread incantations, they had just welcomed Macbeth in and fed him turkey and rice and peas spread out on white china plates on a red-and-white patterned plastic tablecloth -- not to mention sweet potato pudding and spice cabbage -- and encouraged him to take second helpings, and thirds, and then, when Macbeth had declaimed that nay, he was stuffed nigh unto bursting and on his oath could truly eat no more, the witches had pressed upon him their own special island rice pudding and a large slice of Mrs. Bustamontes famous pineapple upside-down cake, it would have been exactly like Macbeth." - Author: Neil Gaiman

Quotes About Physical Activities

"Not all activities are equal in this regard. Those that involve genuine concentration—studying a musical instrument, playing board games, reading, and dancing—are associated with a lower risk for dementia. Dancing, which requires learning new moves, is both physically and mentally challenging and requires much concentration. Less intense activities, such as bowling, babysitting, and golfing, are not associated with a reduced incidence of Alzheimers. (254)" - Author: Norman Doidge

Quotes About Dancers Being Friends

"Life wasnt meant to be decided at once. Thats a part of being human; you decided as you go along. Sure, it might make life easier if you have everything mapped out ahead of time but it can also make it pretty dull." - Author: J.L. Paul

Quotes About Positive Comments

"Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant." - Author: Justin Guarini

Quotes About Prosperous Future

"[Immigrants] who come from anywhere there is hunger, unemployment, oppression, and violence and who clandestinely cross the borders of countries that are prosperous, peaceful, and rich in opportunity, are certainly breaking the law, but they are exercising a natural and moral right which no legal norm or regulation should try to eliminate: the right to life, to survival, to escape the infernal existence they are condemned to by barbarous regimes entrenched on half the earths surface. If ethical considerations had any pervasive effect at all, the women and men who brave the Straits of Gibraltar or the Florida Keys or the electric fences of Tijuana or the docks of Marseilles in search of work, freedom, and a future should be received with open arms." - Author: Mario Vargas Llosa

Quotes About Santiago De Compostela

"Edimburgo o York o Santiago de Compostela pueden mentir eternidad; no así Buenos Aires, que hemos visto brotar de un modo esporádico, entre los huecos y los callejones de tierra." - Author: Jorge Luis Borges