[I Wouldn't Eat A Hamburger For 40,000 Dollars.]

Author: River Phoenix Quotes

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Steven B Weissman Quotes

"I been running up a bill with the devil ever since, and now hes come to collect on the debt."

Deb E Howell Quotes

"They want your sons.""My–? But I dont… ew!"

Bruno Bauer Quotes

"His very chains helped to deceive him about the harshness of his service."

Priyanka Darji Quotes

"Books, and only books, give me a chance to escape the realms of reality."

Lucy N Colman Quotes

"I had given up the church, more because of its complicity with slavery than from a full understanding of the foolishness of its creeds."

Brandon Grant Quotes

"A winner mindset is not an "I want" or "I wish" mindset, but an "I am" mindset."

Denis Lavant Quotes

"For a long time, I debated about whether I would make movies or join the circus and work as a clown."

Dee Brown Quotes

"The Indians knew that life was equated with the earth and its resources, that America was a paradise, and they could not comprehend why the intruders from the East were determined to destroy all that was Indian as well as America itself."

John Jay Chapman Quotes

"Benevolence alone will not make a teacher, nor will learning alone do it. The gift of teaching is a peculiar talent, and implies a need and a craving in the teacher himself."

Gene Scott Quotes

"The human element should be the two players on the court, not the officials. The best officials are the ones you never notice. The nature of the game made officials too noticeable a part."

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Quotes About Engaging

"We are all Masters. Every thought, word, and action creates our individual reality from one moment to the next. Each individuals creation, combines to form a shared reality that we all experience…. Consciousness. Being Masters requires us to take responsibility and great care in all that we do, so that the greater, combined consciousness is not hindered by our individual limitations. As Masters, we all have the ability to create, and live in Nirvana. Actively engaging in this personal responsibility, gives each of us the power to live harmoniously as well as to contribute positive re-enforcement to the greater Consciousness that we all share" - Author: Gary Hopkins

Quotes About Not Being Showy

"That they were torn from mistakes they had no chance to fix; everything unfinished. All the sins of love without detail, detail without love. The regret of having spoken, of having run out of time to speak. Of hoarding oneself. Of turning ones back too often in favour of sleep. I tried to imagine their physical needs, the indignity of human needs grown so extreme they equal your longing for wife, child, sister, parent, friend. But truthfully I couldnt even begin to imagine the trauma of their hearts, of being taken in the middle of their lives. Those with young children. Or those newly in love, wrenched from that state of grace. Or those who had lived invisibly, who were never know." - Author: Anne Michaels

Quotes About Civilization Ending

"Their whole life depends on spending money, and now theyvegot none to spend. Thats our civilization and our education: bring upthe masses to depend entirely on spending money, and then the moneygives out." - Author: D.H. Lawrence

Quotes About Giving Back

"Giving back involves a certain amount of giving up." - Author: Colin Powell

Quotes About Productive Employees

"And no business can possibly equate happy workers (community) with profit (effectiveness). Happy workers are much more productive workers and hence contribute to profit, but no organization is formed for the idea of pleasing its employees." - Author: Harvey Pekar

Quotes About Electrical Appliances

"Electrical science has revealed to us the true nature of light, has provided us with innumerable appliances and instruments of precision, and has thereby vastly added to the exactness of our knowledge." - Author: Nikola Tesla

Quotes About Michelangelo

"We are the clay, and you are Michelangelo.And we will be your masterpiece." - Author: Rick Yancey

Quotes About Thought Leadership

"The first grand federalist design...was that of the Bible, most particularly the Hebrew Scriptures or Old Testament... Biblical thought is federal (from the Latin foedus, covenant) from first to last--from Gods covenant with Noah establishing the biblical equivalent of what philosophers were later to term Natural Law to the Jews reaffirmation of the Sinai covenant under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah, thereby adopting the Torah as the constitution of their second commonwealth. The covenant motif is central to the biblical world view, the basis of all relationships, the mechanism for defining and allocating authority, and the foundation of the biblical political teaching." - Author: Daniel J. Elazar

Quotes About Loras

"Creo que eres el tipo de persona que encuentra dinero en el suelo y lo mueve en el aire y pregunta si alguien lo ha perdido. Creo que lloras en películas que ni siquiera son tristes porque tienes un corazón tierno, aunque no lo muestras. Creo que haces cosas que te asustan, y eso te hace más valiente que esos adictos a la adrenalina que hacen saltos en bungee desde los puentes." - Author: Gayle Forman

Quotes About Doing Your Duty

"Doing what you do well is death. Your duty is to keep trying to do things that you dont do well, in the hope of learning." - Author: John Banville