[Ich Folge Der Liebe,Wohin Auch Ihre Karawane Zieht,Liebe Ist Meine Religion,Liebe Ist Mein Glaube.]

Author: Ibn Arabi Quotes

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Kilburn Hall Quotes

"Taking "Christ" out of "Christmas" just reads "Mas" which is Spanish for "More." Seems Americans just want "mas," "mas," "mas." But when is more ever enough without Christ in it? More Christ?"

Laurie Halse Anderson Quotes

"I am beginning to measure myself in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles."

Christopher Love Quotes

"He hath desired to bring the souls of other men to heaven; let his soul be brought to heaven."

Tom Collins Quotes

"Wehehehehell, if it isnt Ollie-Ollie-oxidant-free..."You can take…all the tea in China…put it in a big brown…bag for me.Hes as sweet as tupelo honey; hes an angel of the first degree.Men with insight…men in granite…knights in armor bent on…chivalry.Hes as sweet as…tupelo honey; just like honey, baby…from the bee."=> For those who read and liked "When Irish eyes are sparkling"Can i have a musician here?"

Katharine Anthony Quotes

"To the biographer all lives bar none are dramatic constructions."

Jane Steen Quotes

"Even a lie told for a good purpose has a way of perpetuating itself, doesnt it? Look at all the trouble I caused by refusing to tell the truth about Sarahs father."- Nell"

Niklas Zennstrom Quotes

"Skype is easy enough to use so that people dont need to be tech savvy - a lot of users just want to communicate with their friends and family, and they find this is the easiest, cheapest way."

Jill Smokler Quotes

"Im torn between wanting the absolute best for my daughter and being jealous that she has it so much better than I ever did."

Juliano Ramos De Oliveira Quotes

"Quando os olhos se ataram em segundos infindáveis, calou-se completamente e aceitou o desafio numa batalha de olhares sustentados, na qual nenhum deles queria levantar a bandeira branca. No mesmo instante, em que a luta, em si era devorada pela brevidade."

Alessandra Torre Quotes

"Julia, you are incomparable. I know what I risk in straying from you, what I would lose if you left me. I promise to never…"

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"It took nearly a year to finish the ever-changing [marriage candidates] list, with the assistance of his sister and his aging spinster aunt, who lorded over their affairs as the self-appointed voice of cultivated reason. During this time, Gabriel struggled to convince straight-from-Oxford Tristan that he must marry, produce heirs, and maintain the family dukedom for Gabriel himself wouldnt marry. He knew he simply did not have the compulsion to inflict that sort of aggravation on a woman." - Author: Olivia Parker

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"But I want people to understand that pokers not all glamorous, its not all being on TV and making tons of money. Its a hard life. Its a lot of travel. Its a lot of weird hours." - Author: Chris Moneymaker

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"Singing and entertainment are now my first priority." - Author: William Hung

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"This was how I would die. Strangled by an attractive, seminaked woman inside a fridge with a giant tarantula in the middle of a sea of carnivorous jam. As I blacked out, all I could think of was a fortune teller Id spoken to a few years ago, and how full of shit shed turned out to be." - Author: Yahtzee Croshaw

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"By 12.30, Giles had consumed five gin-rickies, four gin-and-tonics, three gin-and-its, two gin-and-bitters, and one gin." - Author: Martin Amis

Quotes About Coven

"Modern societies accepted the treasures and the power offered them by science. But they have not accepted - they have scarcely even heard - its profounder message: the defining of a new and unique source of truth, and the demand for a thorough revision of ethical premises, for a complete break with the animist tradition, the definitive abandonment of the old covenant, the necessity of forging a new one. Armed with all the powers, enjoying all the riches they owe to science, our societies are still trying to live by and to teach systems of values already blasted at the root by science itself." - Author: Jacques Monod

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"I bought a packet of Trojan® Ultra Pleasure Extra Sensitive condoms: ‘No. 1 in AMERICA. They smell nothing like a positive first sexual experience." - Author: Joe Dunthorne

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"...pensò che solo quella democrazia appena nata poteva meritare il nome di democrazia; era quello il valore che invano poco fa egli andava cercando nella modestia delle cose e non trovava; perché quellepoca era ormai finita, e piano piano a invadere il campo era tornata lombra grigia dello Stato burocratico, uguale prima durante e dopo il fascismo, la vecchia separazione tra amministratori e amministrati." - Author: Italo Calvino

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"Since the Pentagon underestimated the number of troops required after the end of hostilities, we were not prepared to prevent looting or to guard hundreds of weapons dumps spread throughout the country." - Author: John Spratt

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"Frailty begot frailty. Nothing caused lightheadedness so surely as day after day of stifling confinement." - Author: Kate Morton