[Ich Habe In Diesen Tagen Viel über Liebe Nachgedacht, Und Darüber, Wie Ich Das Wort Hasste Und Es Ständig Wieder Gebrauchte, Und Mir Fällt Ein - Eine Der Vergänglichen Offenbarungen Der Schlaflosigkeit - Dass Wir, Ehe Wir Etwas Lieben, Uns So Etwas Wie Eine Nachbildung Davon Machen Müssen, Ein Erinnerungsgebilde Aus Flüchtigen Eindrücken Und Augenblicken, Das Alsdann Seine äussere, Ziemlich Langweilige Erscheinung Durch Eine Sternbildhafte Verinnerlichung Ersetzt, Phosporeszierend, Bequem Und Tragbar Und Am Ende Unempfindlich Gegen Den Rüden Raubbau Der Wirklichkeit.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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"As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists."

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"Political criticism is our enemies best friend."

Kelly Cherry Quotes

"I didnt find my story; it found me, as autobiography always does: finds you out in your deepest most private places."

Lucy Moore Quotes

"The crash did not cause the Depression: that was part of a far broader malaise. What it did was expose the weaknesses that underpinned the confidence and optimism of the 1920s - poor distribution of income, a weak banking structure and insufficient regulations, the economys dependence on new consumer goods, the over-extension of industry and the Governments blind belief that promoting business interests would make America uniformly prosperous."


"people say dont trust everyone but trust everyone and let them know you are different trust me they will never break your trust"

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"Dieting by portion control doesnt work because one is constantly fighting addictive drives."

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"Anger is so easy to get into and so hard to get out of."

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"I am a writer....a master of words.Like a knife, words should be handled carefully. They can cut deeply, the wound may never heal, and the scar can remain for an eternity."

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"Id rather have a hundred thousand or a million people saying Im nuts and Im crazy for my musical choices and what Ive said lyrically, than a million people all raising their hand on the first day."

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"Young men starting in life should avoid running into debt. There is scarcely anything that drags a person down like debt. It is a slavish position to get ill, yet we find many a young man, hardly out of his "teens," running in debt. He meets a chum and says, "Look at this: I have got trusted for a new suit of clothes." He seems to look upon the clothes as so much given to him; well, it frequently is so, but, if he succeeds in paying and then gets trusted again, he is adopting a habit which will keep him in poverty through life. Debt robs a man of his self-respect, and makes him almost despise himself."

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"For almost a year, from June 1948 to October 1949, they kept the city alive by plane. In that time American and British planes made some 277,728 flights through Soviet airspace to drop bundles of food, clothing, cigarettes, medicine, fuel and equipment, including components for a new power station, to the people of West Berlin. In the west, the aircraft came to be known as the ‘Rosinenbomber, or ‘raisin bombers, because they brought food. But in the east, Koch and his classmates were told the enemy planes sprayed potato beetles over East German crops as they flew over, in order to spoil the harvest." - Author: Anna Funder

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"I didnt tell her about the free-for-alls on the school yard, muggings on the bus. A girl burned a cigarette hole in the back of another girls shirt at nutrition right in front of me looking at me as if daring me to stop her. I saw a boy being threatened with a knife on the hallway outside my spanish class. Girls talked about their abortions in gym class. Claire didnt need to know about that. I wanted the world to be beautiful for her. I wanted things to work out. I always had a great day no matter what." - Author: Janet Fitch

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"Oh, Lily", mormora, scuotendo la testa. "Ne so parecchio dellamore. So cosa significa volere una ragazza, sognarla e desiderarla con tutta lanima. Ne so abbastanza da non confondere cosa è reale e cosa invece è solo frutto della mia fantasia."Gira un pochino la testa per guardarmi, e io mi ritrovo a dire: "Ti-tipo?""Tipo quando lei piange e il mio cuore va in mille pezzi e tutto quello cui riesco a pensare è come farle dimenticare la causa della sua tristezza." Il suo viso è impassibile, senza lombra di unemozione. Le sue parole, e tutto il sentimento che sottintendono e che mi travolgono grazie al legame, rendono tutto molto chiaro. "Questa è realtà."La mia voce è appena un sussurro quando gli dico: "E la fantasia?""Credere che prima o poi anche lei proverà le stesse cose per me." - Author: Tera Lynn Childs

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