[I'd Rather Wear Out Than Rust Out," He'd Once Said Years Before, Echoing The Words Of The Evangelist George Whitefield.]

Author: Laura Frantz Quotes

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Sarah Orne Jewett Quotes

"The road was new to me, as roads always are, going back."

Naomi Shibab Nye Quotes

"In the library everyone was rich."

Bar Paly Quotes

"I just like doing comedies, and think that my timing and love for the genre set me apart from other young women who look like me."

Dorothy M Kennedy Quotes

"According to Wallace, the expectation that art amuses is a poisonous lesson for a would-be artist to grow up with, since it places all of the power with the audience, sometimes breeding resentment on the part of the author. I can see it in myself and in other young writers, he told McCaffery: this desperate desire to please coupled with a kind of hostility to the reader. Wallace expressed his hostility by writing unwieldy sentences, refusing to fulfill readers expectations, and bludgeoning the reader with data--all strategies he used to wrestle back some of the power held by modern audiences."

Stephen Evans Quotes

"Thanksgiving is nothing but a toast to genocide."

Upasana Saraf Quotes

"For children, parents are a yardstick for normalcy."

Alex North Quotes

"Fear is a problem with film music and films; people want to be conventional, and theres more commercialism today. If you are not daring in your art, youre bankrupt."

Charles Simmons Quotes

"The smallest number, with God and truth on their side, are weightier than thousands."

Abbott L Lowell Quotes

"You will not accept credit that is due to another, or harbor jealousy of an explorer who is more fortunate."

Sascha Lobo Quotes

"Das Netz ist das Ende des Mainstreams [...]"

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"Its only because I feel like such a philistine spending all that time in hair and makeup that I started to knit. I used to spend that time studying Italian and French. Then after I had two kids, my brain turned to mush and I took up knitting." - Author: Felicity Huffman

Quotes About Quixotic

"The sheer quantity of brain power that hurled itself voluntarily and quixotically into the search for new baseball knowledge was either exhilarating or depressing, depending on how you felt about baseball. The same intellectual resources might have cured the common cold, or put a man on Pluto." - Author: Michael Lewis

Quotes About Retirement From Teaching

"Since her retirement from teaching Miss Beryls health had in many respects greatly improved, despite her advancing years. An eighth-grade classroom was an excellent place to snag whatever was in the air in the way of illness. Also depression, which, Miss Beryl believed, in conjunction with guilt, opened the door to illness. Miss Beryl didnt know any teachers who werent habitually guilty and depressed--guilty they hadnt accomplished more with their students, depressed that very little more was possible." - Author: Richard Russo

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"Being vegan just gives you such great karma." - Author: Alicia Silverstone

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"De hadde hat mangfoldige ting sammen og fåt nogen fyldige barndomsår opover. De var begge like gode om det da de stjal gulrøtter i haven på Fredriksens landsted og ikke gik til ham bakefter og tilstod noget. De var sammen om å drukne katten." - Author: Knut Hamsun

Quotes About Wearing Watches

"She serves me a piece of it a few minutesout of the oven. A little steam risesfrom the slits on top. Sugar and spice -cinnamon - burned into the crust.But shes wearing these dark glassesin the kitchen at ten oclockin the morning - everything nice -as she watches me break offa piece, bring it to my mouth,and blow on it. My daughters kitchen,in winter. I fork the pie inand tell myself to stay out of it.She says she loves him. No waycould it be worse." - Author: Raymond Carver

Quotes About Gump

"Buku seharusnya berada di tangan yang paling bisa menghargainya, dan tidak hanya diletakkan tanpa dibaca, mengumpulkan debu dalam lemari yang terlupakan." - Author: Christopher Paolini

Quotes About Wayward Friends

"Go home and say to yourself, ‘I am a wayward, foolish child. But He loves me! I have disobeyed and grieved Him ten thousand times. But He loves me! I have lost faith in some of my dearest friends and am very desolate. But He loves me! I do not love Him, I am even angry with Him! But He loves me!" - Author: Elizabeth Payson Prentiss

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"I have formed the Mahendra Singh Dhoni Charitable Trust which organises cricket tournaments in Jharkhand to identify promising cricketers so that we can help groom them, either in India or abroad." - Author: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Quotes About Evil In Our World

"Mankind without truth, without God-given morals...has strength...can think...can feel things emotionally–but if he isnt given a good, solid standard for right and wrong, then theres nothing to keep him from using strength and reason and feelings in selfish...even destructive ways...We wonder why people do such evil things, why theres so much violence in the world, why people rob and cheat and betray each other. But when we erase truth from our thinking and say theres no right or wrong except for what each person thinks is right or wrong, well, we get the world we deserve...when theres no truth that applies to everyone, then theres no way to argue for the rightness or wrongness of anything..." - Author: Frank Peretti