[If A Thing Is Worth Doing, It Is Worth Doing Slowly... Very Slowly.]

Author: Gypsy Rose Lee Quotes

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Carol Tavris Quotes

"Science is a form of arrogance control."

Marshall Mathers Quotes

"you ever loved somebody so much you can barely breathe when your with em"

Valery Quotes

"Good-bye, says the dying man to the mirror they hold in front of him. We wont be seeing each other any more."

Ann Rinaldi Quotes

"Doing good doesnt always make you feel good. I dont care what they tell you in church."

Ray Simpson Quotes

"Contemplative prayer is natural, unprogrammed; it is perpetual openness to God, so that in the openness his concerns can flow in and out of our minds as he wills."

Olufemi Olumide Quotes

"If you can find purpose, you can fulfill it."

Steven Gerrard Quotes

"I think weve got a lot players in the squad who are more suited to European football at the moment."

Charles Dow Quotes

"Pride of opinion has been responsible for the downfall of more men on Wall Street than any other factor."

Pierre Albert Birot Quotes

"Gardens are poemsWhere you stroll with your hands in your pockets.(Les jardins sont des poemes Ou lon se promene les mains dans les poches.)"

Patrick Geddes Quotes

"Each social formation, through each of its material activities, exerts its influence upon the civic whole; and each of its ideas and ideals wins also its place and power."

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Quotes About Love Between Two Lovers

"Together, in that room, our childhood notions of love melted away. We discovered love was not a fairytale. Sometime there were no happy endings, and when there were, you needed to work like hell to keep the happiness alive" - Author: Cristina Marrero

Quotes About Heyday

"Heyday, now that is a funny word aint it? Part of a heyday is, you dont never know you are having yourself one till later when its all over with, long gone." - Author: Lee Smith

Quotes About Honour And Strength

"It really is something ... that men disapprove even of our doing things that are patently good. Wouldnt it be possible for us just to banish these men from our lives, and escape their carping and jeering once and for all? Couldnt we live without them? Couldnt we earn our living and manage our affairs without help from them? Come on, lets wake up, and claim back our freedom, and the honour and dignity that they have usurped from us for so long. Do you think that if we really put our minds to it, we would be lacking the courage to defend ourselves, the strength to fend for ourselves, or the talents to earn our own living? Lets take our courage into our hands and do it, and then we can leave it up to them to mend their ways as much as they can: we shant really care what the outcome is, just as long as we are no longer subjugated to them." - Author: Moderata Fonte

Quotes About Instrumental

"As for the orchestra, Quinsonnas continued, it has fallen very low since his instrument no longer suffices to feed the instrumentalist! Talk about a trade thats not practical. Ah, if we could use the power wasted on the pedals of a piano for pumping water out of coal mines! If the air escaping from ophicleides could also be used to turn the Catacomb Companys windmills! If the trombones alternating action could be applied to a mechanical sawmill - oh, then the executants would be rich and many!" - Author: Jules Verne

Quotes About Violent Tv

"5:16 I shotgun two beers, piss out the bedroom window, catcall passing girls, burp violently, put cage fighting on tv, play with myself. I feel manly again." - Author: Tucker Max

Quotes About Valjean

"After he had fully determined that the young man was at the bottom of this state of affairs, and that it all came from him, he Jean Valjean, the regenerated man, the man who had laboured so much upon his soul, the man who had made so many efforts to resolve all life, all misery, and all misfortune into love; he looked within himself, and there he saw a spectre, Hatred." - Author: Victor Hugo

Quotes About Respect Others Opinion

"Hard work is what you do to make ends meet, easy work is getting others to do the hard work for you." - Author: Stephen Richards

Quotes About Alcoholic Beverages

"I think the warning labels on alcoholic beverages are too bland. They should be more vivid. Here is one I would suggest: "Alcohol will turn you into the same asshole your father was." - Author: George Carlin

Quotes About Boyer

"I made three films with Douglas, two with Charles Boyer." - Author: Vincente Minnelli

Quotes About Custody Battles

"I want you to marry me, Thomas." Marcus attention had weight and heat on every exposed, raw part of him. "We can get a license in a state where its legal, have a ceremony wherever you want, however you want. And I dont are if theres no law for it on the books, it will be the law between you and me and whatever God there is. I want it to be impossible for us to leave each other without a hell of a lot of paperwork, ugly custody battles over furniture, whatever."I want to marry you," he repeated. "I want you to know that every morning when you wake up and see me that I want to be there, that I made an oath to be there. To stand by you. And that theres no one else for me. Not ever." - Author: Joey W. Hill