[If Both John McCain And Obama Were Given A Sip Of Truth Serum, Both Would Admit They Made Serious Mistakes In Choosing Running Mates In 2008.]

Author: Douglas Wilder Quotes

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Paul J McAuley Quotes

"Absolute scientific truth was like the speed of light, a value which could be approached but never reached."

Mario Cantone Quotes

"Who do you think I am, Pete Rose? I dont bet. I come from a long line of compulsive gamblers. Gambling scares me."

Felix Frankfurter Quotes

"As a member of this court I am not justified in writing my private notions of policy into the Constitution, no matter how deeply I may cherish them or how mischievous I may deem their disregard."

Assassins Creed Quotes

"Our lives are so brief and unimportant. The cosmos cares nothing for us. For what weve done; Had we wrought evil instead of good. Had I chosen to abuse the Apple instead of seal it away. None of it would have mattered. There is no counting. No reckoning. No final judgement. There is simply silence. And darkness. Utter and absolute...-Altair"

Caio Fonseca Quotes

"Painting is something that requires a lot of time - its not just one good idea out of art school."

Jean Paul Richter Quotes

"Paradise is always where love dwells."

Alan Hollinghurst Quotes

"To apologize for what you most wanted to do, to concede that it was obnoxious, boring, vulgar and unsafe --- that was the worst thing."

John Morton Quotes

"Lets be about leaving this world better than we find it each and every day. Our life is a testimony and through us divine loving is becoming more manifest. Greater good is calling upon us here in this world to be done this day. One of my rallying calls is lets go out and do some good. This is who we are. This is what we are about."

Magdalena VandenBerg Quotes

"Clear clutter. Make space for you."

Peach Pit Quotes

"Whoa! Hey, what are you doing?Im attaching myself to you. Because Im a kid.Spoil me."

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Quotes About Reading Books And Knowledge

"Youll never understand us from reading a book, Will had said, but that wasnt the point really. He didnt know what books meant to her, that books were symbols of truth and meaning, that this one acknowledged that she existed and that there were others like her in the world." - Author: Cassandra Clare

Quotes About Watching

"I think I was very interested in the space program as a kid, watching the first Apollo missions to the moon, and its something I thought that would be a lot of, of fun and exciting and a very worthwhile job." - Author: Mark Kelly

Quotes About Fiction Literature

"As often I have been a science fiction writer writing science fiction for the community of science fiction readers, I am also, for good or ill, an American writing American literature to an American audience. Most fundamentally, though, I am a human being writing human literature to a human audience." - Author: Orson Scott Card

Quotes About Earl Grey Tea

"TEAI like pouring your tea, liftingthe heavy pot, and tipping it up,so the fragrant liquid streams in your china cup.Or when youre away, or at work,I like to think of your cupped hands as you sip,as you sip, of the faint half-smile of your lips.I like the questions – sugar? – milk? –and the answers I dont know by heart, yet,for I see your soul in your eyes, and I forget.Jasmine, Gunpowder, Assam, Earl Grey, Ceylon,I love teas names. Which tea would you like? I saybut its any tea for you, please, any time of day,as the women harvest the slopesfor the sweetest leaves, on Mount Wu-Yi,and I am your lover, smitten, straining your tea." - Author: Carol Ann Duffy

Quotes About Shrinking Yourself

"You cant imagine fame. You can only ever see it from an outsider and comment on it with the rueful wisdom of a non participant. When it happens to you, it doesnt matter what age or how, it is a very steep learning curve. The imprtanot thing to realize in all of it is that life is short, to protect the ones you love, and not expose yourself to too much abuse or narcissistic reflection gazing and move on. If fame affords me the type of ability to do the kind of work Im being offered, who am I to complain about the downsides. Its all relative. And this are obviously very high class problems. The way privacy becomes an every shrinking island is inevitable but also manageable and it doesnt necessary have to get that way..." - Author: Benedict Cumberbatch

Quotes About Actual

"Giving her ten thousand Lifeless is enough to make even me consider my drunk-monkey theory.""The one who chooses names and titles of the Returned?""Exactly," Lightsong said. "Ive actually considered expanding the theory. I am now proposing to believe that God-or the universe, or time, or whatever you think controls all of this-is all really just a drunk monkey." - Author: Brandon Sanderson

Quotes About Laideur

"Les vierges entonnaient le cantique de Zacharie:-- Béni soit le Seigneur, le dieu dIsraël.Brusquement la voix sarrêta dans leur gorge. Elles avaient vu la face du moine et elles fuyaient dépouvante en criant:-- Un vampire! un vampire!Il était devenu si hideux quen passant la main sur son visage, il sentit sa laideur." - Author: Anatole France

Quotes About Directors Theatre

"I love test screenings. Some directors dont, I know. But I love it. I think its because I come from the theatre and in the theatre, previews are where you really have to listen to the audience and really feel how theyre responding. I found our test screenings incredibly useful." - Author: Stephen Daldry

Quotes About Conflict And Change

"I kind of see myself as a cartoon thats on its way to becoming a real person that has to find that special amulet or mushroom to get to that next realm or level. I dont feel like anything is that tangible. It freaks me out, why I feel unhappy or conflicted and why that can change on a dime." - Author: Carly Pope

Quotes About Getting Robbed

"Theres so much beautiful music in the world, and the kids are getting robbed." - Author: Billy Higgins