[If Either Player Abandon The Game By Quitting The Table In Anger, Or In An Otherwise Offensive Manner; Or By Momentarily Resigning The Game; Or Refuses To Abide By The Decision Of The Umpire, The Game Must Be Scored Against Him.]

Author: Howard Staunton Quotes

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Mary McCarthy Quotes

"Bureaucracy, the rule of no one, has become the modern form of despotism."

Jonathan Malley Quotes

"The idea isnt to do the impossible. The idea is to show the world that if one man can do the impossible, then maybe the rest of the world can do whats possible."

Norman F Cantor Quotes

"The Gnostics (also called Manichees) postulated that there were two gods -- the Christian God of goodness and light, and an evil anti-God of darkness. This theory proved an easy explanation of why there was evil in the world. It was rejected by Catholic Christianity in favor of the monotheistic view that there was one God who created only goodness. Evil was sin, a rebellious falling-away from God, a perversion of His goodness. This was the foundation of the evolving Christian concept of Satan."

Edward Babinski Quotes

"Dont creationists ever wonder about the fact that the paleontologists found ape-like skulls with the human leg and foot bones, rather than the other way around, i.e., human skulls with ape leg and foot bones? . . . Come on, creationists, think about it! Did God hide the human skulls, only leaving behind leg and foot bones belonging to human midgets with misshapen feet, and mix such bones only with the skulls of ape-like creatures with larger cranial capacities than living apes? What a kidder the creationists God must be."

Larisa Oleynik Quotes

"If I had to choose, Id choose my friends over my career."

Alex Rogers Quotes

"So many people die with their dreams in their hands."

Genna Rulon Quotes

"You need to let me go. Let me move on if you do not want me-if you dont want us. Im your hostage right now. You keep me tied to you because you dont want to lose me, our friendship, but youre being selfish."

Jonathan Lipnicki Quotes

"I live in Hollywood. Go three feet and you will run into someone more cut and better looking than me. For me, working out is more about keeping my temperament great. Jujitsu and lifting keep me very even."

Leigh Hunt Quotes

"The person who can be only serious or only cheerful, is but half a man."

Maurice Baring Quotes

"In Mozart and Salieri we see the contrast between the genius which does what it must and the talent which does what it can."

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Quotes About Coolers

"I learned a lot that night—like how incredibly mind blowing ho-hos and wine coolers were together, how that you could discover the answers to lifes most difficult questions by watching Buffy, but most of all, that no matter what was going on in life—a best friend could make it all seem bearable." - Author: Peggy Martinez

Quotes About Against Violence

"At first I protested and rebelled against poetry. I was about to deny my poetic worlds. I was doing violence to my illusions with analysis, science, and learning Henrys language, entering Henrys world. I wanted to destroy by violence and animalism my tenuous fantasies and illusions and my hypersensitivity. A kind of suicide. The ignominy awakened me. Then June came and answered the cravings of my imagination and saved me. Or perhaps she killed me, for now I am started on a course of madness." - Author: Anaïs Nin

Quotes About Inspirational Bells

"Growing up, in church we had the homily; at home its what I call the momily - the inspirational and instructive mom-isms that every family has." - Author: Christine Pelosi

Quotes About Peacemaking

"My father helped you with that. . that thing you do?" "Yes. Your father helped me with that peacemaking thing I do that keeps you happily killing for a living." - Author: G.A. Aiken

Quotes About Dan Blair

"The usual fiction – that the war would involve precision targeting and the careful avoidance of civilian deaths – was stated by Tony Blair at the beginning of the war. After similar bombing campaigns against Yugoslavia and Iraq, Blair was by now acting as virtual White House spokesperson, providing the pretence of an international coalition in what was clearly a US war. This role was more important than Britains military contribution, which in the early days of the bombing campaign was token and probably of no military value. The British army did later prove useful, however, when it was..." - Author: Mark Curtis

Quotes About Centralization

"The freer an economy is, the more this human diversity of knowledge will be manifested. By contrast, political power originates in top-down processes-governments, monopolies, regulators, and elite institutions-all attempting to quell human diversity and impose order. Thus power always seeks centralization." - Author: George Gilder

Quotes About Job Creators

"The bill that job creators and out-of-work Americans need us to pass is the one that ensures taxes wont go up - one that says Americans and small-business owners wont get hit with more bad news at the end of the year." - Author: Mitch McConnell

Quotes About Positive Thinking In The Bible

"Stop thinking about life and choose to live it" - Author: Paulo Coelho

Quotes About Mom And Son

"I just read this great quote by Junot Diaz, he was talking about true intimacy, and he was saying that it was the willingness to be vulnerable and to be found out. Thats what I felt that YA did. It wasnt pretentious, and it wasnt hiding its heart. It wanted to be found out...It felt like those moments when you go to a party and youre standing around for a long time, going, I dont fit in here, what am I going to talk to these people about? And everybodys getting drunk, and then you find this one person, and you end up sitting in some corner talking about all these arcane things.And then before you know it youre having a conversation about the meaning of life and its four oclock in the morning. That kind of feeling, that kind of intimacy — I felt like thats what I got from YA." - Author: Libba Bray

Quotes About Boink

"You went to the catamaran with him?" Marcus couldnt believe what he was hearing. "Youve been boating together?""Yes, boating--not boinking--boating!" Rosie screeched." - Author: Suzy Duffy