[If He's Having A Good Day And Running The Right Race, Nobody Can Beat Frank Shorter At 10,000 Meters... Nobody Except Me.]

Author: Steve Prefontaine Quotes

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Tom Kite Quotes

"But Id say that probably 70 percent of the bunkering is more to give you an idea of the direction that you want to go or to save your ball from going into worse places."

Sheherazade Goldsmith Quotes

"Consuming less means throwing away less, while reusing things actually helps to save the planet as well as the pennies."

Bernie Ecclestone Quotes

"People want to build new circuits around the world and they say: Well come to Silverstone and have a look how its done, and I tell them to stay away."

Dan Kimball Quotes

"Time and again I hear how important the darker environment is to those at our vintage-faith worship gathering. Attenders feel they can freely pray in a corner by themselves without feeling that everyone is staring at them."

Donald Woods Winnicott Quotes

"It is in playing and only in playing that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self."

Jim DeMint Quotes

"If a person wants to be publicly gay, they should not be teaching in the public schools."

Terrell Owens Quotes

"Instead of me having a breakdown, Im focusing on me having a breakthrough."

Keith Johnstone Quotes

"Good improvisers seem telepathic; everything looks pre-arranged, This is because they accept all offers made—which is something no ‘normal person would do."

Henry Mayhew Quotes

"In No. 1 of this street the cholera first appeared seventeen years ago, and spread up it with fearful virulence; but this year it appeared at the opposite end, and ran down it with like severity."

Troy Duffy Quotes

"Cult movies are basically movies Hollywood missed the first time - that they should have gotten - and then the fans got it and made it successful."

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Quotes About Being A Mom

"When asked if I miss being in government, I usually try to lighten the moment by responding that I awake most days, read the paper, and then observe that, Its yet another great day to be the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency." - Author: Michael Hayden

Quotes About Clutch Bag

"About her husband, i did actually enquire, but she held her private life so fucking tightly, like a tourist clutching a handbag on the A train,.." - Author: Peter Carey

Quotes About Front Camera

"The wrought-iron gate squeaked as Lucas opened it. He lowered the rented bike down the stone steps and onto the sidewalk. To his right was the most famous Globe Hotel in Paris, disguised under another name. In front of the entrance five Curukians sat on mopeds. Lu-cas and his eighteen-month-old friend then shot out across the street and through the invisible beam of an-other security camera.He rode diagonally across the place de la Concorde and headed toward the river. It seemed only natural. The motorcycles trailed him. He pedaled fast across the Alex-andre III bridge and zipped past Les Invalides hospital. He tried to turn left at the Rodin Museum, but Goper rode next to him, blocking his escape." - Author: Paul Aertker

Quotes About Quotes Warning About Technology

"Did you ever spell a word so bad that your spell check has absolutely no clue what youre trying to spell? What do you end up getting, you end up getting, like, a question mark. You got a million dollars of technology just looking back at you like, You got me, buddy. Which is pretty amazing because I have all the words." - Author: Bill Burr

Quotes About Sitting Bull

"News of the disaster at Little Bighorn reached the Eastern Seaboard shortly after July 4, and not just any ordinary July 4 but the grand celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Republic. A country feeling its oats, flexing its muscles, vigorous and rich, cocksure and confident, has seen the impossible happen, the unthinkable become fact. Sitting Bull has spoiled their glorious Centennial, pissed on Custers golden head, the head of a genuine Civil War hero, the head of someone who has recently been touted as a future President of the United States. Somehow a wedding and a funeral got booked for the same hour in the same church." - Author: Guy Vanderhaeghe

Quotes About An Informed Electorate

"If we dont have an informed electorate we dont have a democracy. So I dont care how people get the information, as long as they get it. Im just doing it my particular way and I feel lucky I can do it the way I want to do it." - Author: Jim Lehrer

Quotes About Replacing The Old With The New

"He withdrew then, leaving [him] standing in the bloody morning sunlight, leaving him all alone at the heart of his fortress, for the second time, with nothing but a corpse for company." - Author: Scott Lynch

Quotes About Mutton Dressed As Lamb

"By the time James had dressed and made his way down to the Great Hall for breakfast, it was nearly ten oclock. Less than a dozen students could be seen moving disconsolately among the detritus of the mornings earlier rush. At the far corner of the Slytherin table, Zane sat hunched and squinting under a beam of sunlight. Across from him was Ralph, who saw James enter and waved him over." - Author: G. Norman Lippert

Quotes About American Psycho Genesis

"Even the most jingoistic person would have to admit that even American cultural music comes from Europe. Thats what classical music is, real European music." - Author: Sonny Rollins

Quotes About Nov 1

"The Impression that Pakistan being an Islamic State is thereby a Theocratic State is being sedulously fostered in certain quarters with the sole object of discrediting her in the eyes of the world. To anyone conversant with the basic principles of Islam, it should be obvious that in the fields of civics, Islam has always stood on complete social democracy and social justice, as the history of the early Caliphs will show, and has not sanctioned government by a sacerdotal class deriving its authority from God. The ruler and the ruled alike are #equal before Islamic Law, and the ruler, far from being a vicegerent of God on earth, is but a representative of people who have chosen him to serve them...Islam has not recognized any distinction between man and man based on sex, race or worldly possessions..." ---Fazul Rahman, First Education Minister of Pakistan, All Pakistan Educational Conference, Karachi, Nov 1947" - Author: Fazul Rahman