[If It Was Really Successful, It Was A Life Calling, A Career I Was Excited About Doing, So I Didn't Think The Overall Risk Was Anywhere Near As High As What The Reward Was.]

Author: John Hickenlooper Quotes

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Irina Bors Quotes

"You meet a new guy, analyze him, not good for marriage, not good for a relationship, not good for fucking, maybe excepting the very drunk mood, so, conclusion: this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Nicholas A Christakis Quotes

"The reason we form networks is because the benefits of a connected life outweigh the costs. Its to our advantage as individuals and a species to assemble ourselves in this fashion."

Wangari Maathai Quotes

"Finally I was able to see that if I had a contribution I wanted to make, I must do it, despite what others said. That I was OK the way I was. That it was all right to be strong."

Mollie Marti Quotes

"With every choice you create the life youll live; with every decision you design it."

Jack Kerouac Quotes

"... I went off with him for no reason."

Heda Margolius Kovaly Quotes

"Love and hope are infinitely more powerful than hate and fury."

Ellen Willis Quotes

"My deepest impulses are optimistic, an attitude that seems to me as spiritually necessary and proper as it is intellectually suspect."

Nicola Blake Quotes

"Smart is just time on task, its repetition and support."

Alexandra May Quotes

"As daughter of our ruler I grew up in the crossfire of an ongoing war... All Id ever wanted to be was a great warrior and ultimately lead my people into victorious battles. -Halíka Dacomé"

Robert H Goddard Quotes

"The reason many people fail is not for lack of vision but for lack of resolve and resolve is born out of counting the cost."

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Quotes About Solitude And Sadness

"The observations and encounters of a devotee of solitude and silence are at once less distinct and more penetrating than those of the sociable man; his thoughts are weightier, stranger, and never without a tinge of sadness. Images and perceptions which might otherwise be easily dispelled by a glance, a laugh, an exchange of comments, concern him unduly, they sink into mute depths, take on significance, become experiences, adventures, emotions." - Author: Thomas Mann

Quotes About Agree

"Just because I disagree with a person that doesnt make him my enemy." - Author: Jerry Kinard

Quotes About God With Us

"We read about the name Jesus was given at his birth; Immanuel, meaning "God with us". This God wasnt content with dwelling in fiction, this God wasnt content living with the seraphim and this God wasnt content with bulls and goats anymore. This God wanted to dwell with you, with all of your mess, with all of your failures with all the dirtiness that is you; he wanted to sit with you. Heres the amazing thing, God doesnt care if youre a catholic, a Lutheran, Post modern or Emergent; he wants to sit with you." - Author: Ricky Maye

Quotes About Hollywood Dreams

"Im going to make myself a promise right here and now. In Johnnys honor. I promise to live each day to the fullest. I promise to listen to my heart and then work through my fears to follow it. I promise to realize what my dreams are then take the steps necessary to make them a reality. I promise to be trut to me. Not what someone else wants me to be, but what I want." - Author: J. Sterling

Quotes About Donkey

"People whove never read fairy tales, the professor said, have a harder time coping in life than the people who have. They dont have access to all the lessons that can be learned from the journeys through the dark woods and the kindness of strangers treated decently, the knowledge that can be gained from the company and example of Donkeyskins and cats wearing boots and steadfast tin soldiers. Im not talking about in-your-face lessons, but more subtle ones. The kind that seep up from your sub¬conscious and give you moral and humane structures for your life. That teach you how to prevail, and trust. And maybe even love." - Author: Charles de Lint

Quotes About Carrying On Tradition

"Jason grins. "Id never miss your birthday. Remember last year?""Ugh! I thought Id never thaw out after we went skiing in a blizzard. We were stranded for three days in that cabin we found in the woods.""Aw, come on, you didnt even get frostbite. I took care of you.""At least I didnt end up with any broken limbs. That time.""I still cant believe we went snow-boarding on East Pillar Mountain Loop. Thats a tough trail, and then you broke your arm slipping in the parking lot on the way to the truck." My muscles were exhausted, and carrying my board on my shoulder, I wasnt watching where I was going. I didnt see the patch of ice. "Remember when you took me spelunking?""I had no idea that bear was in there.""I cant remember ever being that scared.""But it was fun! Come on. We cant break tradition." - Author: Rita Webb

Quotes About Feeling Blown Off

"How are you feeling, man?" he asks me."Great," I tell him, and it is purely the truth. Doves clatter up out of a bare tree and turn at the same instant, transforming themselves from steel to silver in the snow-blown light. I know at that moment that the drug is working. Everything before me has become suddenly, radiantly itself. How could Carlton have known this was about to happen? "Oh," I whisper. His hand settles on my shoulder."Stay loose, Frisco," he says. "Theres not a thing in this pretty world to be afraid of. Im here."I am not afraid. I am astonished. I had not realized until this moment how real everything is. A twig lies on the marble at my feet, bearing a cluster of hard brown berries. The broken-off end is raw, white, fleshly. Trees are alive."Im here," Carlton says again, and he is." - Author: Michael Cunningham

Quotes About Midnight Mass

"Soon a whole guild of low-priced shrine keepers around Europe named their own pope - Boldface the Relatively Shameless, Discount Pope of Prague. The price war was on [...] The Retail Pope would offer cheesy bacon toppings on the Host with communion and the Discount Pope would counter with topless nun night for midnight mass." - Author: Christopher Moore

Quotes About Hidden Emotions

"Dear God, what she saw in that look! How he had hidden these many years behind the guise of a simple schoolmaster, she didnt know. Anger, passion, lust, and surging hunger swirled in his stormy eyes. Emotions so stark, so strong, she didnt understand how he kept them under control. He looked as if he were about to attack her, ravish her, and conquer London and the world itself. He couldve been a warrior, a statesman, a king." - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

Quotes About Creators

"Creators arent gods. They make places, which is quite hard. Its men that make gods. This explains a lot." - Author: Terry Pratchett