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Author: Robin Jones Gunn Quotes

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Anthony Shadid Quotes

"Journalism is always the art of the incomplete. You get bits and pieces."

James Alan Gardner Quotes

"If you agree to work for us, half the time you wont know the purpose of your duties . . . and when we do explain, we might not be telling the truth. But thats the real world, folks . . ."

Dwight Gooden Quotes

"I love the fans and I appreciate how much they care for me."

Ray Kurzweil Quotes

"What we spend our time on is probably the most important decision we make."

AA Milne Quotes

"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didnt know what it was called."

Jincy Willett Quotes

"Thats the hard work of writing. The imagining."

Brenda Marie Smith Quotes

"He said hed heard the sound of one hand clapping. He said, once his mind took in the wondrous no-sound of holy oneness, the empty echo of eternal bliss, he was never the same. He could hear it still, he said, resounding in the ether and tickling the back of his brain.Something not normal was going on with his brain. No argument there."

Alain Delon Quotes

"In love, we have to dare everything if we really love."

Frantiek Koukolik Quotes

"Počet synapsí v mozku je příliš vysoký na to, aby všechny mohly být určeny geneticky. Nové synapse vznikají (ale i zanikají) denně, v obrovském počtu, vlivem prostředí."

Simon Sinek Quotes

"AUGUST 5, 1981. Thats the date it became official. Its rare that we can point to an exact date when a business theory or idea becomes an accepted practice. But in the case of mass layoffs, we can. August 5, 1981, was the day President Ronald Reagan fired more than 11,000 air traffic controllers."

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Quotes About Jesus Christ Lds

"Three persons of the Trinity – Father God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit – gathered close together to imagine you. And God in three persons, uncontainable affection, knelt down and kissed warm life into you with the breath of his love.You are made of dust of this earth and you are made of the happiness of heaven, and you are flesh and you are spirit, and you are of two worlds longing for the home of forever and him.No matter your story before, this is your beginning now: you were formed by Love…for love." - Author: Ann Voskamp

Quotes About Maharashtra

"I think country needs to have a sporting culture. I think if sports were taken as curriculum in school and are encouraged in right way like government of Maharashtra and Haryana have done given Marks for Sports and encouraging them with good jobs." - Author: Gagan Narang

Quotes About Needs Of Love

"And of course the World needs more love, but we need to be clear on what form that love will take. Sometimes love requires killing its object, to put it out of its misery or protect others. Sometimes love requires incarcerating its object to protect it or others. Sometimes love requires taxing and regulating its objects to protect and serve them. Sometimes love requires helping its object to help itself. Sometimes love requires giving its object a gift. But all of these are aspects of love, not merely the last, most popular example. I send love too, and my love takes many forms. My love varies with its objects. Yes, the World needs much more love." - Author: Robert Peate

Quotes About A Man And Woman

"..none of this surprised me; it was as if this meeting between us was foreordained by a force greater than either of us. I know I had the events wheeling swiftly over a well-traveled course to a destination long ago established. I felt as if I was merely saying the words I had been destined to say. If there was no surprise, neither was there fear or alarm. The circumstance seemed both right and natural--as if we had talked this way a thousand times, and knew well what the other would say... This is the only truth we can know in life. Nothing else in the world is certain--only this: that a man and woman should come together in love." - Author: Stephen R. Lawhead

Quotes About Kaze

"Quien no arriesga no gana. Como un kamikaze, hay ocasiones que no queda más remedio que renunciar a la vida que conoces por un fin más noble. Porque lo que le reconforta a uno, en definitiva, es tener la certeza de que hay cosas por las que merece la pena hacer un sacrificio" - Author: Tonya Hurley

Quotes About Shared Vision

"Lets use the energy of this historic year to propel us toward our shared vision of a greater Boston." - Author: Thomas Menino

Quotes About Theatrical Drama

"In the theatrical works we love and admire the most, the ending of the drama generally takes place offstage." - Author: Gustav Mahler

Quotes About Scholarly

"Im not trying to tell you," he said "that only educated men are able to contribute something valuable to the world. Its not so.But I do say that educated and scholarly men, if theyre brilliant and creative to begin with--which, unfortunately, is rarely the case--tend to leave infinitely more valuable records behind them than men do who are MEREly brilliant and creative." - Author: J.D. Salinger

Quotes About Preparing For Change

"It feels like hes marking me. Like hes preparing me for something monumental. That could both change and ruin my life." - Author: Katy Evans

Quotes About Uncreated

"THE PRESOCRATIC PROBLEM[all snap flags]Parmenides named his gun The Hot Power of the Stars. His gun was one, uncreated, imperishable, timeless, changeless, perfect, spherical. Spherical was the problem." - Author: Anne Carson