[If Men Do Not Keep On Speaking Terms With Children, They Cease To Be Men, And Become Merely Machines For Eating And For Earning Money.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Elgin Baylor Quotes

"Coaching is easy. Winning is the hard part."

Nicolas G Janovsky Quotes

"Spending time looking for what is missing in your life is futile; if you fail to look within yourself. When we challenge everything we believe we are, we reveal that which we never knew about our own selves."

Louise Fresco Quotes

"Our food is safer and our diets are more diverse than ever before; production methods are becoming increasingly sustainable, clean and efficient; and we are constantly becoming better at protecting biodiversity."

Mohammed Suleman Khan Quotes

"I am Muslim, Islam is Perfect but I am not, If I make a mistake blame it on me, not on my religion."

Morgan Freeman Quotes

"Im not intimidated by lead roles. Im better in them. I dont feel pressure. I feel released at times like that. Thats what Im born to do."

Ashley Jeffery Quotes

"I will never get to tell him I love him, even if my love was never enough. The empty ache grows and throbs in my chest. Its a living and breathing thing inside me. Sucking the air from my lungs, and the warmth from my body. The ache and pain leaves me hollow and cold."

Ryan J Rousseau Quotes

"To live in darkness is to surrender to madness, to hide behind light is to ignore the blight, walk the road between and your worries will go unseen."

Omar Khayyam Quotes

"The moving hand once having writ moves on. Nor all thy piety nor wit can lure it back to cancel half a line."

Roberto Orci Quotes

"You cant force an audience to see something they dont want to see, no matter what it is."

Charles Horton Cooley Quotes

"The literature of the inner life is very largely a record of struggle with the inordinate passions of the social self."

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Quotes About Clausewitz

"In the future as in the past, both Clausewitz and Sun Tzu will undoubtedly have a lot to offer." - Author: Martin Van Creveld

Quotes About Nodier

"Each of them is a book through which other books dream. (referring to Nodiers SMARRA and TRILBY)" - Author: John Clute

Quotes About Deep Sleep

"After over a century of one of the deepest blood feuds in the history of inhuman warfare, peace had finally descended on the sleepy coastal town of Beach Haven, New York. The unstable element of calm, however, is that it can retain its current form only when the variables remain relatively constant." - Author: Phil Wohl

Quotes About Masculine

"There are transitional forms between the metals and non-metals; between chemical combinations and simple mixtures, between animals and plants, between phanerogams and cryptogams, and between mammals and birds [...]. The improbability may henceforth be taken for granted of finding in Nature a sharp cleavage between all that is masculine on the one side and all that is feminine on the other; or that any living being is so simple in this respect that it can be put wholly on one side, or wholly on the other, of the line." - Author: Otto Weininger

Quotes About Pesimismo

"«Pesimismo» es solo otra palabra para «pereza». Puedo estar preocupada, que es algo muy distinta, pero los pesimistas se han dado por vencidos." - Author: Jostein Gaarder

Quotes About Nina Dobrev

"She and I went to school with Shay Mitchell and Hayden Panettiere, Megan Fox was prom queen, Chris Hemsworth was prom king."I make a clicking noise with my tongue."And there was Natalies worst enemy, a cheerleader who tried to steal Damon away from her in tenth grade; Natalie said she was the slutty version of Nina Dobrev - none of these people really looked like them, not really anyway. Natalie is just...odd" - Author: J.A. Redmerski

Quotes About Annual Giving

"In the church is a memorial to Mrs. Sarah Hill, who bequeathed 1 pound annually, to be divided at Easter, between two boys and two girls who "have never been undutiful to their parents; who have never been known to swear or to tell untruths, to steal, or to break windows." Fancy giving up all that for five shillings a year! It is not worth it!" - Author: Jerome K. Jerome

Quotes About Irritation

"The only real enemy humans have is death. Every other enemy like a kid who slags you off at school or a cop who pulls you over you think theyre enemies but theyre not really. Theyre just I dont know irritations. But death thats the serious one because you know hell win eventually. And that makes you like youve got to try to beat him. The bigger the challenge the harder you try. Thats true of anything. In a way our enemies arent these soldiers themselves our enemy is death and the soldiers are just his little local representatives." -Homer" - Author: John Marsden

Quotes About Hotels

"I carry music in my head, so I dont need more. It drives me nuts that, in hotels or on boats, people seem to think you need music 24 hours a day." - Author: Miranda Richardson

Quotes About Sick Animals

"Good people care more about people than food. They try to help people and dont give up even when they get hungry. Only bad people give up. But good people fix things. Good people stay good even when its hard to. Even if theyre sick or sad or they have to lose their favorite stuff. Even if they have to die. Good people see past their own fucking lives. They arent just hunger and math. They arent just animals. Good people are part of the Higher, good people are fuel for the sun." - Author: Isaac Marion