[If Microsoft Ever Does Applications For Linux It Means I've Won.]

Author: Linus Torvalds Quotes

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Robert Gerus Quotes

"Live, laugh, love for tomorrow in another day."

David Crosby Quotes

"My songs emerge from my life, or wherever they do, unbidden and unplanned and completely on a schedule of their own."

Carolyn Mackler Quotes

"Does "doing exactly what I want" mean not thinking about other peoples feelings? Because thats just not the kind of person I am.Maybe it can mean whatever I want it to mean, like taking care of myselfand not letting people walk over me."

John Dingell Quotes

"The mistake that was made was, of course, leaving Saddam in charge of affairs over there."

Asrarabdulghani Quotes

"Destinations are nothing but geographic borders set by humans throughout history and subject to change. Opposite to the places we designed in our hearts for special people we choose; such destinations are set by the soul and can never be diminished by time. When given such a majestic position; cities are just names with population and time is just a number the universe follows and days are a system of order. Therefore, that person is with you to the extent that he/she become a subconscious part of your personality and any form of limitation seems irrelevant."

Phil McGraw Quotes

"Theres a big difference between falling in love and being in love. Theres a big difference between infatuation and falling in love."

Amadeus Quotes

"It makes a world of difference to know that God loved you enough to send His only begotten Son to suffer and die for you. Suddenly our lives and sufferings arent meanigless accident, but part of Gods loving plan for us. And our acceptance of that plan becomes our own loving response. It is the difference between being in love and living a dreary existence!"

Andrea Gillies Quotes

"You only know yourself because of your memories."

Lindsey McKeon Quotes

"Oh my God, the luxuries we have in America. We just dont even realize because you live in it long enough and you come to expect it, but when you get to take a step outside of it you really, really get to recognize how blessed we are and how much we have."

Bill Bixby Quotes

"TV is a major force in our lives - a FORCE. It must be handled very carefully, both its censure and its artistic honesty."

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Quotes About Reminder

"Everywhere throughout New England you find old, tumbledown field walls, often in the middle of the deepest, most settled- looking woods- a reminder of just how swiftly nature reclaims the land in America." - Author: Bill Bryson

Quotes About President

"In 1966 I became president of the British Computer Society." - Author: Lord Mountbatten

Quotes About Hawks

"Do not resent your place in the story. Do not imagine yourself elsewhere. Do not close your eyes and picture a world without thorns, without shadows, without hawks. Change this world. Use your body like a tool meant to be used up, discarded, and replaced. Better every life you touch. We will reach the final chapter. When we have eyes that can stare into the sun, eyes that only squint for the Shenikah, then we will see laughing children pulling cobras by their tails, and hawks and rabbits playing tag." - Author: N.D. Wilson

Quotes About Unresolved Anger

"I would say about 80% of my writing (including posts and blogs), has to do with unresolved anger and thats just fine with me" - Author: Lori Lesko

Quotes About Reassuring Work

"The strategic problem is, of course, that simulacra are reassuring only when viewed from outside. They do not provide an existential model for how to be in the world. One can appreciate the brilliance of the embalmers work, but one would not want to be its object." - Author: Charles Bernheimer

Quotes About Movies And Music

"In the history of comics and movies and music too, its always when things are at their bottomed-out, either creatively or financially, theres more chance-taking going on." - Author: Brian Michael Bendis

Quotes About Telling Someone You Hate Them

"If I just do it, it will take less time than telling someone what Im thinking, and have them free associate, and then come back to me and Ill hate it and Ill have to redo it." - Author: Isaac Mizrahi

Quotes About Open Heartedness

"Im trying to create the world around myself to be a place of as much equality and openheartedness as possible." - Author: Robin Thicke

Quotes About Brief Friendships

"Raven had been shunned and abandoned throughout his life. Friends often came and went without a word or worse, they toyed with his emotions and shared his secrets with those he chose to distrust. His loneliness was inevitable and his secrets were damaging enough. Through all of his largely brief but emotionally involved friendships and infatuations, the depression and the darkness of his past, there had been one place to which he could go for solitude—either in thought or in person—and he never shared the knowledge of its existence or its secrets with anyone. That place dwelled within him even all of these years since the summer when he was nine and all that could ever have gone wrong, did." - Author: Amanda M. Lyons

Quotes About Nate Robinson

"Nate Robinson has a lot of jumping ability, but I dont see Josh losing." - Author: Dominique Wilkins