[If No One On This Planet Ever Loves You, I Always Will.]

Author: C.J. Reid Quotes

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Georg Buchner Quotes

"Oh,eine sterbende Liebe ist schöner als eine werdende"

Joe Meno Quotes

"An apple could make you laugh: You are so charming. On our lunch, we find our way along the crowded boulevard. You stop abruptly and pluck two green apples from someone selling them on the street. You look at them and decide they are in love, these two apples. You make them whisper to one another. You make them dance: The kinds of dances they do are dainty. spontaneous. At the end of the dancing, the apples get marries in a little ceremony. After the two apples kiss, you and I laugh. Itll be okay going for the two apples, they will get on fine, anyone can tell. Together, we walk back to the office and hate each other for how easily we can laugh about this."

Roger Hamlet Quotes

"There is good weird and good strange and bad weird and bad strange. Your Daddy is good weird and good strange."

Merv Griffin Quotes

"That I would rather be in another business where a bad cold wouldnt put me out of work."

Toi Derricotte Quotes

"My Father Still Sleeping After SurgeryIn spite of himself,my father loved me. In spiteof the hands that beat me, in spiteof the mouth that kept silent, in spiteof the face that turned cruelas a gold Chinese king,he could not control the lovethat came out of him.The body is monumental, a colossusthrough which he breathes.His hands crawl over his stomachjerkily as sand crabs on five legs;he makes a fistlike the fist of a newborn."

Bernie Leadon Quotes

"Id do a demo recording by myself, layering instruments on top of one another, and while thats fun, it doesnt have the same impact as getting some great players together in a great studio with a great engineer and producer, then waiting for the magic."

John Mahoney Quotes

"I belonged to Stratford Childrens Theater when I was a boy growing up in Manchester. Even then, I was always doing character parts."

Ayette Roa Quotes

"Life is perfect as long as you didnt cheat."

Peabo Bryson Quotes

"I have to choose songs that represent my personality."

JR Lenk Quotes

"we all collide. It made him think of Newtons third law of motion:for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It was like, whenyou collided with someone, they would not be in the same position as theyused to be. Everyone equally affected one another."

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"President Truman famously asked for a "one-armed economist" who would take a clear stand; he was sick and tired of economists who kept saying, "On the other hand …" - Author: Daniel Kahneman

Quotes About Gallows

"I didnt know if we were heading for the gallows or an interrogation chamber. The night had passed without sleep; save for a swig from the Germans flask, there hadnt been a sip to drink since the rooftop of the Kirov; a lump the size of an infants fist had swelled where my forehead had cracked the ceiling- it was a bad morning, really; among my worst- but I wanted to live." - Author: David Benioff

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"Sometimes, the common reason for fights in a strong relationship is only the lack of having attention from the loving one" - Author: Pawan Mehra

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"...and yet the idea is hard to accept, its so hard to succeed in making something happen, even whats been decided on and planned out, not even the will of a god seems forceful enough to manage it, if our own will is made in its semblance. It may be, rather, that nothing is ever unmixed and the thirst for totality is never quenched, perhaps because it is a false yearning. Nothing is whole or of a single piece, everything is fractured and evenomed, veins of peace run through the body of war and hatred insinuates itself into love and compassion, there is truce amid the quagmire of bullets and a bullet amid the revelries, nothing can bear to be unique or prevail or be dominant and everything needs fissures and cracks, needs it negation at the same time as its existence. And nothing is known with certainty and everything is told figuratively." - Author: Javier Marías

Quotes About Forbidden Love Because Of Age

"I love it in the States. The roads are big, the food is big. If it was possible to be in L.A. and still live my racing life, I would move now." - Author: Lewis Hamilton

Quotes About Rodney

"Undoubtedly, Baron Arald thought with a deep sense of pride and satisfaction, this would go down as the weddiong of the year. Perhaps of the decade.Already, it had the hallmarks of a roaring success . The Bores Table was well attended with a group of eight people, currently vying to see who could be the most uninteresting, overbearing, and repetitive. Other guests glanced in their direction, giving silent thanks to the organizers who had seperated them from such dread-ful people.There had been inevitable tearful flouncing and shrill recriminations when a girlfriend of one of the younger warriors from Sir Rodneys Battleschool had caught her boyfriend kissing another girl in a darkened corridor. It wouldnt be a wedding reception without that, Arald thought." - Author: John Flanagan

Quotes About Decent Woman

"if I wasnt a decent woman Id heist a leg and pee in your ear until it washed out that stinking pile of crap you call brains." - Author: Jim Thompson

Quotes About The Necessity Of Government

"When mankind first saw the necessity of government, it is probable that many had conceived the desire of ruling." - Author: Thomas Clarkson

Quotes About Bahrain

"There are no political prisoners as such in Bahrain. People are not arrested because they express their views, we only have criminals." - Author: Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

Quotes About Being Underrated

"Im way bigger than people think I am. Im way bigger. Ive been underrated all my life, and thats fine. I have privacy. I can walk the street without being hassled. I can be a regular guy. The price to give that up is so horrible. When you become a part of the hysteria - its not completely in my hands - you have to hide." - Author: Rutger Hauer